TextArt MOD APK 2.5.3 (Premium Unlocked)

TextArt MOD APK 2.5.3 (Premium Unlocked)

November 16, 2023 APP

Additional Details

CategoryAPP Photography
Google PlayStore URL com.text.art.addtext.textonphoto
Current Version 2.5.3
Developer Bunny learns to code.
Required Android Version 5.0
File Size 34.67 MB
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Last Updated 2023/09/10

Start using Text Art – Add Text to Photos App, a unique photo text editor. The best tool to add text to photos in 2022.

Unlock the full potential of your photo editing experience with Text Art – Add Text to Photos App. This application offers a range of powerful features designed to make your photos stand out and convey your message effectively.


With Text Art, adding text to your photos becomes a seamless process. The user-friendly interface allows you to effortlessly incorporate text into your images, enhancing them with meaningful messages or captions. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a casual user, this feature makes expressing yourself through your photos easier than ever.


Elevate your photos with a diverse collection of 100 photo filters. From classic black and white to vibrant and dynamic filters, Text Art provides a wide range of options to suit every mood and style. Experiment with different filters to find the perfect look for your images, adding a touch of creativity to your photo editing process.

Write on Photos Like a Pro

TextArt empowers you to write on photos like a professional. The application offers various text effects, fonts, and sample quotes, allowing you to customize your text to match the tone and theme of your image. Whether you want to add a playful caption or a motivational quote, TextArt provides the tools to make your text truly stand out.

Autosaving Features

Worried about losing your creative work? Text Art has you covered with autosaving features. Your edits and additions are automatically saved, providing a hassle-free editing experience. Focus on creating stunning visuals without the fear of losing your progress, making TextArt a reliable companion in your photo editing journey.

Sticker, Frame, and Collage Options

Text Art goes beyond basic text addition by offering additional creative elements. Insert stickers, frame your images, and create captivating collages directly within the application. These features provide versatility and allow you to explore various artistic expressions, making your photos truly unique.

Constant Updates for Maximum Creativity

Text Art is committed to meeting the evolving needs of its users. With regular updates, the application ensures that you have access to the latest features and tools, enhancing your creative possibilities. Stay ahead of the trends and create meaningful images with Text Art’s dedication to continuous improvement.


Text Art – Add Text to Photos App stands out as a comprehensive photo text editor, offering a rich array of features to cater to both amateur and professional users. Unlock the full potential of your photos and express your creativity effortlessly with Text Art.

Discover the extensive capabilities of Text Art – Photo Text Editor, a versatile application designed to enhance your photo editing experience. Packed with a myriad of features, Text Art offers a range of tools to transform your ordinary images into captivating visual stories.

Professional Design Interface

Text Art boasts a professional design interface that combines functionality with ease of use. The intuitive layout ensures that users, whether beginners or seasoned editors, can navigate the app effortlessly. The streamlined design contributes to a smooth editing process, allowing you to focus on unleashing your creativity.

Various Text Effects, Fonts, and Sample Quotes

Express yourself with a diverse range of text effects, fonts, and sample quotes. Text Art provides a comprehensive library of options, allowing you to customize your text to suit the tone and theme of your image. Bold, italic, playful, or elegant – the choice is yours. Experiment with different styles to find the perfect match for your creative vision.

Thousands of Handpicked Image Packages

Access a vast collection of handpicked image packages curated to inspire your creativity. Whether you’re looking for nature-inspired visuals, urban scenes, or abstract imagery, Text Art ensures that you have a diverse selection at your fingertips. These packages serve as a valuable resource, adding depth and context to your photo editing projects.

Apply One of More Than a Hundred Photo Filters

Transform the mood of your photos with over a hundred photo filters. From classic to contemporary, the wide range of filters provides ample options to enhance the visual appeal of your images. Apply filters with a single click, experiment with combinations, and discover new dimensions to your photos.

