Office Documents Viewer MOD APK 1.36.13 (Unlocked)

Office Documents Viewer MOD APK 1.36.13 (Unlocked)

December 22, 2023 APP

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CategoryAPP Tools
Google PlayStore URL
Current Version 1.36.13
Developer Joerg Jahnke
Required Android Version 5.0
File Size 4.71 MB
MOD Features Paid Features Unlocked
Last Updated 2023/11/21


Formerly Mobile Document Viewer, this is a small and fast document viewing application designed for Open Document Format, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, OOXML, Microsoft Office, and various other productivity document formats. The app enables users to open office productivity application documents, such as text files, spreadsheets, or presentations, located in the filesystem (e.g., on an SD card) or downloaded from cloud storage services like Dropbox or Box. It also supports documents attached to emails.

The application comes with additional features such as zooming in and out of documents, searching inside documents, full-text search across all text documents, copying text from documents, and reading text documents aloud via Android’s text-to-speech functionality. Users can also print documents via Google Cloud Print and utilize a day/night mode (requires Android 4.0 or higher).

Supported file formats include OpenOffice and LibreOffice formats, Microsoft Office 2007 formats, Microsoft Office 97 formats (experimental), PDF (experimental on Android 4.4 and lower), ePub books, and other formats like RTF, HTML, TXT, CSV, and TSV.

It’s important to note that document display involves a conversion to HTML, resulting in differences from the desktop office productivity application’s view. Large spreadsheet documents may take time to open or may not open at all. The app cannot display password-protected Microsoft Office documents.

The app is ad-supported, and permissions are required for displaying ads. However, all ads can be disabled via an in-app purchase. Users are encouraged to rate the app and provide feedback for improvements.

If you are interested in translating the app into a new language, you can volunteer for such a translation by contacting the developer.

For smart users who appreciate the app, please consider rating it. If you have suggestions for improvement, the developer welcomes emails for constructive feedback. Negative feedback without specific details may not contribute to the app’s enhancement.

Supported File Formats

The Office Documents Viewer MOD APK 13613 Unlocked supports a wide range of file formats, making it a versatile tool for users dealing with various types of documents. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the supported file formats:

1. OpenOffice and LibreOffice Formats:

  • ODT (Writer): Open Document Text
  • ODS (Calc): Open Document Spreadsheet
  • ODP (Impress): Open Document Presentation

2. Microsoft Office 2007 Formats:

  • DOCX (Word): Microsoft Word Document
  • XLSX (Excel): Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
  • PPTX (Powerpoint): Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

3. Microsoft Office 97 Formats (Experimental):

  • DOC (Word): Microsoft Word Document (plain text extraction only)
  • XLS (Excel): Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet (experimental, plain cell values)

4. PDF (Experimental on Android 4.4 and Lower):

While support for PDF is experimental on older Android versions (4.4 and lower), users can activate this feature in the app settings. It provides a convenient way to view PDF documents directly within the application.

5. ePub Books:

The app extends its support to electronic publications, allowing users to view and navigate through ePub books seamlessly.

6. Other Formats:

  • RTF: Rich Text Format
  • HTML: HyperText Markup Language
  • TXT: Plain Text
  • CSV (Comma-Separated Values): Ideal for spreadsheet and database-style applications
  • TSV (Tab-Separated Values): Another popular format for data storage and exchange

It’s important to note that the display of documents involves a conversion to HTML within the app. This means that the document’s appearance may differ from how it would look in a desktop office productivity application. Additionally, large spreadsheet documents might experience delays in opening or may not open at all. Images within documents are only displayed if supported by the Android browser.

Users should be aware that password-protected Microsoft Office documents cannot be opened using this application.

Additional Features

The Office Documents Viewer MOD APK 13613 Unlocked comes equipped with various additional features, enhancing the overall document viewing experience. Here’s a comprehensive look at these functionalities:

1. Zooming In and Out:

Users have the flexibility to zoom in and out of documents, allowing for a closer examination of details or a broader view of the content based on individual preferences.

2. Searching Inside Documents:

The application facilitates efficient document navigation by enabling users to search within documents. This feature proves invaluable when looking for specific information or keywords within text files, spreadsheets, or presentations.

3. Full-Text Search:

A powerful full-text search functionality spans across all text documents, making it easy to locate documents containing specific words or phrases. This feature enhances document accessibility and retrieval.

4. Copying Text from Documents:

Users can seamlessly copy text from documents within the app. This functionality proves handy when users need to extract and utilize specific information from their documents for other purposes.

5. Text-to-Speech Functionality:

The application supports Android’s text-to-speech functionality, allowing users to have text documents (ODT, SXW, DOCX, DOC, etc.) read aloud. This accessibility feature enhances the usability of the app for individuals with visual impairments or those who prefer auditory content consumption.

6. Printing via Google Cloud Print:

Users can conveniently print documents directly from the app using Google Cloud Print. This feature streamlines the printing process and adds to the overall convenience of document management.

7. Day/Night Mode:

For users who prefer different reading environments, the app offers a day/night mode. This feature, available for Android 4.0 and higher, adjusts the app’s display for optimal viewing in varying lighting conditions.

These additional features contribute to making the Office Documents Viewer a comprehensive and user-friendly tool for handling a variety of document formats. Whether it’s efficient searching, accessibility features, or customizable viewing options, the app aims to provide a versatile document viewing experience.

Document Viewing Restrictions

While the Office Documents Viewer MOD APK 13613 Unlocked offers extensive support for various file formats and comes with numerous features, it is essential for users to be aware of certain restrictions when viewing documents within the application. Here are the key document viewing restrictions:

1. HTML Conversion:

All document display within the app is done through a conversion to HTML. This means that the appearance of the document may differ from its original layout when viewed on desktop office productivity applications. Users should be mindful of potential variations in formatting and styling during the conversion process.

