Password Safe MOD APK 7.5.1 (Pro Unlocked)

Password Safe MOD APK 7.5.1 (Pro Unlocked)

September 22, 2023 APP

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CategoryAPP Productivity
Google PlayStore URL com.reneph.passwordsafe
Current Version 7.5.1
Developer Robert Ehrhardt
Required Android Version 8.0
File Size 14.66 MB
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
Last Updated 2023/09/06

I. Introduction

  • Annoyed with Forgetting Passwords?
  • Introducing Password Safe and Manager

II. Secure Password Storage

One of the primary concerns when managing passwords is ensuring their security. Password Safe and Manager takes your data security seriously, employing robust encryption methods and a master password system to keep your sensitive information safe and accessible only to you.

1. Encrypted Storage

All your entered data in Password Safe and Manager is stored in an encrypted vault. This means that your access data, passwords, PINs, and other sensitive information are shielded from unauthorized access. The encryption employed here is the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit, a powerful encryption method that is trusted for its strength and security.

2. Master Password

The key to unlocking your secure vault is your master password. This master password is the only code you need to remember, and it grants you access to all your stored passwords and data. The beauty of this system is that it eliminates the need for you to remember multiple passwords for various services and apps. Just remember one strong master password, and you’re good to go.

Moreover, Password Safe and Manager does not have any access to the internet, ensuring that your data remains offline and secure. This offline approach enhances your data’s privacy and security by eliminating the risk associated with online storage and automatic synchronization.

For added convenience, you can easily share and transfer your secure database by uploading it to cloud services like Dropbox or through the built-in export/import functionality, making it accessible across your devices while maintaining top-notch security.

With Password Safe and Manager, you can trust that your passwords and sensitive data are kept under lock and key, ensuring peace of mind in an increasingly digital world.

III. Offline Security

Offline security is a critical aspect of safeguarding your sensitive data in Password Safe and Manager. This password management app prioritizes your privacy by keeping your information completely offline, eliminating any potential risks associated with internet connectivity.

No Internet Access

Password Safe and Manager operates entirely offline, ensuring that your data never leaves the confines of your device. This approach offers several key benefits:

  • Enhanced Privacy: With no connection to the internet, your data remains in your control at all times, shielding it from potential threats such as hacking or data leaks.
  • Reduced Vulnerabilities: Online password managers are susceptible to security vulnerabilities and data breaches. By going offline, Password Safe eliminates these risks.

Secure Data Transfer

While Password Safe and Manager is designed to be an offline solution, it also provides a secure way to transfer your encrypted database between devices. Here’s how:

  1. Cloud Service Backup: You can upload your encrypted database to cloud services like Dropbox, ensuring a secure and convenient backup option.
  2. Import/Export Functionality: The app offers built-in import and export functionality, making it easy to transfer your secure database between devices manually.

This dual approach to data storage and transfer strikes a balance between maximum security and user convenience. You have the assurance that your data is never exposed to online threats while still having the flexibility to access it on multiple devices when needed.

Password Safe and Manager’s commitment to offline security ensures that your sensitive information remains truly private and protected. You can use it with confidence, knowing that your data is secure from online risks and threats.

IV. Key Features

Password Safe and Manager boasts a rich set of features that make it an indispensable tool for securely managing your passwords and sensitive data. Let’s explore some of its key features:

1. Password Storage and Management

With Password Safe and Manager, you can store and manage all your passwords, PINs, account details, and access data in one secure location. This eliminates the need to remember multiple login credentials for various services and apps, streamlining your digital life.

2. Categorization of Entries

Organizing your entries is a breeze with the app’s categorization feature. You can create custom categories to group similar entries, making it easy to find specific information quickly.

3. Password Generator

Creating strong and unique passwords is essential for online security. Password Safe offers a built-in password generator that helps you generate secure passwords with varying complexity. Say goodbye to weak and easily guessable passwords.

4. Backup and Restore

Protecting your data against accidental loss is crucial. Password Safe and Manager provides backup and restore functionality, ensuring that you can recover your encrypted database if needed. You can also upload your encrypted database to cloud services for added peace of mind.

5. User Interface Customization

Customize the app’s user interface to suit your preferences. Adjust themes, layouts, and other settings to make your password management experience as comfortable and visually appealing as possible.

6. Statistics

Gain insights into your password usage with the built-in statistics feature. Identify frequently used passwords, check password strength, and make informed decisions to enhance your digital security.

In addition to these core features, Password Safe and Manager offers a host of other functionalities, including automatic clipboard clearance, widgets for quick access, local auto backup, password strength indicators, compatibility with Wear OS, and biometric login options like fingerprint and face unlock. You can even attach images to entries and define custom entry fields for tailored data storage.

