Rap Fame MOD APK 3.14.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Rap Fame MOD APK 3.14.0 (Premium Unlocked)

November 27, 2023 APP

Additional Details

CategoryAPP Music & Audio
Google PlayStore URL com.komspek.battleme
Current Version 3.14.0
Developer Rap Tech Studios
Required Android Version 7.0
File Size 84.90 MB
MOD Features Premium Features Unlocked
Last Updated 2023/11/09

About Rap Fame

Like hiphop? Try being a Rapper yourself on Rap Fame, the ultimate platform for passionate HipHop fans. Record, promote, and share your tracks with millions of fans worldwide. Rap Fame offers a PRO Music Recording Studio with audio and vocal effects, allowing you to sound like a pro right from your phone.

Rappers use Rap Fame to get signed, collaborate with star rappers, spread mixtapes, and even win cash prizes through rap battles. It’s a network where the authenticity of underground rap music thrives, connecting artists and fans in a unique and vibrant community.

The app introduces a revolutionary Judge Studio Sessions feature, providing a platform for rappers to get their tracks judged and recognized. Beat Makers can upload custom beats, and Pro Beat Makers have the chance to submit beats to the official public beat library, contributing to the rich library of FREE beats available.

Designed for rap makers, rappers, and hip-hop enthusiasts, Rap Fame is constantly developing new music recording studio features to provide everything you need to focus on your rapping. With the Rap Studio, you can lay down raps, freestyle with audio effects, mix with an equalizer, and use auto pitch tune over beats from master rap beat makers.

The app also introduces PREMIUM Vocal FX, allowing you to set the scale to your vocals and sound like your favorite artists such as Drake, Kanye, or T-Pain. Download Rap Fame’s music studio and start recording hip-hop today. Join a community that has recorded and uploaded more than 6 million songs to date.

What are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Rap Fame and elevate your rap game!

Features of Rap Fame MOD APK

Rap Fame MOD APK, the modified version of the popular rap music app, comes packed with exciting features that enhance your music recording and sharing experience. Whether you’re an aspiring rapper or a seasoned artist, these features are designed to elevate your creativity and make your journey in the world of hip-hop even more enjoyable.

1. **Premium Unlocked:**

The MOD APK unlocks premium features that are typically available only to paid subscribers. Enjoy the full range of benefits without any subscription fees, providing you with a premium experience for free.

2. **PRO Music Recording Studio:**

Access a professional-grade recording studio directly from your mobile device. Record your tracks with high-quality audio and vocal effects, ensuring that you sound like a pro rapper without the need for expensive equipment.

3. **Exclusive Beats Library:**

Explore a rich library of both FREE and exclusive beats from top beat makers. This extensive collection gives you the flexibility to choose the perfect background for your rap, whether you’re looking for a classic hip-hop vibe or a modern, experimental sound.

4. **Judge Studio Sessions:**

Engage in revolutionary Judge Studio Sessions, where your tracks can be judged by the community. This feature provides valuable feedback and recognition, giving you the opportunity to showcase your talent and improve as an artist.

5. **Collaboration Opportunities:**

Connect with star rappers and collaborate on tracks. Rap Fame is not just a recording platform; it’s a thriving community where artists come together to create unique and compelling music. Collaborate with others, spread your mixtapes, and participate in rap battles to win cash prizes.

6. **Premium Vocal FX:**

Take your vocals to the next level with Premium Vocal FX. Set the scale to match your preferred melodies and experiment with different audio effects. Transform your voice to sound like your favorite artists, such as Drake, Kanye West, or T-Pain.

7. **Constant Development:**

Rap Fame is committed to constant development, regularly introducing new features to the music recording studio. Stay updated with the latest tools and enhancements, ensuring that you have everything you need to focus on your rapping and creative expression.

With Rap Fame MOD APK, you have the freedom to explore and utilize these premium features without any restrictions. Download the modified app now and unleash your full potential in the world of hip-hop!

Recording Studio Experience

The Recording Studio Experience on Rap Fame is a game-changer for aspiring and professional rappers alike. With a host of powerful features, the app transforms your mobile device into a PRO Music Recording Studio, providing a seamless and high-quality platform for creating your unique sound.

1. **Audio and Vocal FX:**

Unleash your creativity with a range of audio and vocal effects that give your tracks a professional touch. From reverb to pitch modulation, the Recording Studio allows you to experiment with various effects to achieve the perfect sound that resonates with your style.