Huge Updated Text and Image Library

Stay ahead of the creative curve with Text Art’s extensive library of text and images. Regular updates ensure that you have access to the latest trends and visual elements. The expansive library empowers you to create visually stunning pictures, elevating your photo editing projects to new heights.

Beautiful Photo Frame Patterns

Frame your images with elegance using the beautiful frame patterns available in Text Art. Categorized for easy navigation, these frames add a professional touch to your photos. Choose from a variety of patterns that complement your image, enhancing its overall visual appeal.

Features Details
Add Visual Effects Create stunning effects on your images, adding an artistic flair.
Basic Image Editing Operations Resize, cut, turn images, create round corners, and benefit from undo/redo features for efficient editing.
Photo Collage Maker Craft engaging visual stories with the photo collage maker and story maker features.
Write Text Easily Effortlessly insert text onto your photos, creating a seamless and professional look.
Background Design Enjoy a modern design backdrop when using the “Write on Photos” feature.
Photo to Text Interface Experience an eye-catching yet easy-to-use interface for photo-to-text transformations.
Social Media Sharing Share your creations effortlessly on social media platforms with a single click.

Text Art – Photo Text Editor is a comprehensive mobile application that caters to all your photo editing needs. From text customization to image enhancement, the app provides a seamless and feature-rich experience for users of all levels.

Take your photo editing skills to the next level with Text Art – Photo Text Editor, offering a range of advanced editing operations that empower you to refine and perfect your images. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a casual user, Text Art provides the tools to execute precise edits and enhance the visual appeal of your photos.

Resize, Cut, Turn Images

Customize the dimensions of your images effortlessly with the resizing feature. Whether you need a specific aspect ratio or want to fit your image into a particular frame, Text Art makes resizing a seamless process. The ability to cut images allows you to trim unwanted elements and focus on the essential components of your photo. Additionally, the option to turn images provides flexibility in adjusting the orientation to achieve the desired composition.

Create Round Corners

Add a touch of elegance to your images by creating round corners. This feature is perfect for softening the edges of your photos, giving them a polished and refined look. Whether you’re working on portraits or landscapes, the option to round corners provides a subtle yet impactful enhancement to your visuals.

Undo and Redo Features

Text Art understands the importance of experimentation in the creative process. That’s why the application comes equipped with robust undo and redo features. If you’re exploring different edits and want to backtrack, the undo feature allows you to revert to previous states. Conversely, the redo feature enables you to reinstate changes, providing flexibility and control over your editing journey.

Efficient Editing with Basic Image Operations

Text Art aggregates essential image editing features into a user-friendly interface, streamlining your editing workflow. Perform tasks such as resizing images, cutting elements, turning images, creating round corners, and obscuring specific areas with ease. The inclusion of these features ensures that users can execute fundamental edits efficiently, saving time and effort in the photo editing process.

Editing Operations Details
Resize Images Customize the dimensions of your images to fit specific requirements or achieve a desired aspect ratio.
Cut Images Trim unwanted elements from your photos, focusing on the essential components for a cleaner composition.
Turn Images Adjust the orientation of your images to achieve the desired composition and visual impact.
Create Round Corners Add a touch of sophistication by rounding the corners of your images for a polished look.
Undo Feature Revert to previous states if you wish to backtrack and explore different editing options.
Redo Feature Reinstate changes that were undone, providing flexibility and control over your editing process.

Text Art – Photo Text Editor caters to users seeking advanced editing capabilities. Whether you’re refining details or making transformative changes, these features ensure that your creative vision is realized with precision and efficiency.

Unleash your creativity and explore a myriad of creative options with Text Art – Photo Text Editor. This versatile application goes beyond basic text addition, providing users with an array of features to infuse artistic elements into their images, making each photo a unique masterpiece.

Photo Collage Maker

Embark on visual storytelling by using Text Art’s Photo Collage Maker. Seamlessly combine multiple photos into a single composition, allowing you to narrate a cohesive visual story. The feature is ideal for creating engaging social media posts, presentations, or personalized photo albums. Experiment with various layouts and arrangements to achieve the desired impact.

