n-Track Studio Pro MOD APK v10.0.59 (Pro Unlocked)

n-Track Studio Pro MOD APK v10.0.59 (Pro Unlocked)

October 20, 2023 APP

Additional Details

CategoryAPP Music & Audio
Google PlayStore URL com.ntrack.studio.demo
Current Version 10.0.59
Developer n-Track
Required Android Version 5.0
File Size 299.52 MB
MOD Features Paid for free
Last Updated 2023/06/23


Turn your Android device into a powerhouse of music production with nTrack Studio Pro MOD APK v10059. This versatile application allows you to record an unlimited number of audio instrument and beat tracks, offering a range of features from guitar amps to vocal tuning and reverb. Dive into the world of music creation, editing, and collaboration with the Songtree community. Discover the possibilities of nTrack Studio and elevate your music production experience.

Key Features of nTrack Studio Pro MOD APK

nTrack Studio Pro MOD APK v10059 unlocks a plethora of advanced features, transforming your Android device into a professional music production studio. Whether you are a seasoned musician or a budding artist, the app provides a rich set of tools and capabilities to bring your musical ideas to life.

  • Unlimited Audio and MIDI Tracks: The MOD APK version removes limitations, offering unlimited audio and MIDI tracks. Free edition users are restricted to 8 tracks, but with the MOD APK, you can explore expansive and intricate compositions.
  • Expanded Effects Library: Enjoy the freedom to enhance your tracks with up to 2 effects per track and channel. The standard free edition has limited effects, including reverb, compression, echo, and chorus. With the MOD APK, unlock a broader array of effects to add depth and creativity to your music.
  • High-Quality Export Options: Choose from 16, 24, or 32-bit audio file exports, catering to different project requirements. The MOD APK provides flexibility in exporting your creations in the desired audio format.
  • 64-Bit Audio Engine: Elevate the quality of your audio production with the 64-bit audio engine, ensuring precision and clarity in your recordings. This feature, exclusive to the subscription versions, enhances the overall audio processing capabilities.
  • Multichannel USB Support: For those seeking professional-grade audio interfaces, the MOD APK supports multichannel USB class-compliant audio interfaces. This is a significant advantage for users working with external devices such as Focusrite, MAudio, Apogee, and more.
  • 3D Frequency Spectrum View: Dive into the intricate details of your audio with the 3D frequency spectrum view. This visual representation allows for a nuanced understanding of your music’s frequency composition, aiding in precise adjustments.

Unlocking these features through the nTrack Studio Pro MOD APK empowers you to explore new dimensions in music creation. Whether you are an amateur looking to experiment or a professional seeking a portable studio, the MOD APK delivers an exceptional music production experience.

Recording and Editing Capabilities

Unlock the full potential of your music creation process with nTrack Studio Pro MOD APK’s robust recording and editing capabilities. Whether you are laying down a new track or fine-tuning existing recordings, this app provides a comprehensive set of tools to enhance your audio production experience.

  • Unlimited Track Recording: With the MOD APK version, enjoy the freedom to record an unlimited number of audio and instrument tracks. Unlike the free edition, which limits users to 8 tracks, the MOD APK unleashes the full creative potential for complex and layered compositions.
  • External Audio Interface Support: Connect your Android device to external USB audio interfaces, such as Focusrite, MAudio, Apogee, and more. This capability allows for high-quality live input monitoring and simultaneous recording of up to 4 tracks, expanding the range of possibilities for professional audio production.
  • Loop Browser and Royalty-Free Sample Packs: Elevate your recordings with the built-in Loop Browser and access a variety of royalty-free sample packs. This feature simplifies the process of finding the right sound and enables you to experiment with different elements in your compositions.
  • Step Sequencer Beat Maker: Dive into the world of rhythm and beats with the Step Sequencer Beat Maker. Create intricate beats and grooves, enhancing the rhythmic elements of your music. This tool is perfect for users looking to add dynamic and engaging percussion to their tracks.
  • Pianoroll MIDI Editor: For users who prefer a visual representation of MIDI data, the Pianoroll MIDI Editor provides a user-friendly interface. Edit and fine-tune MIDI notes with precision, ensuring that your melodies and harmonies are perfectly aligned with your creative vision.
  • Automation and Collaboration: Take advantage of the automation features to control volumes, pan, and effects using envelopes. Additionally, collaborate seamlessly with other musicians through the built-in Songtree music-making community, fostering a collaborative and creative environment.

The recording and editing capabilities of nTrack Studio Pro MOD APK empower musicians and producers to create professional-grade music on the go. From versatile recording options to intuitive editing tools, this app is a must-have for anyone looking to unleash their creativity in the world of mobile music production.

Instrumentation and Sound Effects

Discover a world of sonic possibilities with nTrack Studio Pro MOD APK, where advanced instrumentation and a diverse range of sound effects empower you to sculpt your music with precision and creativity. Whether you’re a guitarist, vocalist, or electronic music producer, this app provides an extensive toolkit to elevate your sound to new heights.

