Jillian Michaels: The Fitness App MOD APK 5.1.13 (Premium)

Jillian Michaels: The Fitness App MOD APK 5.1.13 (Premium)

November 9, 2023 APP

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CategoryAPP Health & Fitness
Google PlayStore URL com.emdigital.jillianmichaels
Current Version 5.1.13
Developer EM Digital LLC
Required Android Version 5.0
File Size 135.17 MB
MOD Features Premium Features Unlocked
Last Updated 2023/10/23


Brief overview of Jillian Michaels’ Premium Fitness App

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The Fitness App Features

If you’re looking to supercharge your fitness journey, Jillian Michaels’ Premium Fitness App has you covered with a comprehensive set of features that cater to users of all fitness levels. Here’s a detailed look at what this app offers:

  • At-Home Workouts: The app provides a wide range of at-home workouts, making it convenient for anyone, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete. What’s even better is that you won’t need any equipment for these workouts, making them accessible to everyone.
  • Personalized Fitness Planner: With over 1000 workout exercises available in high-definition video, you can stream them on your phone, tablet, or even your TV. What sets this app apart is its ability to create personalized workout programs tailored to your specific fitness level and goals, be it weight loss, toning up, or more.
  • Diverse Workout Programs: From yoga and HIIT to kickboxing and running programs (including 5K and 10K training), this app offers a variety of workout options. It’s a one-stop-shop for fitness enthusiasts looking to mix up their routines.
  • Workout Generator: For those seeking a more customized experience, the Premium subscription includes a Workout Generator. It allows you to build unique, targeted workouts with options for 10, 20, 30, or 45-minute sessions, so you can tailor your workouts to your preferences.
  • Customizable Workouts: The app gives you the flexibility to adjust the intensity of your workouts, making it suitable for both beginners and advanced users. You can select specific fitness goals, available fitness equipment, workout preferences (e.g., yoga, HIIT, strength training), and the length of your workouts.
  • DVD Workout Library: Subscribers have access to Jillian’s extensive DVD workout library, including popular programs like Bodyshred and Body Revolution. This feature provides a library of on-demand workouts at your fingertips.

Whether you prefer to exercise at home, in the gym, or outdoors, this app covers all your fitness needs. You can even opt for audio-only workouts, making it a versatile fitness companion.

Customized Meal Planner

Good nutrition is a fundamental component of a successful fitness journey, and Jillian Michaels’ Premium Fitness App doesn’t disappoint when it comes to helping you achieve your dietary goals. The app includes a robust Customized Meal Planner system that takes the guesswork out of meal planning and offers tools to meet your specific needs:

  • Meal Plans for Every Preference: Whether you follow an omnivore, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free, pescatarian, keto, or other dietary preference, the app has tailored meal plans to suit your choices. This ensures that your meals align with your dietary preferences and restrictions.
  • Nutritious Recipes: The app provides access to hundreds of quick, delicious, and nutritious recipes. You won’t have to worry about finding meal ideas; you’ll have a wealth of options at your fingertips to keep your diet varied and exciting.
  • Grocery Lists: To simplify your meal preparation, the app generates grocery lists based on your chosen recipes. It’s a practical feature that makes your shopping trips efficient and ensures you have all the necessary ingredients on hand.
  • Dynamic Adjustments: The Advanced Meal Planner System lets you make dynamic adjustments to your meals. Whether your goal is weight loss, maintenance, or muscle gain, you can tweak recipes accordingly to meet your specific objectives.
  • Batch Cooking Options: For those with a busy lifestyle, the app allows you to plan and prepare meals in advance, saving you time and ensuring you have access to delicious leftovers whenever you need them.

Planning meals for the whole family? The app has tools to help you with that too, ensuring that the entire household can enjoy nutritious and satisfying meals that match their dietary preferences.

What’s particularly appealing about the Customized Meal Planner is its versatility and adaptability. It caters to a wide range of dietary preferences and simplifies meal planning, taking the stress out of maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. With this feature, you can align your nutrition with your fitness goals, making it an essential component of your fitness journey.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation play a crucial role in achieving holistic well-being, and Jillian Michaels’ Premium Fitness App recognizes this by offering a comprehensive set of mindfulness and meditation features that can help you reduce stress, improve sleep, and enhance your overall mental health.