2. **Rap Studio for Freestyle:**

The Rap Studio is designed for both structured recording and freestyle sessions. Lay down your raps effortlessly, expressing your creativity in real-time. The intuitive interface ensures that you can focus on your performance without getting bogged down by complex controls.

3. **Masterful Beats from Pro Beat Makers:**

Access a diverse library of beats created by master beat makers. These beats cater to various styles and moods, offering the perfect backdrop for your lyrics. Whether you prefer classic hip-hop beats or more modern, experimental sounds, the collection has you covered.

4. **Real-Time Mixing with Audio Effects:**

Take control of your tracks with real-time mixing capabilities. The Recording Studio features an equalizer and auto pitch tune, allowing you to fine-tune your performance on the fly. This ensures that your recorded tracks match the quality and precision of professional studio recordings.

5. **Premium Vocal FX for Unique Sounds:**

Introducing PREMIUM Vocal FX, a standout feature that allows you to set the scale to your vocals and experiment with melodies. Transform your voice to sound like industry icons such as Drake, Kanye West, or T-Pain, giving your tracks a distinctive and memorable quality.

6. **Constant Development for Rappers:**

Rap Fame is committed to the continuous development of its Recording Studio features. The platform evolves to meet the dynamic needs of rappers and hip-hop enthusiasts, ensuring that you always have the latest tools and capabilities to enhance your recording experience.

The Recording Studio Experience on Rap Fame empowers you to focus on your passion for rapping without the constraints of traditional recording setups. Elevate your craft, experiment with different sounds, and make your mark in the world of hip-hop with this cutting-edge recording platform.

Judge Studio Sessions

Rap Fame introduces a revolutionary feature known as Judge Studio Sessions, a unique platform that adds a competitive edge to the app’s vibrant community. This feature is designed to provide valuable feedback, recognition, and an opportunity for aspiring rappers to showcase their talent to a broader audience.

1. **Community Judgment:**

In Judge Studio Sessions, your tracks are exposed to the community for evaluation. Fellow users, including established artists and enthusiastic fans, become judges. This community-driven approach ensures a diverse range of opinions, creating a dynamic and engaging environment for participants.

2. **Constructive Feedback:**

Participants receive constructive feedback on their tracks, offering insights into strengths and areas for improvement. This feedback is invaluable for artists looking to refine their skills, enhance their style, and connect with the preferences of their target audience.

3. **Recognition and Exposure:**

Successful participation in Judge Studio Sessions can lead to increased recognition within the Rap Fame community. Tracks that resonate with judges and listeners may gain exposure, helping artists to build their fan base and establish themselves as notable contributors to the platform.

4. **Competition and Rewards:**

Engaging in Judge Studio Sessions adds a competitive aspect to the Rap Fame experience. Artists have the opportunity to compete with their peers, with the potential to win cash prizes and other rewards. This gamified element encourages artists to continually improve and elevate their craft.

5. **Judges’ Panel:**

Rap Fame ensures a diverse and knowledgeable judging panel to maintain the integrity of the evaluation process. The panel may include experienced artists, industry professionals, and community leaders who contribute their expertise to the session, providing a well-rounded assessment of the tracks.

6. **Track Visibility:**

Participating in Judge Studio Sessions increases the visibility of your tracks within the Rap Fame ecosystem. This exposure can lead to collaborations, networking opportunities, and even recognition from industry professionals scouting for emerging talent.

Judge Studio Sessions on Rap Fame go beyond being a mere evaluation tool; they serve as a catalyst for growth, networking, and recognition within the global hip-hop community. Embrace the challenge, refine your craft, and let the community be the judge of your unique sound!

Collaborate and Win

Rap Fame offers a dynamic platform that goes beyond individual expression, encouraging collaboration among artists and providing exciting opportunities to win recognition and prizes. Here’s a closer look at how you can collaborate with fellow rappers and potentially emerge as a winner on this innovative hip-hop network.

1. **Connecting with Star Rappers:**

One of the unique features of Rap Fame is the ability to connect with established and emerging star rappers. Collaborate on tracks, share insights, and learn from experienced artists. This networking opportunity opens doors to new possibilities and broadens your reach within the hip-hop community.

2. **Mixtape Collaboration:**

Rappers can collaborate on mixtapes, creating a fusion of styles and voices that can attract a diverse audience. The collaborative mixtape feature allows artists to showcase their versatility, experiment with different sounds, and collectively contribute to a unique musical project.

3. **Cash Prizes and Recognition:**

Rap Fame hosts rap battles and competitions with enticing cash prizes. Collaborate with other artists to enter these competitions and increase your chances of winning. The recognition gained from winning such contests not only boosts your profile within the Rap Fame community but also attracts the attention of potential industry stakeholders.

