Countdown Days App & Widget MOD APK 9.1 (Premium Unlocked)

Countdown Days App & Widget MOD APK 9.1 (Premium Unlocked)

September 23, 2023 APP

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CategoryAPP Lifestyle
Google PlayStore URL
Current Version 9.1
Developer Glad Appvestor
Required Android Version 5.0
File Size 25.48 MB
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Last Updated 2023/09/20


Countdown Days App is your ultimate tool for tracking and managing special events and important dates in your life. This versatile app, along with its powerful widget, ensures that you never forget birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or any other significant moments. In this blog post, we’ll explore the incredible features of Countdown Days App and how it can make your life more organized and enjoyable.

Countdown Widget for Home Screen

The Countdown Days App offers a powerful countdown widget that you can place right on your home screen, ensuring that your important events are always front and center. Let’s dive into the details of this exceptional feature:

  • Multiple Widget Sizes: The app provides a range of widget sizes to suit your preferences and home screen layout. You can choose from 1×1, 2×1, 3×1, and 4×3 widgets, allowing you to customize the widget according to your device’s screen size and your visual preferences.
  • Precise Time Tracking: The countdown widget isn’t just limited to counting days; it also tracks hours and minutes, giving you a precise countdown to your special event. Whether it’s a vacation, wedding, or any other significant occasion, you’ll always know exactly how much time is left.
  • Easy Event Management: Managing events with the widget is a breeze. You can effortlessly add new events, edit existing ones, or remove them directly from your home screen. This seamless event management ensures that you stay on top of all your plans.
  • Eye-catching Design: The widget features a beautiful and visually appealing design, making it an attractive addition to your home screen. You can even choose from a variety of stickers to personalize the widget further or use your own photos to make it truly unique.

Whether you’re eagerly counting down the days to your dream vacation, your wedding day, or the arrival of a new family member, the Countdown Widget for Home Screen keeps you informed and excited. It’s a fantastic way to add functionality and style to your device’s home screen.

Moreover, with the ability to count up once an event has passed, you can continue to cherish the memories of your special moments. This feature is particularly meaningful for events like anniversaries and birthdays, as it allows you to reminisce about the good times.

In summary, the Countdown Widget for Home Screen is a versatile and customizable tool that ensures you never lose track of your most cherished events. With its attractive design and precise countdown capabilities, it’s the perfect companion for anyone who wants to stay organized and excited about their upcoming plans.

After Call Feature

The Countdown Days App comes equipped with a convenient “After Call” feature, designed to streamline event management and ensure that you never miss an important occasion. This feature is a game-changer for anyone looking to effortlessly keep track of upcoming events right after a phone call. Let’s delve into the details of this innovative function:

  • Seamless Event Viewing: The “After Call” feature allows you to view your existing events immediately after ending a phone call. It provides quick access to your event list without the need to navigate within the application. This means you can effortlessly check your upcoming plans without any extra steps.
  • Effortless Event Creation: One of the standout advantages of this feature is its ability to create new events right after a conversation. Imagine discussing a friend’s birthday or a future business meeting during a call – with the Countdown Days App, you can instantly create a new event with all the relevant details. It’s a time-saving and intuitive way to ensure you never forget important dates.
  • Stay on Top of Conversations: By providing an immediate view of your events following a call, this feature ensures that you remain in the loop with your plans. Say goodbye to the days of forgetting to jot down a crucial appointment or special occasion – now, you can capture these details effortlessly in the app.

The “After Call” feature truly enhances the user experience of the Countdown Days App. It seamlessly integrates event management with your daily communication, helping you stay organized and attentive to your upcoming commitments.

Moreover, this feature supports both personal and professional use cases. Whether you’re planning social gatherings with friends and family or scheduling business meetings and appointments, the “After Call” feature ensures that your events are always a tap away.

In summary, the “After Call” feature is a standout component of the Countdown Days App, making it an indispensable tool for those who value time management and organization. With its ability to view, create, and manage events effortlessly right after a call, it simplifies event planning and ensures you never miss out on essential dates.

Countdown Widget for Various Occasions

The Countdown Days App’s countdown widget is a versatile tool that can be tailored to suit a wide range of occasions and special events. Whether you’re eagerly awaiting a vacation, a wedding, the arrival of a new family member, or counting down the days until Christmas, this widget has you covered. Let’s explore how the widget adapts to various occasions and why it’s an essential feature:

  • Weddings: Planning a wedding involves meticulous scheduling. The countdown widget allows you to keep a precise track of the days, hours, and minutes remaining until your big day. Use it to ensure that every detail is in place and that you don’t miss a single moment of this special occasion.
  • Retirements: Counting down to retirement is an exciting milestone. The widget provides a visual reminder of your impending retirement, allowing you to make the most of your remaining workdays and plan for your future adventures.
  • Holidays: Whether it’s a tropical getaway, a ski trip, or a cultural expedition, the countdown widget builds anticipation for your holiday by displaying the time left until departure. It’s an ideal tool for creating excitement and ensuring you’re fully prepared.
  • Vacations: From family vacations to solo adventures, the widget helps you stay organized and informed about your upcoming trips. It’s not just about counting down; it’s about getting ready for an unforgettable journey.
  • Countdown to Christmas: Embrace the festive spirit by using the widget to count down the days until Christmas. Whether you’re a child eagerly awaiting gifts from Santa or an adult relishing the holiday season, this feature adds an extra layer of joy to your celebrations.
  • Baby Due Date: Expecting a new addition to your family? The countdown widget is an excellent way to keep track of the days until your baby’s due date. It’s a constant reminder of the incredible journey you’re about to embark on as a parent.

