Drum Pad Machine MOD APK 2.22.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Drum Pad Machine MOD APK 2.22.0 (Premium Unlocked)

November 9, 2023 APP

Additional Details

CategoryAPP Music & Audio
Google PlayStore URL com.agminstruments.drumpadmachine
Current Version 2.22.0
Developer Easybrain
Required Android Version 5.0
File Size 45.18 MB
MOD Features Premium Feature Unlocked
Last Updated 2023/08/25


Explore the world of music creation with Drum Pad Machine MOD APK 2220 Premium Unlocked, a popular DJ beats music mixer app that offers premium features for free. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the capabilities of this app and how it can help you unleash your musical creativity.

Features of Drum Pad Machine

Drum Pad Machine MOD APK 2220 Premium Unlocked is a feature-rich app that empowers you to create music like a professional DJ. Whether you’re a music enthusiast or a budding artist, this app offers a wide array of tools and capabilities to enhance your music production experience. Here’s a detailed look at its key features:

  • Beat Making: With Drum Pad Machine, you can become a beat maker. Compose tracks, make beats, and create mixtapes effortlessly. The app’s intuitive interface and extensive sound library make it easy for users of all skill levels.
  • Sound Recording: Record sounds with precision using the app’s built-in beats maker. Capture your musical ideas on the go, whether you’re in the studio or out in the streets.
  • Music Sharing: Share your musical creations with the world. Drum Pad Machine allows you to easily share your music and songs with friends and fellow music enthusiasts. Let your creativity be heard far and wide.
  • Launchpad Interface: The colorful launchpad interface is your canvas for creating music. Each button represents a unique sound, and buttons of the same color produce similar sounds. This visual approach makes music creation fun and engaging.
  • Sound Packs: Choose from a wide range of sound packs to enhance your music beats. The app offers a variety of themes, all carefully curated by professional musicians. Whether you’re into hip-hop, electronic, or other genres, you’ll find the right sounds for your beats.
  • Tutorials: Drum Pad Machine is not just for pros. It provides detailed tutorials that guide you through the process of creating and mixing music. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced beat maker, you can refine your skills and learn new techniques.
  • Real-Time Music Creation: Create music in real-time with the app, making it suitable for live performances. Use the app as a drum pads guru, record hits like a pro, and share your music instantly with the audience.

Drum Pad Machine MOD APK 2220 Premium Unlocked opens up a world of possibilities for music production. It caters to a wide range of music styles, including Trap, Dubstep, EDM, House, Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop, Electro, and Future Bass. No matter your preferred genre, you can use this app to craft exceptional beats and melodies.

For those who want to take their music production to the next level, Drum Pad Machine offers advanced features like:

Advanced Features Description
Professional Music Samples Access a library of high-quality samples to elevate your music.
Sequencer for Loops Create complex music compositions with a built-in sequencer.
Tempo Adjustment Change the tempo of your tracks and experiment with different speeds.
Finger Drumming Utilize the launch pad’s finger drumming feature for precise control.

With these advanced tools, you can fine-tune your music and achieve professional-grade results. Drum Pad Machine is a must-have for anyone passionate about music production and beat making.

How Drum Pad Machine Works

Understanding how Drum Pad Machine functions is essential for unlocking its full potential as a music creation tool. The app offers an intuitive and creative environment for users to craft their own beats and melodies. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how Drum Pad Machine works:

