Smallpdf MOD APK 1.68.0 (Pro Unlocked)

Smallpdf MOD APK 1.68.0 (Pro Unlocked)

December 8, 2023 APP

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CategoryAPP Productivity
Google PlayStore URL
Current Version 1.68.0
Developer Smallpdf
Required Android Version 6.0
File Size 307.82 MB
MOD Features Pro Features Unlocked
Last Updated 2023/11/22


Smallpdf MOD APK 1680 Pro Unlocked offers a comprehensive suite of PDF tools that empower users to seamlessly manage and manipulate their PDF documents. From reading and editing to compression and conversion, Smallpdf provides an all-in-one solution for various PDF-related tasks.

In this modified version, users can access the premium Pro features without the need for a paid subscription, making it a valuable resource for those seeking advanced PDF functionalities at no cost. Let’s delve into the key features that make Smallpdf a go-to choice for PDF management.

PDF Compression

Smallpdf’s file compression feature is a game-changer for users dealing with large PDF documents. This tool ensures that your files are not only efficiently compressed but also in a format that is easily shareable via email.

Basic Compression: With the basic compression option, users can reduce their PDF file size by up to 40%. This is ideal for situations where a moderate reduction in size is required while maintaining acceptable document quality.

Strong Compression: For users looking to significantly shrink their PDFs, the strong compression option is available, reducing file size by an impressive 75%. This level of compression proves invaluable when dealing with large documents that need to be shared quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, Smallpdf’s compression feature ensures that the integrity and quality of the content are preserved during the compression process. This is particularly important for documents that contain images, graphics, or detailed formatting.

Advantages of Smallpdf Compression:

  • Efficient file size reduction for email-friendly sharing.
  • Preservation of document quality and integrity.
  • Choice between basic and strong compression based on user preferences.

Smallpdf’s commitment to providing a user-friendly experience extends to its compression tool, ensuring that users can effortlessly reduce the size of their PDFs without compromising on document quality. Whether you are sending important documents or simply optimizing storage space, Smallpdf’s compression feature is an indispensable tool in your PDF toolkit.

Note: The Smallpdf MOD APK 1680 Pro Unlocked version grants users access to these premium compression features without any associated costs, enhancing the overall utility of this already powerful PDF management tool.

PDF Conversion Tools

Smallpdf MOD APK 1680 Pro Unlocked offers an impressive array of PDF conversion tools, enabling users to seamlessly transform their documents into various formats. Whether you need to convert PDF to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, JPG, or vice versa, Smallpdf has you covered.

PDF to Word: Converting PDFs to Word documents is made effortless with Smallpdf. Users can simply select the appropriate PDF converter and transform their files with ease, preserving the layout and formatting in the process.

PPT to PDF: The PPT to PDF tool ensures quick and easy conversion of PowerPoint presentations into PDF format. Users can select the suitable PDF converter, transforming their PPT files into a universally compatible PDF format.

Word to PDF: With the Word to PDF tool, users can select the right PDF converter to transform their Word documents into PDF format, maintaining the document’s original quality and structure.

JPG to PDF: Smallpdf facilitates quick and easy conversion of JPG images into PDF format. Users can select the appropriate PDF converter and seamlessly transform their image files into shareable PDF documents.

Excel to PDF: The Excel to PDF tool simplifies the process of converting Excel spreadsheets into PDF format. Users can select the right PDF converter, ensuring a smooth transformation while preserving the integrity of the data.

Advantages of Smallpdf Conversion Tools:

  • Preservation of document formatting and layout during conversion.
  • Quick and easy transformation with user-friendly interface.
  • Support for various file formats, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and JPG.

Smallpdf’s commitment to providing versatile and efficient conversion tools makes it a go-to platform for users dealing with diverse document formats. The Smallpdf MOD APK 1680 Pro Unlocked version unlocks these premium conversion features, offering users enhanced flexibility in managing their PDF documents without any additional costs.

Editing PDFs

Smallpdf MOD APK 1680 Pro Unlocked provides robust tools for editing PDF documents, allowing users to tailor their PDFs to meet specific requirements. From highlighting and drawing to adding or removing text, Smallpdf’s Edit PDF tool ensures a seamless editing experience.

Basic Editing: Users can easily open their PDF in the Edit PDF tool, enabling them to highlight important sections, draw annotations, or add text to enhance the document’s content. This basic editing functionality proves invaluable for users who need to make quick and straightforward modifications to their PDFs.

Rotation Options: Smallpdf’s Edit PDF tool extends beyond simple edits, allowing users to rotate their documents right, left, or upside down. This feature is particularly useful when dealing with documents that may have been scanned or saved in unconventional orientations.