  • Built-in Virtual Instruments: Unleash your creativity with the internal keyboard featuring built-in virtual instruments. From classic pianos and synths to unique soundscapes, explore a variety of tones directly within the app. Additionally, connect external MIDI keyboards for a more tactile and expressive musical experience.
  • Guitar and Bass Amp Plugins: Amplify your guitar and bass recordings with realistic amp simulations. The MOD APK includes Guitar and Bass Amp plugins, offering a range of tones from clean and crisp to distorted and gritty. Experiment with different amp settings to achieve the desired sound for your tracks.
  • Reverb, Echo, Chorus, and More: Elevate your tracks with a diverse set of studio-quality effects. From essential reverbs and echoes to atmospheric choruses and dynamic pitch shifts, the app provides a comprehensive selection of effects to add depth, texture, and character to your music.
  • VocalTune Pitch Correction: Achieve pitch-perfect vocals with the VocalTune pitch correction feature. Automatically correct pitch imperfections on vocals and melodic parts, ensuring a polished and professional sound. This tool is invaluable for singers and producers looking to achieve pristine vocal recordings.
  • Dynamic EQ, Arpeggiator, and Convolution Reverb: Dive into advanced sound shaping with dynamic EQ, arpeggiator, and convolution reverb effects. These features allow for intricate control over the tonal characteristics of your recordings, adding a layer of sophistication to your music.
  • Builtin Metronome and 3D Spectrum Analyzer: Stay in rhythm with the built-in metronome and gain insight into your audio with the 3D spectrum analyzer. The metronome ensures precise timing during recordings, while the spectrum analyzer provides a visual representation of the frequency spectrum, aiding in fine-tuning your mix.

nTrack Studio Pro MOD APK is a playground for sonic experimentation, offering a rich palette of virtual instruments and high-quality effects. Whether you’re crafting intricate guitar solos, shaping vocal performances, or experimenting with electronic textures, this app provides the tools you need to bring your musical vision to life.

Subscription Plans

Unlock the full potential of nTrack Studio Pro MOD APK with flexible subscription plans that cater to your specific music production needs. Whether you’re a casual user or a professional musician, these subscription tiers offer a range of features to enhance your creative process. Explore the options and choose the plan that aligns with your musical aspirations.

Subscription Tier Features Price
Standard Edition
  • Up to 8 tracks
  • Up to 2 effects per track/channel
  • Save your song online with collaboration options
  • Unlock all available effects (Reverb, Compression, Echo, Chorus)
  • Unlimited number of effects per channel
  • Export to WAV or MP3
Advanced Edition
  • Everything in Standard edition
  • 64-bit audio engine for enhanced processing
  • Support for multichannel USB class-compliant audio interfaces
  • Export in 24, 32, and 64-bit uncompressed WAV format
  • 3D frequency spectrum view for detailed analysis
Extended Edition
  • Everything in Advanced edition
  • 10GB of Premium Royalty-Free WAV Loops and OneShots
  • Exclusive release-ready Beats and editable nTrack Studio Projects
  • 400 Sample Instruments for expanded creativity

Choose the plan that aligns with your creative ambitions and enjoy a seamless music production experience. Whether you need expanded track limits, advanced audio processing, or access to premium sound libraries, nTrack Studio Pro MOD APK’s subscription plans provide the tools you need to take your music to the next level.


Q: Is nTrack Studio Pro MOD APK available for iOS?
A: As of now, nTrack Studio Pro MOD APK is specifically designed for Android devices. There isn’t a version available for iOS.
Q: Can I use external MIDI keyboards with nTrack Studio Pro MOD APK?
A: Yes, the app supports external MIDI keyboards, providing users with the flexibility to connect and use external MIDI controllers for a more hands-on musical experience.
Q: What are the limitations of the free edition?
A: The free edition of nTrack Studio has limitations such as a maximum of 8 tracks, a limited set of effects (Reverb, Compression, Echo, and Chorus), and restrictions on exporting to WAV or MP3. Upgrading to a subscription plan unlocks additional features.
Q: Can I collaborate with other musicians using nTrack Studio Pro MOD APK?
A: Absolutely. The app includes a built-in Songtree music-making community, allowing users to collaborate seamlessly with other musicians, share ideas, and work on projects together.
Q: What happens if I don’t renew my subscription?
A: If you choose not to renew your subscription, you may lose access to certain advanced features and premium content. However, the app will still retain basic functionality, ensuring that you can continue using it for essential music production tasks.
Q: How does the collaboration feature work in Songtree?
A: Songtree enables real-time collaboration by allowing users to share their projects, contribute to others’ projects, and exchange feedback. It’s a collaborative space for musicians to connect and create together.


Embark on a musical journey like never before with nTrack Studio Pro MOD APK v10059. This feature-packed application transforms your Android device into a versatile and powerful music production studio, offering a myriad of recording, editing, and sound shaping tools.

From the freedom of unlimited audio and MIDI tracks to the richness of virtual instruments and advanced sound effects, nTrack Studio Pro MOD APK provides a comprehensive platform for musicians, producers, and enthusiasts alike. The subscription plans further unlock a range of features, catering to different needs and preferences.

Whether you’re a solo artist looking to lay down tracks on the go or a collaborative musician seeking to connect with others through Songtree, this app offers a dynamic and intuitive environment for musical creativity.

Explore the subscription tiers to access premium features, including the 64-bit audio engine, multichannel USB support, and exclusive content like royalty-free WAV loops and sample instruments. Tailor your music production experience to suit your artistic vision and take advantage of the cutting-edge tools provided by nTrack Studio Pro MOD APK.

In conclusion, nTrack Studio Pro MOD APK is a game-changer for mobile music production, bringing professional-grade features to your fingertips. Elevate your sound, collaborate with fellow musicians, and unleash your creativity with this exceptional music production app.

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