Here’s a detailed look at what this app provides in terms of mindfulness and meditation:

  • Stress Management: The app includes a variety of mindfulness exercises and meditations designed to help you manage and reduce stress. With practices ranging from quick stress-relief techniques to more extended sessions, you can find the right approach to suit your needs.
  • Sleep Improvement: If you struggle with sleep, the app has you covered. It offers guided meditations and practices specifically aimed at helping you get a better night’s rest. From sleep-inducing meditations to nature sounds, you can create the perfect bedtime routine for improved sleep quality.
  • Relaxation Techniques: Relaxation is essential for both physical and mental recovery. The app provides a range of relaxation practices, including deep breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, and mindfulness techniques, allowing you to unwind and relieve tension.
  • Mindful Eating Meditations: Mindful eating is a valuable practice for those seeking a healthier relationship with food. This app offers guided meditations that encourage you to eat with intention, savoring every bite and making healthier food choices.

Mindfulness and meditation are integral components of the app, enhancing not only your physical fitness but also your emotional and mental well-being. By incorporating these practices into your daily routine, you can experience a more balanced and harmonious approach to overall health.

Whether you’re new to mindfulness and meditation or have experience in these areas, the app caters to individuals at various levels. You can choose from a library of sessions, ranging from short, on-the-go exercises to more extended, immersive meditations.

Embracing mindfulness and meditation with Jillian Michaels’ Premium Fitness App can help you cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness and resilience, making it an invaluable addition to your fitness and wellness journey.

Tracking Your Progress

Monitoring your progress is a vital aspect of any successful fitness journey, and Jillian Michaels’ Premium Fitness App equips you with a suite of tools to track various fitness and health metrics. These features help you stay accountable and motivated as you work towards your fitness goals. Here’s a comprehensive look at how you can track your progress with the app:

  • Weight Tracking: The app allows you to record and monitor your weight changes over time. Tracking your weight is essential for those aiming to achieve weight loss or gain, and it provides a clear visual representation of your progress.
  • Calorie Tracking: Keeping an eye on your daily calorie intake is a valuable tool for managing your nutrition. The app provides a calorie tracking feature that helps you maintain awareness of your dietary choices and their impact on your fitness journey.
  • Workout History: With the workout history feature, you can review your past workouts. This allows you to see how far you’ve come and identify trends in your fitness routine. It’s an excellent tool for adjusting and optimizing your workout plans.
  • Selfie Photo Tracker: Visual progress is often a powerful motivator. The app enables you to take and store weekly side-by-side progress photos. This visual representation of your transformation can be a great source of inspiration.
  • Integration with MyFitnessPal: For those who already use MyFitnessPal, the app seamlessly integrates with it. This means you can synchronize your nutrition and workout data for a more comprehensive overview of your fitness progress.

By offering these tracking features, the app empowers you to take charge of your fitness journey with data-driven insights. Whether you’re aiming to lose weight, build muscle, or improve your overall fitness, these tools help you make informed decisions and stay motivated.

Tracking progress not only helps you measure the effectiveness of your fitness regimen but also provides a sense of achievement. As you see your hard work paying off, you’re more likely to stay committed to your fitness goals.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or are a seasoned fitness enthusiast, the ability to track your progress in one place is a valuable asset to help you on your journey towards a healthier, fitter you.

Community and Support

Embarking on a fitness journey can sometimes feel challenging when you’re doing it alone. That’s where the Community and Support features of Jillian Michaels’ Premium Fitness App come into play. These features provide invaluable resources to keep you motivated, inspired, and accountable throughout your fitness endeavors. Here’s a comprehensive overview of what you can expect from the app’s community and support network:

  • Global Fitness Community: The app connects you with a worldwide community of women, millions strong, who share your passion for fitness and well-being. Being part of a like-minded community can offer motivation, inspiration, and a sense of camaraderie that makes your fitness journey more enjoyable and sustainable.
  • Daily Inspiration and Support: You can count on daily custom health and fitness tips from Jillian herself, ensuring that you receive expert guidance and motivation directly from the renowned fitness guru. These tips help you stay on track and maintain a positive mindset throughout your fitness journey.
  • The Fitness App Forums: The app provides a dedicated space for community interaction and support through its forums. You can share your progress, ask questions, seek advice, and provide encouragement to others. It’s a great platform to connect with fellow users and build a support system that keeps you engaged and accountable.

The Community and Support features are not only about connecting with others but also about gaining access to expert advice and motivation. Being part of a community of individuals who are working towards similar fitness goals can provide a sense of belonging and keep you inspired to stay the course.

It’s essential to acknowledge that your fitness journey is not a solo endeavor, and the app’s community and support features reinforce this idea. By leveraging the collective knowledge, encouragement, and shared experiences of the fitness community, you’re better equipped to overcome challenges and celebrate successes.