The app also supports archiving entries, assigning multiple categories to an entry, viewing password history, and performing data import/export to and from Excel tables and PDF files. For added security, there’s an automatic logout feature and self-destruction option.

Password Safe and Manager is designed with user convenience and security in mind, making it the ultimate solution for managing your sensitive information effectively and securely.

V. Additional Features

Password Safe and Manager goes above and beyond the basics to offer a plethora of additional features that enhance your password management experience. These features are designed to provide added convenience, security, and customization options:

1. Clipboard Clearance

Password Safe and Manager automatically clears the clipboard after you’ve copied a password or other sensitive information. This proactive approach ensures that your copied data doesn’t linger in your device’s clipboard, reducing the risk of accidental exposure.

2. Widgets

The app offers widgets that provide quick access to your stored passwords and data directly from your device’s home screen. These widgets make it incredibly convenient to retrieve essential information without even opening the app.

3. Local Auto Backup

Local auto backup is an invaluable feature that regularly backs up your encrypted database to your device’s local storage. This adds an extra layer of data protection, allowing you to recover your information in case of any unexpected data loss.

4. Password Strength Indicator

When creating or updating passwords, the built-in password strength indicator helps you gauge the quality of your passwords. It provides feedback on the strength of your password, encouraging the use of strong and secure combinations.

5. Wear OS App

Password Safe and Manager extends its usability to Wear OS devices. You can access your passwords and sensitive data directly from your smartwatch, ensuring you always have essential information at your fingertips.

6. Biometric Login

Biometric login options, such as fingerprint and face unlock, provide added security and convenience. You can use your device’s biometric features to access your password vault quickly and securely.

7. Attachments to Entries

Enhance your data storage capabilities by attaching images and files to your entries. This feature is perfect for securely storing important documents, images, or other files alongside your passwords and access data.

8. Custom Entry Fields

Customize your data organization by defining custom entry fields that can be reordered and used multiple times. Tailor your entries to your specific needs and preferences.

These additional features make Password Safe and Manager a versatile and comprehensive solution for managing not only passwords but also a wide range of sensitive data. Whether you need added security, convenience, or customization options, this app has you covered.

VI. Advanced Functions

Password Safe and Manager not only offers essential password management features but also provides advanced functionalities that cater to the needs of power users. These advanced functions elevate your password management experience to a whole new level:

1. Entry Archiving

With the entry archiving feature, you can keep your database organized by moving less frequently used entries out of the main view. This ensures that your most relevant and frequently accessed data remains easily accessible while maintaining a clutter-free environment.

2. Multiple Entry Categories

Organize your entries with precision by assigning multiple categories to a single entry. This flexible categorization system allows you to classify your data in various ways, making it effortless to locate specific information when needed.

3. Password History

Access a detailed password history for each entry. This feature allows you to track changes to your passwords over time, providing insight into password updates and ensuring you never lose access to your previous passwords.

4. Mass Entry Assignment

Simplify the categorization process by mass assigning entries to a category. This time-saving feature is especially useful when you have numerous entries to manage, ensuring efficient organization and accessibility.

5. Data Import/Export

Effortlessly transfer your data to and from Password Safe and Manager using the data import/export functionality. Import data from Excel tables or other password managers and export your encrypted database to PDF or print it for offline access.

These advanced functions cater to users with specific needs and preferences, offering greater control, organization, and accessibility of your sensitive data. Whether you need to archive less-used entries, classify them into multiple categories, track password history, or perform bulk actions, Password Safe and Manager empowers you to take full command of your password management tasks.

VII. Enhanced Security

Password Safe and Manager places a strong emphasis on security to ensure that your sensitive data remains safe from potential threats. Its robust security measures and features provide you with peace of mind in an increasingly digital world:

1. Automatic Logout

The automatic logout feature enhances your security by automatically logging you out of the app after a specific period of inactivity. This prevents unauthorized access if you leave your device unattended or if it falls into the wrong hands.

2. Self-Destruction

In extreme scenarios, the app offers a self-destruction option. If you suspect that your device has been compromised or stolen, you can remotely trigger the self-destruction feature. This erases all data stored in the app, ensuring that your sensitive information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

3. Strong Encryption Standard

Password Safe and Manager employs the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption to protect your data. This is a widely recognized and trusted encryption standard known for its strength and security. It ensures that your data remains confidential and tamper-proof.

These enhanced security features work together to provide multiple layers of protection for your sensitive information. With automatic logout, self-destruction, and AES 256-bit encryption, Password Safe and Manager goes to great lengths to safeguard your data from unauthorized access, theft, or any potential security breaches.