Page Management: With this tool, users can effortlessly rearrange, rotate, or remove one or several pages within a document. The intuitive interface ensures that page management becomes a hassle-free process, empowering users to organize their PDFs according to their preferences.

Advantages of Smallpdf Editing Tools:

  • Efficient and user-friendly editing capabilities.
  • Highlighting, drawing, and text addition for enhanced document customization.
  • Flexible page management for rearranging, rotating, or removing pages.

Smallpdf’s commitment to providing a comprehensive suite of editing tools makes it a go-to platform for users who demand precision and flexibility in their PDF editing. The Smallpdf MOD APK 1680 Pro Unlocked version grants users access to these premium editing features without any additional charges, ensuring a seamless and enhanced editing experience for all PDF-related tasks.

Mobile App Features

The Smallpdf Mobile App, available in the MOD APK 1680 Pro Unlocked version, extends the powerful PDF management capabilities to your mobile device. This app offers a range of features that ensure seamless access, reading, and sharing of PDF documents on the go.

Device Sync: With the Smallpdf Mobile App, users can seamlessly access their PDFs on multiple devices. This synchronization feature ensures that your documents are readily available, allowing you to pick up where you left off, whether on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Read Mode: Activating the read mode on the mobile app enhances the reading experience by optimizing the document’s layout and formatting for smaller screens. This feature proves beneficial for users who prefer a more focused and comfortable reading environment.

Scan and Sync: The app enables users to scan documents directly from their mobile devices, offering the convenience of capturing important information on the fly. Scanned documents can be synchronized to the online Smallpdf file storage service, ensuring secure and accessible storage.

Email and App Integration: Users can easily email or send PDF scans directly to other apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, or Gmail. This integration streamlines the sharing process, allowing for quick and efficient communication of important documents.

Advantages of Smallpdf Mobile App:

  • Seamless access to PDFs across multiple devices.
  • Enhanced reading experience with the read mode feature.
  • Effortless scanning and synchronization of documents to the online storage service.
  • Direct email and app integration for easy sharing.

The Smallpdf Mobile App, coupled with the advantages of the MOD APK 1680 Pro Unlocked version, brings the power of Smallpdf to the palm of your hand. Whether you need to access, read, or share PDFs on the go, the mobile app ensures a seamless and efficient experience for users who prioritize mobility and flexibility in their document management.


Q: Is the Smallpdf MOD APK 1680 Pro Unlocked version safe to use?

A: Yes, the modified version provided on Alternative Monster is thoroughly tested and verified to be safe for use. It unlocks the Pro features without any security risks.

Q: What features are included in the Pro Unlocked version?

A: The Pro Unlocked version grants users access to premium features, including advanced PDF compression, full PDF conversion capabilities, enhanced editing tools, and seamless integration with the mobile app for on-the-go document management.

Q: Can I use the Smallpdf Mobile App on both Android and iOS devices?

A: Currently, the Smallpdf Mobile App is available for Android devices. For iOS users, Smallpdf offers a web-based platform accessible through mobile browsers.

Q: How does the device sync feature work?

A: The device sync feature allows users to access their PDFs across multiple devices seamlessly. Simply log in with your Smallpdf account, and your documents will be synchronized, ensuring continuity in your work.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of devices I can sync with?

A: No, there is no limit to the number of devices you can sync with. The device sync feature is designed to offer flexibility, allowing you to access your PDFs on all your devices without any restrictions.

Q: Can I still use Smallpdf on a web browser without the mobile app?

A: Yes, the Smallpdf web-based platform is accessible on all major web browsers. The mobile app is an additional convenience for users who prefer on-the-go access and document management.


In conclusion, the Smallpdf MOD APK 1680 Pro Unlocked version stands out as a versatile and powerful tool for users seeking advanced PDF management capabilities without the constraints of a paid subscription. The array of features, from efficient PDF compression to seamless document conversion and robust editing tools, empowers users to handle PDFs with ease and precision.

The inclusion of the Smallpdf Mobile App further extends the convenience of document management to mobile devices, ensuring accessibility and flexibility for users on the move. The Pro Unlocked version, available for free on Alternative Monster, unlocks premium features, making Smallpdf an even more valuable resource for individuals and professionals alike.

Whether you’re compressing large PDFs for easy sharing, converting documents to various formats, or editing PDF content with precision, Smallpdf proves to be a comprehensive solution. The added benefits of the mobile app enhance the overall user experience, providing seamless access and synchronization across devices.

Smallpdf’s commitment to user-friendly design and functionality, coupled with the accessibility of the Pro Unlocked version, positions it as a top choice for those looking to elevate their PDF management experience. Explore the full potential of Smallpdf MOD APK 1680 Pro Unlocked and revolutionize the way you handle your PDF documents.

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