  1. Colorful Launchpad: When you open Drum Pad Machine, you’ll be greeted by a colorful launchpad interface. Each button on this launchpad represents a unique sound. Buttons of the same color produce similar sounds. This visual representation makes it easy to experiment with different sounds and create dynamic music compositions.
  2. Beat Making: To get started, simply tap on the buttons of the launchpad. As you tap, you’ll trigger various sounds and rhythms. The combination of these sounds forms the basis of your music composition. This hands-on approach allows you to be a beat maker and experiment with different patterns and beats.
  3. Sound Packs: Drum Pad Machine provides access to a diverse range of sound packs. Each sound pack is themed and contains a collection of carefully curated sounds and samples. These packs cater to different music genres, ensuring that you can find the perfect sounds for your beats, whether you’re into hip-hop, EDM, or other styles.
  4. Professional Musicians: The sounds and samples available in Drum Pad Machine are developed by professional musicians. This ensures the highest quality and authenticity in your music production. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a beginner, you’ll appreciate the attention to detail in the sound library.
  5. On-the-Go Beatboxing: Drum Pad Machine is designed for flexibility. You can use this app virtually anywhere – at home, in a music studio, during street jams, or even while traveling. This means you’re not limited by your physical location when it comes to creating music.

Drum Pad Machine offers a rich learning experience, suitable for both professional beat makers and those new to music production. It includes detailed tutorials that guide you through the process of creating and mixing music on a drum machine. These step-by-step instructions help you unlock your full potential as a music producer.

As you explore the colorful launchpad, experiment with sound packs, and follow the guidance of the app’s tutorials, you’ll quickly get the hang of how Drum Pad Machine works. It won’t take long for you to feel like a real DJ, creating beats, mixing music, and sharing your unique creations with friends and fellow music enthusiasts.

Whether you’re creating music to play in real-time or crafting loops to share, Drum Pad Machine provides a versatile and enjoyable music production experience. It’s a powerful tool that transforms anyone into a beat-making virtuoso, all within the palm of your hand.

Available Music Styles

One of the standout features of Drum Pad Machine MOD APK 2220 Premium Unlocked is its versatility in accommodating various music styles and genres. Whether you’re into electronic beats, hip-hop rhythms, or high-energy EDM, this app has you covered. Here’s a closer look at the available music styles:

  • Trap: If you’re a fan of the trap genre, Drum Pad Machine allows you to create those signature beats filled with heavy bass and captivating rhythms. Craft trap tracks that stand out and groove to your own creations.
  • Dubstep: Dive into the world of wobbling basslines and syncopated beats with the Dubstep style. Drum Pad Machine provides the tools you need to produce Dubstep tracks that’ll get the crowd moving.
  • EDM (Electronic Dance Music): For those who love the pulsating energy of electronic dance music, this app is a dream come true. Create your own EDM tracks with soaring synths, infectious melodies, and driving beats.
  • House: Get your groove on with the House music style. Drum Pad Machine lets you craft the infectious rhythms and soulful melodies that define the House genre. Your music will have people dancing in no time.
  • Drum & Bass: Dive into the fast-paced world of Drum & Bass, known for its intricate breakbeats and powerful basslines. You can create your own high-energy Drum & Bass tracks that make listeners move to the rhythm.
  • Hip-Hop: Hip-hop has become a global phenomenon, and Drum Pad Machine allows you to produce beats that rival those of your favorite hip-hop artists. Craft your own beats, layer in samples, and create hip-hop tracks that express your unique style.
  • Electro: The Electro style is all about futuristic sounds, catchy melodies, and driving rhythms. With Drum Pad Machine, you can design your own electro-infused tracks that transport listeners to the future.
  • Future Bass: For those who enjoy the blend of melodic dubstep and pop, Future Bass is the perfect style. Create music that’s characterized by lush chords, vibrant synths, and emotional vocals. Drum Pad Machine empowers you to craft your own future bass compositions.

With Drum Pad Machine, you have the creative freedom to explore and experiment with these music styles. Whether you’re an aspiring DJ, a music producer, or someone who simply loves making beats, this app opens the door to a world of musical possibilities. The app’s user-friendly interface, combined with its extensive library of sound packs, ensures that you can easily capture the essence of each style and create music that resonates with your vision.

So, whether you’re crafting a mellow hip-hop groove or unleashing an electrifying EDM anthem, Drum Pad Machine provides the tools and sounds you need to turn your musical ideas into reality. With this app, your creativity knows no bounds, and you can explore and master a wide spectrum of music styles.