As you interact with others, participate in discussions, and receive daily tips and guidance from Jillian herself, you’ll find that the Community and Support features are not just tools for enhancing your fitness experience but also a source of motivation that keeps you on track and moving toward your goals.

Start Your Free 7-Day Trial

One of the most enticing aspects of Jillian Michaels’ Premium Fitness App is the opportunity to kickstart your fitness journey with a free 7-day trial of the premium access. This trial period allows you to experience the full range of premium features, giving you a taste of the app’s capabilities before committing to a subscription. Here’s what you need to know about starting your trial:

  • Access to Premium Features: During the 7-day trial, you’ll have complete access to personalized workout programs, custom meal plans, meditations, mindfulness features, tracking tools, and community support. This means you can explore all the app has to offer without any financial commitment.
  • No Obligation: The free trial is provided without any obligation to subscribe. You won’t be charged during the trial period, and it’s entirely up to you whether you decide to continue with a premium subscription after the trial ends.
  • Try Before You Buy: The trial is an excellent opportunity to evaluate whether the app aligns with your fitness goals and preferences. It allows you to experience the app’s benefits firsthand and determine if it’s the right fit for you.
  • Cancellation at Any Time: If you decide that the premium features are not what you’re looking for, you can easily cancel your trial before the 7 days are up. This ensures that you won’t be billed for a subscription if you choose not to continue.

The free 7-day trial provides you with a risk-free way to explore the app’s premium offerings and discover how it can enhance your fitness and wellness journey. Whether you’re interested in the personalized workout programs, meal planning, mindfulness and meditation, or tracking your progress, the trial gives you the chance to dive into all of these features without any upfront costs.

With Jillian Michaels’ expert guidance and the app’s comprehensive features, this trial is an excellent opportunity to see how you can achieve your fitness and health goals effectively and efficiently. So why wait? Start your free 7-day trial today and experience the transformational power of the Premium Fitness App.

Subscription Pricing Terms

Understanding the subscription pricing terms of Jillian Michaels’ Premium Fitness App is essential when considering a premium membership. Here, we’ll provide a breakdown of the available subscription plans, billing, and how to manage your subscription:

Subscription Plan Duration Billing Cycle
Monthly 1 month Every month
Quarterly 3 months Every 3 months
Annual 12 months Every 12 months

The app offers three premium subscription plans, each with different durations and billing cycles to accommodate your preferences. Before opting for a subscription, it’s important to be aware of the following terms:

  • Automatic Renewal: Unless you cancel your subscription or turn off auto-renewal 24 hours before the end of the subscription term or the 7-day trial period, your subscription will be automatically renewed based on your chosen plan. Be sure to adjust your subscription settings if you want to avoid automatic renewal.
  • Account Management: After purchase or trial start, you can manage your subscription and disable auto-renewal through your Account Settings. This provides you with control over your subscription, making it easy to cancel or make changes if needed.
  • Terms of Service and Privacy Policy: Before subscribing, it’s advisable to read the full Terms of Service and Privacy Policy on the official app website. Understanding the terms and policies ensures you’re informed about your rights and responsibilities as a subscriber.

By offering multiple subscription options, the app allows you to choose the plan that best fits your needs and budget. Whether you prefer a month-to-month commitment or a more extended annual plan, you have the flexibility to decide what works for you.

Remember that the free 7-day trial is an excellent opportunity to explore the premium features before committing to a subscription. It gives you the chance to experience the app’s capabilities firsthand and determine if it aligns with your fitness and wellness goals.

By understanding the subscription pricing terms and taking advantage of the trial period, you can make an informed decision and embark on your fitness journey with confidence.


As we come to the end of our exploration of Jillian Michaels’ Premium Fitness App, it’s evident that this app offers a holistic and comprehensive approach to fitness and well-being. With a wide array of features and a free 7-day trial, it’s a valuable tool for individuals at all fitness levels. Let’s recap some of the key takeaways:

  • Varied and Personalized Workouts: The app provides a vast library of workout programs, all customizable to suit your fitness level and goals. Whether you prefer yoga, HIIT, strength training, or other forms of exercise, the app has something for everyone.
  • Effective Meal Planning: The Customized Meal Planner is a standout feature, offering meal plans for various dietary preferences and nutritious recipes. The tool takes the guesswork out of meal planning and ensures you’re on the right track with your nutrition.
  • Mindfulness and Meditation: The app acknowledges the importance of mental well-being and offers a range of mindfulness and meditation practices to reduce stress, improve sleep, and enhance relaxation.
  • Tracking Your Progress: With weight and calorie tracking, workout history, and a selfie photo tracker, you can monitor your fitness journey and celebrate your successes along the way.
  • Community and Support: The global fitness community and daily health and fitness tips from Jillian herself provide you with motivation, inspiration, and a sense of belonging on your fitness path.
  • Start Your Free 7-Day Trial: The app’s free trial gives you the opportunity to experience the premium features without any financial commitment. It’s a risk-free way to explore what the app has to offer.
  • Subscription Flexibility: The app offers various subscription plans to match your preferences and budget, ensuring that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Ultimately, Jillian Michaels’ Premium Fitness App is more than just a workout tool; it’s a comprehensive fitness and wellness companion. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build strength, or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle, the app provides the tools and guidance you need to reach your goals.

As you consider your fitness journey, the app’s 7-day trial allows you to test the waters and experience the benefits firsthand. It’s an excellent way to determine if the app aligns with your fitness objectives and preferences.

With Jillian Michaels as your virtual coach and the app’s extensive features at your disposal, you have a powerful resource to support your fitness journey every step of the way. So, take the first step and start your free trial today, and let the Premium Fitness App become your partner in achieving a healthier, fitter, and happier you.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is the MOD APK version of the app safe to use?
A: The safety of MOD APKs can vary. It’s essential to download from trusted sources to minimize risks. Be cautious when downloading from unofficial sites as they may compromise your device’s security.
Q: What are the benefits of using the free 7-day trial?
A: The trial grants access to premium features, letting you explore personalized workouts, meal planning, meditation, and more without cost. It’s an excellent way to determine if the app aligns with your fitness goals.
Q: How do I cancel my subscription?
A: You can manage your subscription and disable auto-renewal in your Account Settings after purchase or trial start. Make sure to cancel at least 24 hours before the trial ends to avoid being billed.
Q: Are the meal plans suitable for dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free or vegan diets?
A: Yes, the app offers meal plans for various dietary preferences, including gluten-free, vegan, and more. You can select a plan that aligns with your dietary restrictions or preferences.
Q: Is the app suitable for beginners in fitness?
A: Absolutely. The app provides workouts for all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced athletes. You can customize your fitness plan to match your current level and gradually progress as you become more experienced.

These frequently asked questions address common queries about Jillian Michaels’ Premium Fitness App. If you have more specific concerns or need additional information, feel free to explore the app’s official website or contact their customer support for further assistance.

Disclaimer and Legal Information

The information provided in this blog post is for informational purposes only. The content is based on publicly available information as of the knowledge cutoff date in January 2022. Please note the following:

  • Information may be subject to change. The features, pricing, and terms of Jillian Michaels’ Premium Fitness App may have evolved since the last knowledge update in January 2022. It is advisable to visit the official website or contact the app’s customer support for the most current and accurate information.
  • The mention of a MOD APK version in this blog post is for informational purposes only and does not endorse or promote any form of copyright infringement or unauthorized app distribution. Using unofficial versions of apps may have legal and security implications.
  • Always exercise caution and consider the legitimacy of sources when downloading software or apps from the internet. Downloading and using unofficial apps may carry risks and may violate copyright and licensing agreements.
  • Before subscribing to any service, including fitness apps, it is recommended to read and understand the terms of service, privacy policies, and subscription agreements. Ensuring that you are aware of the billing terms and cancellation policies is crucial.

This blog post does not constitute legal, financial, or professional advice. Users are encouraged to conduct their own research, consult relevant professionals, and make informed decisions. The authors and platform do not accept responsibility for any actions taken based on the information presented in this blog post.

Final Call to Action

Thank you for exploring the features and details of Jillian Michaels’ Premium Fitness App with us. Now, it’s time to take the first step towards a healthier, fitter you. Here’s your final call to action:

  • Start Your Free 7-Day Trial: Begin your journey by trying out the app’s premium features with a no-obligation, free trial. Experience personalized workouts, meal planning, meditation, tracking, and community support without cost. It’s an opportunity to see the app’s transformational power in action.
  • Read Legal Information: Be sure to review the disclaimer and legal information provided. Understanding the terms, privacy policies, and subscription agreements is essential to making informed decisions.
  • Stay Informed: Keep up-to-date with the app’s latest features, pricing, and updates by visiting the official website or contacting the app’s customer support.
  • Embark on Your Journey: Your fitness and wellness journey starts now. With expert guidance from Jillian Michaels and the comprehensive features of the Premium Fitness App, you have the tools you need to reach your goals.

Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in your health and well-being. Take action today and start your free trial. Your path to a healthier and happier you begins now.

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