Additionally, the countdown widget’s versatility extends to its ability to count up once an event has passed. This means that you can continue to use it to commemorate special occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays, reflecting on the time that has passed since the initial event.

Occasions Suited for the Countdown Widget
Occasion Widget Features
Weddings Precise countdown to the wedding day
Retirements Countdown to retirement date
Holidays Countdown to holiday departure
Vacations Countdown to vacation start
Countdown to Christmas Days until Christmas
Baby Due Date Countdown to the baby’s arrival

In summary, the Countdown Widget for Various Occasions is a highly adaptable and user-friendly feature of the Countdown Days App. Whether you’re celebrating personal milestones or embracing holiday festivities, this widget ensures that you’re always well-prepared and excited for the special moments in your life.

App Features

The Countdown Days App is packed with an array of features designed to make event management and countdown tracking a breeze. Whether you’re planning for personal milestones or professional appointments, this app has you covered. Let’s explore the standout features that set it apart:

  • Countdown Widget for Home Screen: The app offers a selection of widget sizes (1×1, 2×1, 3×1, 4×3) that can be placed on your home screen. These widgets display the countdown to your chosen events, including days, hours, and minutes. It’s an easy and convenient way to keep track of your important dates at a glance.
  • Resizable Widgets: Customize your widget size to fit your home screen layout perfectly. Whether you prefer a compact widget or one that stands out, the Countdown Days App has you covered with resizable options.
  • Count Days, Hours, and Minutes: Get precise countdowns with the ability to track not only days but also hours and minutes. This level of detail ensures you’re always aware of how much time is left until your event.
  • Sticker Collection: Personalize your widgets with a wide variety of stickers. Add a touch of creativity to your countdowns, making them uniquely yours.
  • Use Your Own Photos: Elevate your event countdowns by using your own photos as backgrounds for the widgets. This feature lets you cherish memories or create visual reminders that resonate with you.
  • After Call Feature: Never miss an important event again. The app’s after-call feature allows you to view existing events and create new ones right after a phone call. It’s a seamless way to stay on top of your plans.

The Countdown Days App doesn’t stop at just counting down to your events. It offers extensive event repetition options, allowing you to schedule countdown timers for daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and yearly events. This level of flexibility caters to a wide range of planning needs.

To ensure your data is secure, the app provides a backup and restore feature, giving you peace of mind that your event information is safe and easily recoverable.

Key App Features
Feature Description
Countdown Widget for Home Screen Precise countdown tracking on your home screen
Resizable Widgets Customize widget size to fit your layout
Count Days, Hours, and Minutes Track time with precision
Sticker Collection Personalize widgets with creative stickers
Use Your Own Photos Create unique backgrounds with personal photos
After Call Feature View and create events immediately after calls
Event Repetition Schedule countdown timers for various event frequencies
Backup and Restore Secure your event data and easily recover it

In conclusion, the Countdown Days App is a feature-rich tool for event tracking and management. Whether you’re counting down to personal milestones or important appointments, the app’s flexibility, customization options, and after-call feature make it a valuable companion in staying organized and ensuring you never miss a special moment.

Unique Resizable List Widget

The Countdown Days App goes a step further in providing an exceptional event management experience with its unique resizable list widget. This feature sets the app apart by offering users an efficient and organized way to keep track of all their important dates right on their home screen. Here’s why the resizable list widget is a standout component of the app:

  • Comprehensive Event Overview: Unlike traditional widgets that display a single countdown, the resizable list widget offers an at-a-glance overview of all your tracked events. This means you can see multiple countdowns simultaneously without having to navigate within the app.
  • Minimal Home Screen Clutter: The widget’s resizable design allows you to strike the perfect balance between visibility and home screen aesthetics. Whether you prefer a compact view or want to showcase more events, you have the flexibility to adjust the widget’s size to your liking.
  • Effortless Event Monitoring: Monitoring your upcoming events becomes effortless with this widget. You can quickly assess which events are nearing their dates, making it easy to plan and prepare accordingly.

The resizable list widget is particularly valuable for individuals with a busy schedule or those who have numerous important events to keep track of. It eliminates the need to enter the application to view your countdowns, saving you time and ensuring you’re always aware of your upcoming plans.

Benefits of the Resizable List Widget
Benefit Description
Comprehensive Event Overview View multiple countdowns simultaneously
Minimal Home Screen Clutter Adjust widget size for a clutter-free home screen
Effortless Event Monitoring Quickly assess upcoming events and plan accordingly

To add the resizable list widget to your home screen, simply access your phone’s widget menu, locate the Countdown Widget option, and long-press on your preferred widget size. Drag and drop it onto your home screen, and you’ll have instant access to a comprehensive view of your tracked dates.