4. **Diverse Collaboration Opportunities:**

Whether you are a lyricist, rapper, or beat maker, Rap Fame provides diverse collaboration opportunities. Team up with a beat maker to create unique tracks, or offer your vocals to other artists’ beats. The platform’s versatility ensures that artists of different specialties can come together to create compelling music.

5. **Collaboration Table:**

Rap Fame features a collaboration table where artists can discover and express interest in collaborating with others. This table acts as a hub for connecting artists with similar interests, facilitating the formation of partnerships and collaborations that can lead to the creation of outstanding musical projects.

6. **Global Exposure:**

Successful collaborations on Rap Fame not only bring cash prizes but also offer global exposure. As tracks gain popularity within the community, they have the potential to reach a wider audience, creating opportunities for artists to establish their presence on a broader scale.

Collaborate and Win on Rap Fame is more than just a slogan; it’s a testament to the platform’s commitment to fostering a collaborative and rewarding environment for artists. Dive into the world of collaboration, share your unique voice, and discover the exciting possibilities that await you on Rap Fame.

Exclusive Beats Library

Rap Fame’s Exclusive Beats Library is a treasure trove for rap makers, providing a curated collection of beats crafted by top beat makers in the industry. This extensive library not only caters to the diverse tastes of rappers but also offers a unique opportunity for artists to elevate their tracks with exclusive and professionally produced beats.

1. **Rich Selection of FREE Beats:**

Access a rich library of FREE beats that spans various genres and styles. These beats are carefully crafted by skilled beat makers and are available to all users, providing a foundation for creativity without any cost. From classic hip-hop beats to modern, experimental sounds, the library caters to a wide range of preferences.

2. **Exclusive Beats from Top Beat Makers:**

Stand out from the crowd by exploring the Exclusive Beats section. These beats are created by top-tier beat makers, offering a level of quality and originality that sets your tracks apart. Collaborate with these beat makers to access unique sounds and elevate the production value of your music.

3. **Public Beat Library:**

Rap Fame encourages collaboration between beat makers and rappers by featuring a Public Beat Library. Pro Beat Makers can submit their beats to this library, giving rappers the opportunity to discover and utilize high-quality beats for their tracks. This collaborative approach enhances the overall creativity within the Rap Fame community.

4. **Table: Beat Styles and Genres**

Beat Style Genres
Classic Hip-Hop Old School, Boom Bap
Modern Trap, Lo-Fi, Experimental
Urban R&B, Soul

5. **Constant Updates and Additions:**

Rap Fame’s commitment to providing fresh and innovative content is reflected in the Exclusive Beats Library. The collection is constantly updated with new beats and additions from both emerging and established beat makers, ensuring that artists always have access to the latest and most relevant sounds.

6. **Subscription Benefits:**

Subscribers to Rap Fame’s premium services enjoy additional benefits, including the ability to try rapping over custom beats. This subscription feature opens up new possibilities for artists to experiment with unique beats and tailor their sound to match their artistic vision.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect backdrop for your lyrics or aiming to collaborate with top beat makers, Rap Fame’s Exclusive Beats Library is your gateway to a world of musical possibilities. Explore, create, and discover the beats that resonate with your unique style.

Premium Vocal FX

Rap Fame takes vocal enhancement to the next level with its Premium Vocal FX feature, allowing artists to customize their vocal delivery and achieve professional-grade sound quality. This innovative tool is a game-changer for rappers, providing a range of effects to add a unique touch to their tracks.

1. **Scale Adjustment for Vocals:**

One standout feature of Premium Vocal FX is the ability to adjust the scale of your vocals. This allows artists to match their vocals to different melodies, creating a harmonious and polished sound. Whether you aim for a melodic flow or a rhythmic punch, this feature offers unprecedented control over your vocal performance.

2. **Audio Effects for Artistic Expression:**

Experiment with a variety of audio effects to express your artistic vision. Premium Vocal FX includes a selection of effects such as reverb, echo, and modulation. These effects can be applied in real-time during recording, giving you the freedom to explore different textures and styles in your vocals.

3. **Table: Vocal Effects Options**

Effect Description
Reverb Creates a sense of space and depth in your vocals.
Delay Introduces a delay between the original vocal and its repetitions.
Modulation Alters the pitch and tone of your vocals for a creative touch.