2. Large Spreadsheet Documents:

Opening large spreadsheet documents within the app may take some time, and in certain cases, these documents might not open at all. Users dealing with extensive spreadsheet files should consider the potential delay in document accessibility.

3. Image Display Limitations:

When displaying documents containing images, only images supported by the Android browser will be shown. It’s important to note that not all image formats may be supported, potentially affecting the visual representation of documents containing images.

4. Password-Protected Microsoft Office Docs:

The application does not support the opening of password-protected Microsoft Office documents. Users with password-secured documents should consider alternative methods for accessing or viewing such files.

Understanding these document viewing restrictions ensures that users have realistic expectations when utilizing the Office Documents Viewer. Despite these limitations, the app remains a powerful tool for document viewing across a diverse range of file formats. Users are encouraged to explore alternative solutions for specific document requirements that may fall outside the app’s current capabilities.

Day/Night Mode

The Office Documents Viewer MOD APK 13613 Unlocked enhances user experience by offering a customizable Day/Night Mode feature. This feature is designed to adapt the app’s display to different lighting conditions, catering to user preferences and promoting comfortable document viewing. Here’s a detailed look at the Day/Night Mode:

1. Compatibility:

The Day/Night Mode is compatible with Android versions 4.0 and higher. Users with devices running these versions can take advantage of this feature to optimize their viewing experience.

2. Adjustable Display:

Day/Night Mode allows users to switch between two distinct display modes – day mode and night mode. In day mode, the app’s interface is tailored for optimal visibility in well-lit environments, while night mode adjusts the display to reduce eye strain in low-light conditions.

3. Accessibility Considerations:

This feature is particularly beneficial for users who prefer a darker background with lighter text during nighttime usage. The contrast adjustments in night mode contribute to reduced eye fatigue and improved readability in dimly lit surroundings.

4. User-Initiated Switch:

Users can easily initiate the switch between Day/Night Modes based on their preferences. This flexibility ensures that users can customize their viewing experience according to their comfort and the ambient lighting conditions of their surroundings.

5. System-Wide Impact:

Day/Night Mode impacts the entire app interface, creating a cohesive visual experience. Whether users are navigating through documents, accessing menus, or utilizing additional features, the chosen mode influences the overall app aesthetics.

6. Improved User Comfort:

By incorporating Day/Night Mode, the app acknowledges the importance of user comfort and strives to provide an inclusive environment for document viewing. This feature aligns with contemporary design principles that prioritize user well-being and adaptability.

Overall, the inclusion of the Day/Night Mode in the Office Documents Viewer reflects a commitment to enhancing user experience and accommodating diverse user preferences. Whether users engage with the app during daylight hours or in the evening, the Day/Night Mode ensures that document viewing remains visually optimized and user-friendly.


Q1: What document formats does the Office Documents Viewer support?

A: The app supports a variety of document formats, including OpenOffice, LibreOffice, OOXML, Microsoft Office, PDF (experimental on Android 4.4 and lower), ePub books, and more. For a detailed list, refer to the “Supported File Formats” section.

Q2: Can I open password-protected Microsoft Office documents with this app?

A: No, the application does not support the opening of password-protected Microsoft Office documents.

Q3: How does the app handle large spreadsheet documents?

A: Opening large spreadsheet documents may take some time, and in certain cases, these documents might not open at all. Users are advised to be patient with extensive spreadsheet files.

Q4: Is the PDF feature fully supported on all Android versions?

A: PDF support is experimental on Android 4.4 and lower. Users can activate this feature in the app settings, but it may have limitations on older Android versions.

Q5: Can I disable ads in the app?

A: Yes, all ads in the app can be disabled via an in-app purchase.

Q6: How can I provide feedback or suggest a new language translation for the app?

A: Users interested in translating the app into a new language or providing feedback can contact the developer directly for further assistance.

Q7: What should I do if I encounter issues or have suggestions for improvement?

A: Smart users who like the app are encouraged to rate it. If you have suggestions for improvement, please send an email to the developer detailing what should be enhanced. Negative feedback without specific details may not contribute to the app’s improvement.

Q8: Does the app support text-to-speech functionality?

A: Yes, the app supports Android’s text-to-speech functionality, allowing users to have text documents read aloud.


In conclusion, the Office Documents Viewer MOD APK 13613 Unlocked offers users a versatile and efficient solution for viewing documents across a wide range of formats. From OpenOffice and Microsoft Office to PDFs and ePub books, the app caters to diverse document needs.

The additional features, such as zooming, full-text search, and text-to-speech functionality, contribute to a comprehensive document viewing experience. The Day/Night Mode further enhances user comfort, allowing for optimal visibility in varying lighting conditions.

However, it’s crucial for users to be aware of certain limitations, such as document display variations during HTML conversion and potential delays in opening large spreadsheet files. The app does not support password-protected Microsoft Office documents, and users are advised to explore alternative solutions for such files.

The inclusion of an ad-supported version with the option to disable ads through in-app purchase provides users with flexibility. The developer’s call for user feedback and language translations emphasizes a commitment to user engagement and continuous improvement.

Whether you are a smart user who appreciates the app’s features or someone with constructive feedback, the Office Documents Viewer encourages user interaction. By providing a user-friendly interface and accommodating various document needs, the app stands as a valuable tool in the realm of document viewing applications.

As technology evolves, users can anticipate further refinements and updates to enhance the app’s capabilities. In the meantime, the Office Documents Viewer remains a reliable choice for individuals seeking an accessible and feature-rich document viewing experience.

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