Pro Tips and Tutorials

Drum Pad Machine MOD APK 2220 Premium Unlocked not only provides you with powerful tools for music production but also offers valuable insights and tutorials to help you master the art of beat making and music creation. Here, we’ll delve into the pro tips and tutorials that make this app a fantastic resource for both beginners and experienced music producers.

  • Professional Guidance: Drum Pad Machine understands that everyone has to start somewhere. The app offers expert guidance through tutorials created by seasoned musicians and producers. These step-by-step lessons cover a wide range of topics, from basic beat creation to advanced mixing techniques.
  • Step-by-Step Beat Creation: Whether you’re new to music production or looking to refine your skills, the app’s tutorials break down the beat creation process into manageable steps. You’ll learn how to layer sounds, adjust tempo, and create rhythm that resonates with your chosen music style.
  • Advanced Techniques: For those looking to take their music production to the next level, Drum Pad Machine offers tutorials on advanced techniques. Learn how to incorporate effects, use automation, and build intricate compositions that set you apart as a skilled music producer.
  • Access to Insider Knowledge: The tutorials don’t just cover the technical aspects but also share industry insights and tips that professionals use in their music production. These insider tips can help you create music that’s not only technically proficient but also creatively captivating.

Additionally, Drum Pad Machine encourages its users to experiment and learn by doing. You can follow along with the tutorials, applying the techniques in real-time on the app. This hands-on approach allows you to practice and refine your skills as you go, ensuring that you grasp each concept thoroughly.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the topics you might find in the tutorials:

Tutorial Topics Description
Basic Beat Creation Learn how to create simple beats and rhythm patterns.
Sound Layering Discover how to layer different sounds to create depth and complexity in your music.
Effects and Mixing Explore the use of effects and mixing techniques to enhance the quality of your tracks.
Automation and Transition Understand how automation can add dynamic changes to your music and create smooth transitions.

By following these tutorials and experimenting with the app’s features, you can develop the skills and knowledge necessary to become a proficient beat maker and music producer. Whether you’re crafting your own unique sound or emulating your favorite artists, Drum Pad Machine is there to guide you every step of the way.

Take advantage of the pro tips and tutorials available in Drum Pad Machine MOD APK 2220 Premium Unlocked to unlock your full potential as a music producer. With dedication and practice, you can create music that reflects your unique style and captivates your audience.

Record and Share Your Creations

Drum Pad Machine MOD APK 2220 Premium Unlocked not only empowers you to create captivating music but also offers seamless options for recording and sharing your musical masterpieces with the world. Let’s explore how you can capture your creations and make them accessible to a wider audience:

  • Recording Your Music: The app provides an integrated recording feature that allows you to capture your music as you create it. Whether you’re laying down a fresh beat, experimenting with sound effects, or composing a complete track, you can record the entire process in real-time. This feature is invaluable for preserving your creative moments and ideas.
  • High-Quality Output: When you record your music with Drum Pad Machine, you can expect high-quality output. The app ensures that your recordings maintain the integrity of your original compositions, delivering professional-grade results that you’ll be proud to share.
  • Seamless Sharing Options: Once you’ve recorded your music, the app offers multiple sharing options. You can effortlessly share your creations through social media platforms, email, messaging apps, or even upload them to cloud storage. This versatility allows you to connect with your audience in the way that suits you best.
  • Engage with a Global Audience: Sharing your music through Drum Pad Machine allows you to engage with a global audience of music enthusiasts. You can receive feedback, collaborate with other artists, and showcase your talent to a wide range of listeners who appreciate your unique style.

Recording and sharing your music with Drum Pad Machine is a straightforward process. The app’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for both beginners and experienced music producers to capture their creative moments and take their music to the next level.