Story Maker

Text Art takes your creativity a step further with the Story Maker feature. Craft dynamic and interactive visual narratives by combining text and images. Whether you’re sharing moments from an event, creating a photo diary, or conveying a message through a sequence of images, the Story Maker provides a platform for immersive storytelling. This feature is particularly valuable for users looking to add depth and context to their photo presentations.

Write Text Easily

Express yourself effortlessly by using Text Art’s user-friendly text writing feature. The application allows you to insert text onto your photos with ease, enabling you to add captions, quotes, or personal messages. The straightforward interface ensures that users, regardless of their editing expertise, can seamlessly integrate text into their images, enhancing the overall visual impact.

TextArt as an Alternative to Canva and PicsArt

Positioned as a formidable alternative to other popular photo editing platforms like Canva and PicsArt, Text Art offers a unique set of features tailored for text-centric creativity. Whether you’re a graphic designer, social media enthusiast, or an individual looking to enhance your visual content, TextArt provides a streamlined and efficient solution.

Background Design

When utilizing the “Write on Photos” feature, Text Art ensures that the background design complements your creative vision. The modern and aesthetically pleasing backdrop enhances the overall visual appeal of your text-added images. This attention to design details contributes to creating polished and professional-looking compositions.

Social Media Sharing

Share your creative works with the world effortlessly with Text Art’s one-click social media sharing feature. Whether you’ve crafted a captivating photo collage, a compelling visual story, or a beautifully enhanced image with added text, sharing your creations on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter is just a click away.

Creative Options Details
Photo Collage Maker Create visually engaging collages by combining multiple photos in various layouts.
Story Maker Craft dynamic visual narratives by combining text and images in a sequence.
Write Text Easily Effortlessly insert text onto photos with a user-friendly interface, enhancing expressiveness.
Alternative to Canva and PicsArt Position TextArt as a powerful alternative for text-centric creativity compared to other popular platforms.
Background Design Ensure a modern and aesthetically pleasing background design when using the “Write on Photos” feature.
Social Media Sharing Share your creations effortlessly on various social media platforms with a single click.

Text Art – Photo Text Editor caters to the diverse creative needs of users, offering a range of features that go beyond text addition. Explore these creative options to transform your images into captivating visual expressions.

Experience a seamless and user-friendly interface with Text Art – Photo Text Editor, designed to cater to users of all levels of expertise. The application prioritizes ease of use without compromising on functionality, ensuring that both beginners and seasoned editors can navigate the features effortlessly.

Intuitive Design

Text Art features an intuitive design that guides users through the editing process with clarity and simplicity. The layout is thoughtfully organized, placing essential tools within easy reach. This ensures that users can quickly locate and utilize the features they need without unnecessary complexity.

Effortless Text Addition

The process of adding text to photos is made effortless with Text Art. Users can simply upload their photos and seamlessly incorporate text by typing directly onto the image. The straightforward approach allows for quick and intuitive text placement, making it accessible to users with varying levels of familiarity with photo editing.

Customization Made Easy

Customizing text becomes a breeze with Text Art’s user-friendly interface. Whether you’re adjusting the font, experimenting with different text effects, or choosing from sample quotes, the interface provides clear options and real-time previews. This allows users to tailor the text to match the style and mood of their images effortlessly.

Visual Editing with Filters

Text Art extends its user-friendly approach to visual editing by offering a wide array of photo filters. Applying these filters is as simple as choosing from the diverse selection and previewing the results in real-time. Users can experiment with various filters to find the perfect enhancement for their images without any complicated procedures.

Streamlined Image Editing Operations

Text Art aggregates basic image editing operations into a streamlined interface, ensuring efficient and intuitive editing. From resizing and cutting images to creating round corners, the application simplifies these operations, allowing users to enhance their images without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

Interface Features Details
Intuitive Design The layout is organized for easy navigation, providing a user-friendly experience.
Effortless Text Addition Users can easily add text to photos by typing directly onto the image, streamlining the process.
Customization Made Easy The interface offers clear options for customizing text, including font selection, text effects, and sample quotes.
Visual Editing with Filters Choose from a diverse selection of photo filters with real-time previews for easy visual enhancement.
Streamlined Image Editing Operations Basic image editing features such as resizing, cutting, and creating round corners are simplified for user convenience.