4. **Sound Like Your Favorite Artists:**

With Premium Vocal FX, artists can emulate the vocal styles of their favorite artists. Whether you aspire to sound like Drake, Kanye West, or T-Pain, the app provides the tools to achieve those signature vocal tones. Boldly experiment with your voice and transform your sound to stand out in the crowded world of hip-hop.

5. **Real-Time Application:**

The effects provided by Premium Vocal FX are applied in real-time during the recording process. This means that you can hear and adjust the effects as you lay down your vocals, ensuring a seamless integration with your performance. Real-time application adds a dynamic and interactive element to the recording experience.

6. **Subscription Benefits:**

Subscribers to Rap Fame’s premium services gain access to additional features, including the ability to use Premium Vocal FX to its full potential. This subscription service opens up a world of possibilities for artists who want to take their vocal performances to the next level.

Premium Vocal FX on Rap Fame is not just an enhancement tool; it’s a vehicle for artistic expression. Elevate your vocal game, experiment with effects, and let your unique sound shine through with this cutting-edge feature.

Rap Studio Experience

The Rap Studio on Rap Fame is a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that empowers both aspiring and seasoned rappers to unleash their creativity. With a range of features tailored for rap makers, this studio provides a seamless experience for recording, mixing, and fine-tuning your tracks right from your mobile device.

1. **Freestyle and Structured Recording:**

The Rap Studio accommodates both freestyle and structured recording sessions. Whether you prefer the spontaneity of freestyling or the precision of structured recording, the intuitive interface allows you to lay down your raps effortlessly, focusing solely on your performance.

2. **Masterful Beats from Pro Beat Makers:**

Access a diverse library of beats created by professional beat makers. These beats cover a wide spectrum of styles, from classic hip-hop to modern and experimental sounds. Collaborate with beat makers, experiment with different beats, and find the perfect backdrop for your lyrics.

3. **Real-Time Mixing with Audio Effects:**

Take control of your tracks with real-time mixing capabilities. The Rap Studio features an equalizer and auto pitch tune, allowing you to fine-tune your performance on the fly. Experiment with audio effects to add depth, texture, and uniqueness to your raps.

4. **Table: Audio Effects Options**

Effect Description
Equalizer Adjust the balance of frequencies to enhance your sound.
Auto Pitch Tune Automatically correct pitch for a polished and professional sound.
Audio Effects Experiment with reverb, echo, and modulation for artistic expression.

5. **Premium Vocal FX for Unique Sounds:**

Introducing Premium Vocal FX, a feature that takes your vocal performance to the next level. Adjust the scale of your vocals, experiment with melodies, and sound like your favorite artists such as Drake, Kanye West, or T-Pain. This feature adds a distinctive and memorable quality to your tracks.

6. **Constant Development for Rappers:**

Rap Fame is committed to the continuous development of its Rap Studio features. Regular updates bring new tools and enhancements, ensuring that artists always have access to the latest and most advanced features for their recording and creative needs.

The Rap Studio Experience on Rap Fame is designed to be a one-stop solution for rap makers, providing everything you need to bring your lyrics to life. Dive into the world of rap creation, explore the diverse features, and elevate your rap game with this user-centric studio.

Community Impact

Rap Fame is more than just a music recording app; it’s a thriving community that has left a significant impact on the world of hip-hop. With over 6 million songs recorded and uploaded to date, the platform has become a dynamic space where passionate hip-hop enthusiasts, beat makers, and rappers connect, collaborate, and make a lasting impact on the global music scene.

1. **Authentic Underground Rap Music Hub:**

Rap Fame serves as a hub for authentic underground rap music. The community is a melting pot of diverse talents, bringing forth raw and genuine expressions of the hip-hop genre. This authenticity has resonated with users, establishing Rap Fame as a go-to platform for those seeking true and unfiltered rap experiences.

2. **Global Networking Opportunities:**

Artists on Rap Fame have the unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals from around the world. The platform breaks down geographical barriers, allowing rappers, beat makers, and hip-hop enthusiasts to collaborate, share insights, and create music that transcends cultural boundaries. This global networking impact fosters a sense of unity within the community.

3. **Revolutionary Judge Studio Sessions:**

The introduction of Judge Studio Sessions has revolutionized the way tracks are evaluated and recognized on Rap Fame. This feature provides a platform for artists to have their work judged by the community, creating a dynamic and interactive space where constructive feedback, recognition, and even cash prizes contribute to the growth and motivation of artists.

4. **Community-Driven Collaborations:**

Rap Fame encourages community-driven collaborations, bringing together star rappers, beat makers, and lyricists. The collaborative spirit within the community has led to the creation of mixtapes, tracks, and projects that showcase the collective talent and creativity of Rap Fame users. This impact extends beyond individual contributions, creating a communal sense of achievement.