Here’s a simple guide on how to record and share your music:

  1. Record Your Music: While creating your music within the app, locate the recording feature. When you’re ready to capture your composition, press the record button. The app will start recording everything you do, from beat creation to sound manipulation.
  2. Save Your Recording: After you’ve completed your music piece, stop the recording. The app will prompt you to save the recording. Your recorded track will be stored within the app, ready for sharing or further editing.
  3. Choose Your Sharing Platform: Drum Pad Machine offers various sharing options. You can select your preferred platform, such as social media, email, or cloud storage, to share your recorded track with your desired audience.

Sharing your music is not only a way to showcase your talent but also a means of connecting with fellow music enthusiasts, building a fan base, and collaborating with other artists. Drum Pad Machine makes it effortless to share your creations and expand your presence in the music world.

So, whether you’re creating music for personal enjoyment or aspiring to make a mark in the music industry, Drum Pad Machine’s recording and sharing capabilities enable you to take your compositions to new heights and connect with an ever-growing global audience.


1. Is Drum Pad Machine MOD APK 2220 Premium Unlocked free to use?
Yes, you can enjoy the premium unlocked version of Drum Pad Machine for free by downloading it from the provided source.
2. Is the app available on both Android and iOS devices?
Currently, Drum Pad Machine MOD APK is available for Android devices. iOS users may need to explore alternatives on the App Store.
3. Are there in-app purchases or hidden fees in the premium unlocked version?
No, the premium unlocked version offers all features without in-app purchases or hidden fees. You can access all premium features for free.
4. Is it suitable for beginners in music production?
Absolutely! Drum Pad Machine offers detailed tutorials and a user-friendly interface, making it a great choice for beginners. You can learn and create music at your own pace.
5. Can I use my custom sounds and samples in the app?
While the app provides an extensive library of sound packs, you can import your custom sounds and samples to personalize your music creations further.
6. What music styles and genres can I create with Drum Pad Machine?
You can create a wide range of music styles, including Trap, Dubstep, EDM, House, Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop, Electro, and Future Bass. The app caters to various genres, allowing you to explore and experiment.
7. Is there a limit to the number of tracks I can record and share?
Drum Pad Machine does not impose limits on the number of tracks you can record or share. You can record and share your music creations as often as you like.
8. Can I collaborate with other artists using this app?
Absolutely! You can easily collaborate with other artists by sharing your creations through various platforms and connecting with fellow musicians and producers.
9. Is Drum Pad Machine safe to download and use?
When downloading any app from third-party sources, exercise caution and ensure you’re using a trusted source. Always keep your device’s security settings updated to protect your data.


Drum Pad Machine MOD APK 2220 Premium Unlocked is a remarkable tool for music enthusiasts and aspiring music producers. This app not only provides you with a versatile platform for creating music but also offers premium features for free. With a wealth of sound options, an intuitive interface, and a plethora of music styles to explore, Drum Pad Machine empowers you to unleash your creativity and produce professional-grade music.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced producer, the app caters to your needs. The inclusion of detailed tutorials ensures that beginners can learn the ropes of music production, while the advanced features allow seasoned musicians to fine-tune their compositions to perfection.

What sets Drum Pad Machine apart is its ability to bring music to life in real-time. You can create beats, mix music, and record your creations on the fly, making it a fantastic tool for live performances and impromptu jam sessions.

The availability of a wide range of music styles, from trap to dubstep to EDM, means you can experiment and diversify your music creations. The inclusion of professional sound packs ensures that your music is of the highest quality, just like the tracks created by your favorite artists.

Drum Pad Machine also excels in the realm of sharing and collaboration. With its built-in recording feature and seamless sharing options, you can easily showcase your creations to a global audience. Engage with fellow music enthusiasts, receive feedback, and collaborate with like-minded artists to take your music to new heights.

In conclusion, Drum Pad Machine MOD APK 2220 Premium Unlocked is a treasure trove for music producers and beat makers. It’s an opportunity to explore your creative potential and produce music that resonates with your unique style. Whether you’re creating music for personal enjoyment or aiming to make a mark in the music industry, this app provides the tools and resources you need to succeed.

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