Text Art – Photo Text Editor excels in providing a user-friendly interface that encourages creativity without the need for extensive technical knowledge. The intuitive design and streamlined features make photo editing accessible to all users, fostering a positive and efficient editing experience.

Stay at the forefront of creativity with Text Art – Photo Text Editor, a dynamic application committed to continuous improvement through constant updates. The development team behind Text Art understands the importance of adapting to evolving user needs and technological advancements, ensuring that users always have access to the latest features and tools.

Regular Feature Enhancements

Text Art takes pride in its commitment to regular feature enhancements. With each update, users can expect improvements in existing features, ensuring a smoother and more efficient editing experience. These enhancements are based on user feedback, industry trends, and advancements in photo editing technology, providing a platform that evolves with the creative demands of its users.

Expanded Image and Text Library

One of the highlights of Text Art’s constant updates is the expansion of its image and text library. The application regularly introduces new and diverse elements, including images, fonts, and text effects. This continuous growth ensures that users always have access to a rich and up-to-date collection of resources to enhance their creative projects.

Adaptation to New Trends

Text Art stays ahead of the curve by adapting to new trends in photo editing and design. The development team actively monitors industry trends, incorporating popular and innovative features into the application. Users can explore the latest creative possibilities and keep their content relevant in the ever-changing landscape of visual expression.

Feedback-Driven Improvements

User feedback is invaluable to the evolution of Text Art. The development team actively listens to user suggestions, critiques, and requests for new features. By incorporating user feedback into updates, Text Art ensures that the application aligns with the needs and expectations of its user community, fostering a collaborative and user-centric development approach.

Seamless Bug Fixes

In addition to feature enhancements, Text Art’s constant updates include seamless bug fixes. Addressing any issues or glitches promptly ensures a stable and reliable performance, providing users with a hassle-free editing experience. The dedication to resolving issues promptly contributes to the overall satisfaction and usability of the application.

Optimized Performance

Text Art prioritizes optimized performance in each update. The development team works on refining the application’s speed, responsiveness, and overall efficiency. Users can expect a smooth and responsive editing process, allowing them to focus on their creative endeavors without interruptions or delays.

Update Features Details
Regular Feature Enhancements Improvements to existing features for a smoother editing experience based on user feedback and industry trends.
Expanded Image and Text Library Regular introduction of new images, fonts, and text effects to enrich the creative resources available to users.
Adaptation to New Trends Integration of popular and innovative features to keep users abreast of the latest trends in photo editing and design.
Feedback-Driven Improvements Active incorporation of user feedback into updates, ensuring the application aligns with user needs and expectations.
Seamless Bug Fixes Prompt resolution of issues and glitches for a stable and reliable performance.
Optimized Performance Continuous refinement of the application’s speed, responsiveness, and overall efficiency for a smooth editing process.

Text Art – Photo Text Editor’s commitment to constant updates reflects its dedication to providing users with a cutting-edge and evolving platform. By staying responsive to user feedback and industry trends, Text Art ensures that users have access to a feature-rich and up-to-date photo editing experience.

Embark on a creative journey with Text Art – Text Photo Editor, an innovative mobile application tailored for adding text to photos. As the application is currently in the development period, users can anticipate a continuously evolving platform that caters to the dynamic needs of photo enthusiasts, content creators, and those looking to infuse their images with expressive and personalized text elements.

Application Development Stage

Text Art – Text Photo Editor is actively in the development stage, showcasing a commitment to refinement and expansion. The development team is dedicated to enhancing the application based on user feedback and emerging trends in the realm of photo editing. This dynamic development approach positions Text Art as a platform that adapts to the evolving demands of its user community.