5. **Diverse Track Library and Beat Collaboration:**

The platform’s rich library of tracks and beats, including contributions from both seasoned and emerging artists, demonstrates the diversity within the Rap Fame community. The beat collaboration opportunities between beat makers and rappers contribute to the growth and evolution of the platform, making it a dynamic space for music creation.

6. **Constant Evolution and Development:**

Rap Fame’s commitment to constant development ensures that the community impact continues to grow. Regular updates, new features, and enhancements keep the platform fresh and relevant, providing artists with the tools they need to continue making a lasting impact in the hip-hop landscape.

The community impact of Rap Fame is a testament to its role in shaping the contemporary hip-hop scene. By fostering collaboration, providing recognition, and embracing diversity, Rap Fame has become a powerful force for change and innovation in the world of rap music.


Q: What is Rap Fame?

A: Rap Fame is a mobile app that serves as a network for hip-hop enthusiasts, providing a platform for recording, promoting, and sharing rap music. It offers a range of features for both aspiring and professional artists to connect, collaborate, and showcase their talent.

Q: What makes Rap Fame unique?

A: Rap Fame stands out due to its focus on authenticity in underground rap music. The platform offers a Judge Studio Sessions feature for community-driven evaluations, a diverse Exclusive Beats Library, and opportunities for collaboration with star rappers and beat makers.

Q: How does the Judge Studio Sessions feature work?

A: Judge Studio Sessions allow users to submit their tracks for evaluation by the Rap Fame community. Fellow users, including experienced artists and enthusiasts, provide constructive feedback. Successful participation can lead to recognition, exposure, and even cash prizes.

Q: What is the Exclusive Beats Library?

A: The Exclusive Beats Library is a curated collection of beats created by top beat makers. It includes both free beats and exclusive beats that can be used by rappers for their tracks. This library offers a wide range of styles, ensuring there’s something for every artist.

Q: What are the benefits of the Premium Vocal FX feature?

A: Premium Vocal FX allows users to customize their vocal delivery by adjusting the scale of their vocals and experimenting with various audio effects. This feature enables artists to achieve professional-grade sound quality and emulate the vocal styles of their favorite artists.

Q: How does collaboration work on Rap Fame?

A: Rap Fame encourages collaboration by providing opportunities for artists to connect with star rappers and beat makers. Users can collaborate on mixtapes, participate in rap battles for cash prizes, and explore the Collaboration Table to find like-minded artists for joint projects.

Q: Is Rap Fame constantly evolving?

A: Yes, Rap Fame is committed to constant development. Regular updates and new features are introduced to enhance the recording and collaborative experience for users. The platform evolves to meet the dynamic needs of the hip-hop community.

Q: How can I get started on Rap Fame?

A: To get started on Rap Fame, download the app, create an account, and explore the various features. Record your tracks, connect with other artists, and engage in the vibrant community. Whether you’re a rapper, beat maker, or hip-hop enthusiast, Rap Fame offers a platform for everyone to express their passion for music.


In conclusion, Rap Fame emerges as a powerhouse in the realm of hip-hop, offering a multifaceted platform that goes beyond conventional music recording apps. With its commitment to authenticity, community impact, and constant evolution, Rap Fame has carved a niche for itself in the global hip-hop scene.

From the revolutionary Judge Studio Sessions that provide artists with valuable feedback and recognition to the Exclusive Beats Library, which serves as a curated collection of beats from top-tier beat makers, Rap Fame sets the stage for creativity to flourish. The Premium Vocal FX feature further empowers artists to customize their vocal performances and experiment with various audio effects, adding a unique touch to their tracks.

Collaboration is at the heart of Rap Fame, offering networking opportunities that transcend geographical boundaries. Whether connecting with star rappers, participating in rap battles, or exploring the Collaboration Table for joint projects, the platform fosters a sense of unity within the hip-hop community.

As the community impact of Rap Fame continues to grow, it remains a dynamic space where over 6 million songs have been recorded and uploaded, showcasing the diverse talents of artists worldwide. The constant development and introduction of new features ensure that Rap Fame stays at the forefront of innovation, providing users with cutting-edge tools for their musical journey.

Whether you’re an aspiring rapper, beat maker, or a dedicated hip-hop enthusiast, Rap Fame invites you to be part of a community that celebrates authenticity, collaboration, and artistic expression. Download the app, dive into the Rap Studio, and unleash your creativity on a platform that has truly revolutionized the way we experience hip-hop.

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