VIII. User-Friendly Experience

Password Safe and Manager is designed with user convenience in mind, offering an intuitive and efficient experience for managing your sensitive information. Here’s how it ensures a user-friendly environment:

1. Single Master Password

The cornerstone of the user-friendly experience is the single master password. Instead of juggling multiple passwords, you only need to remember one. This simplifies access to all your stored data, making the process hassle-free and less prone to forgetting.

2. Organizing Entries

The app’s ability to categorize entries is a game-changer for organization. You can create custom categories and arrange your data neatly. This makes it effortless to find specific information quickly, even if you have a large number of entries.

3. Fingerprint Login

For those who value convenience without compromising security, Password Safe and Manager offers fingerprint login and face unlock options. Using biometric data for access makes it incredibly quick and secure to log in to the app.

4. UI Customization

The app’s user interface customization options allow you to tailor its look and feel to your preferences. You can choose themes, layouts, and other settings that suit your style, making the app visually appealing and comfortable to use.

5. Password Usage Insights

Gain insights into your password habits with the statistics feature. It provides information on frequently used passwords and evaluates password strength. This empowers you to make informed decisions about your password security.

Password Safe and Manager is all about putting you in control of your data while keeping the user experience straightforward and efficient. Whether you want to organize entries, access your data quickly with biometric login, or customize the app’s appearance, it’s designed to cater to your needs.

IX. Total Data Security

Your data security is paramount, and Password Safe and Manager takes every precaution to ensure that your sensitive information remains absolutely secure. Here’s how the app provides total data security:

1. Offline and Backup Options

Password Safe and Manager operates entirely offline, which means your data never leaves your device’s local storage. This offline approach eliminates the risks associated with online storage and automatic synchronization, such as potential data breaches or leaks.

However, the app still offers secure options for transferring and backing up your data:

  • Cloud Service Backup: You can upload your encrypted database to cloud services like Dropbox for easy, secure backup and access from other devices.
  • Import/Export Functionality: Password Safe and Manager provides built-in import and export features, allowing you to manually transfer your encrypted database between devices.

2. Master Password Recovery Note

While your data is completely encrypted and secure, it’s crucial to remember your master password. If you ever forget it, recovery becomes impossible due to the strong encryption standards in place. To emphasize this, the app includes a note to remind users of the importance of their master password. Keep this note in a safe place to ensure access to your data.

With Password Safe and Manager, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is protected by robust encryption and offline storage. While it offers secure options for data transfer and backup, it’s essential to maintain a strong commitment to your master password to maintain access to your encrypted database.

X. Contact and Support

If you have any questions, encounter issues, or want to provide feedback, the Password Safe and Manager team is here to assist you. Feel free to reach out through the following channels:

Email Support

You can contact our support team via email at [email protected]. Whether you have technical questions, need assistance with app features, or want to report any issues, our support staff is dedicated to helping you promptly.

Translation Assistance

We value contributions from our user community in making Password Safe and Manager more accessible to a global audience. If you’d like to help translate the app into other languages, please email us at [email protected]. Your support in expanding our language support is greatly appreciated.

Feature Requests

Your feedback matters, and we are continually working to enhance the app. If you have ideas for new features or improvements, please share them with us at [email protected]. We consider user input seriously when planning future updates.

Bug Reporting

If you encounter any bugs or issues while using Password Safe and Manager, please report them to us at [email protected]. Providing details about the problem you’ve encountered helps us identify and resolve issues more effectively.

We are committed to delivering a reliable and secure password management experience, and your input is invaluable in achieving that goal. Whether you need assistance, want to contribute to translations, suggest new features, or report issues, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We appreciate your support and are here to help.

XI. Conclusion

In conclusion, Password Safe and Manager stands out as an exceptional solution for anyone seeking robust, user-friendly, and secure password management. With its extensive feature set, it offers not only password storage but also a wide range of tools to enhance your digital security and convenience.

By prioritizing total data security through strong encryption and offline functionality, Password Safe and Manager ensures that your sensitive information remains private and shielded from potential threats. The app’s commitment to user-friendliness is evident in its intuitive design, single master password system, and customizable user interface.

Furthermore, advanced features such as entry archiving, multiple entry categories, and password history tracking make this app suitable for both casual users and power users who demand more control and organization over their data.

With additional features like automatic clipboard clearance, widgets, local auto backup, and biometric login options, Password Safe and Manager goes the extra mile to provide a seamless and secure password management experience.

Rest assured that your data is in safe hands with Password Safe and Manager. Its offline security, robust encryption, and self-destruction feature offer layers of protection that keep your sensitive information secure.

Should you ever require assistance or wish to contribute to the app’s development through translations or feature requests, the support team is readily available to help.

In a digital age where data security is paramount, Password Safe and Manager is your trusted companion for managing passwords, PINs, and sensitive information securely and efficiently. It simplifies your digital life while keeping your data safeguarded.

Download Password Safe and Manager today and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is in total security.

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