Feedback Welcome

The Text Art team eagerly welcomes user feedback as an integral part of the development process. Users are encouraged to share their experiences, suggestions, and insights to contribute to the ongoing improvement of the application. This feedback-driven model ensures that user perspectives play a central role in shaping the future features and functionalities of Text Art.

Text Art – Constant Evolution

As Text Art – Text Photo Editor is in constant evolution, users can anticipate a range of new features and enhancements with each update. The application aims to provide users with a dynamic toolkit for expressing their creativity through text, offering a unique blend of simplicity and sophistication in the photo editing process.

Meaningful Image Creation

The core purpose of Text Art is to empower users to create meaningful images by seamlessly integrating text into their photos. Whether it’s adding inspirational quotes, playful captions, or informative messages, Text Art offers a user-friendly environment for crafting visually engaging compositions. The application aspires to be a go-to tool for individuals seeking to convey their messages through the combination of text and imagery.

Join the Text Art Community

Users of Text Art are invited to join a growing and vibrant community of creative individuals. Engage with fellow users, share your creations, and stay informed about the latest updates and features. The community aspect adds a social dimension to the Text Art experience, fostering a collaborative environment where users can inspire and learn from one another.

Development Stage Active development stage with a commitment to refinement and expansion.
Feedback Welcome The Text Art team actively seeks user feedback to shape the ongoing development of the application.
Text Art – Constant Evolution Users can expect a dynamic and evolving platform with regular updates introducing new features and enhancements.
Meaningful Image Creation Text Art is designed to enable users to create meaningful images by seamlessly integrating text into their photos.
Join the Text Art Community Users are encouraged to join a vibrant community, share their creations, and engage with fellow Text Art enthusiasts.

Text Art – Text Photo Editor invites users to be part of its journey, contributing to and benefiting from a platform that strives to redefine the art of text-based photo editing. Join the Text Art community and explore the endless possibilities of expressing yourself through captivating visual compositions.

In conclusion, Text Art – Text Photo Editor emerges as a promising and evolving platform dedicated to enhancing the art of adding text to photos. Positioned in an active development stage, the application embraces user feedback and continually evolves to meet the dynamic demands of the photo editing landscape.

The commitment to constant updates ensures that Text Art remains at the forefront of creativity, introducing new features, expanding its resource library, and adapting to emerging trends. Users can anticipate a user-friendly interface, seamless text addition, and a range of creative options, making it a versatile tool for both beginners and experienced editors.

Text Art’s emphasis on meaningful image creation allows users to infuse their photos with personalized messages, quotes, and captions. The application aspires to be more than just a photo text editor, aiming to foster a community of creative individuals who share, inspire, and collaborate within the Text Art platform.

As Text Art – Text Photo Editor continues its journey of constant evolution, users are encouraged to actively participate by providing feedback, joining the growing community, and exploring the ever-expanding toolkit for visual expression. With each update, Text Art reaffirms its dedication to empowering users to craft captivating and meaningful visual stories through the seamless integration of text and imagery.

Q: What is Text Art – Text Photo Editor?
A: Text Art is a mobile application designed for adding text to photos, offering a unique blend of features for creating visually engaging compositions.
Q: Is Text Art suitable for beginners?
A: Yes, Text Art features a user-friendly interface and intuitive design, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced photo editors.
Q: How often does Text Art receive updates?
A: Text Art is committed to constant evolution with regular updates introducing new features, enhancements, and expanded resources.
Q: Can I provide feedback on Text Art?
A: Absolutely! Text Art welcomes user feedback as an integral part of its development process. Users are encouraged to share their experiences and suggestions.
Q: What creative options does Text Art offer?
A: Text Art provides a range of creative options, including a Photo Collage Maker, Story Maker, and diverse text customization features to enhance image creativity.
Q: How can I join the Text Art community?
A: Users can join the Text Art community by engaging with fellow users, sharing their creations, and staying informed about updates within the application.
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