In summary, the Countdown Days App’s unique resizable list widget enhances your event management experience by providing a clear and concise overview of all your important dates. Its flexibility, minimalistic design, and ease of use make it an indispensable tool for staying organized and ensuring you never miss a significant event.

Adding Countdown to Home Screen

Adding the countdown widget to your home screen with the Countdown Days App is a straightforward process that ensures you always have quick access to your important events. Here are step-by-step instructions to guide you through the setup:

  1. Access Your Widget Menu: Begin by tapping and holding on any empty space on your device’s home screen. This action will open the widget menu, where you can choose and add widgets to your home screen.
  2. Find the Countdown Widget: In the widget menu, scroll through the available options to locate the “Countdown Widget” provided by the Countdown Days App. You’ll see various widget sizes to choose from, including 1×1, 2×1, 3×1, and 4×3.
  3. Select Widget Size: Choose the widget size that best fits your home screen layout and preferences. You can opt for a smaller, more discreet widget or a larger one that prominently displays your countdowns.
  4. Drag and Drop: Once you’ve selected your preferred widget size, simply drag and drop it onto your home screen in the desired location. You can reposition it later if needed.
  5. Configure the Widget: After placing the widget on your home screen, a configuration dialog will appear. This is where you can specify which event you want the widget to display. You can select an event from your existing list or enter a new title and date to create a new countdown event for your home screen.

That’s it! You now have a Countdown Widget on your home screen, showcasing the countdown to your chosen event. You’ll be able to see at a glance how many days, hours, and minutes remain until your special occasion.

The ability to configure the widget directly from your home screen simplifies event management and ensures that you’re always aware of your upcoming plans. It’s a user-friendly feature that adds both functionality and style to your device.

Steps to Add Countdown to Home Screen
Step Description
1 Access the widget menu by tapping and holding on an empty space on the home screen.
2 Locate the “Countdown Widget” provided by the Countdown Days App in the widget menu.
3 Choose the widget size that fits your layout.
4 Drag and drop the selected widget onto your home screen.
5 Configure the widget by selecting an existing event or entering a new one.

In summary, adding the Countdown Widget to your home screen is a quick and hassle-free process that ensures you stay informed about your upcoming events. It’s a valuable feature of the Countdown Days App that combines convenience and functionality for effective event management.


In conclusion, the Countdown Days App is your ultimate companion for efficient event tracking and management. Whether you’re counting down to a wedding, retirement, holiday, vacation, Christmas, or the arrival of a new family member, this app offers a wide range of features to ensure you’re always prepared and excited for your special occasions.

The app’s Countdown Widget for the home screen provides a convenient way to keep a constant eye on your important dates, displaying precise countdowns in various sizes to suit your preferences. With the ability to count days, hours, and minutes, you’ll always know exactly how much time remains.

The innovative After Call feature further enhances your event management by allowing you to view and create events immediately after phone calls. It’s a seamless way to stay organized and ensure you never miss an event you just discussed.

The Countdown Widget’s versatility shines through as it adapts to various occasions, ensuring you’re well-prepared for weddings, retirements, holidays, vacations, Christmas, and baby due dates. Its ability to count up after events have passed allows you to cherish the memories of your special moments.

The app’s feature set is comprehensive, with resizable widgets, sticker collections, the option to use your own photos, and event repetition for various frequencies. The backup and restore functionality adds an extra layer of security for your event data.

The unique resizable list widget simplifies event monitoring, providing an efficient way to view all your tracked events on your home screen without cluttering it.

Lastly, adding the Countdown Widget to your home screen is a straightforward process, ensuring quick access to your important events and enhancing your overall event management experience.

With the Countdown Days App, you can embrace a more organized and exciting approach to your upcoming plans. Download and enjoy the app and its feature-rich widget to make sure you never miss a moment worth celebrating.


1. How can I download the Countdown Days App?

You can download the Countdown Days App from the official app store for your device, such as the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Simply search for “Countdown Days” and follow the installation instructions.

2. Is the app available for both Android and iOS?

Yes, the Countdown Days App is available for both Android and iOS devices, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

3. Can I customize the appearance of the countdown widgets?

Absolutely! The app allows you to personalize your countdown widgets with stickers and even use your own photos as backgrounds. This way, you can create a unique and visually appealing countdown experience.

4. How do I add events to the app?

Adding events to the app is simple. You can either create a new event manually by entering the event title and date, or you can use the convenient “After Call” feature to add events right after phone conversations. Additionally, you can select events from your existing list and customize them.

5. Can I set reminders for my events?

Yes, the app allows you to set reminders for your events. You can choose to receive post-call notifications, ensuring that you never forget important dates.

6. What is the event repetition feature?

The event repetition feature allows you to schedule countdown timers for events that occur regularly. You can set events to repeat daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or yearly, making it perfect for tracking events with various frequencies.

7. Is my event data secure?

Yes, the app provides a backup and restore feature, ensuring the security of your event data. You can back up your data and easily restore it in case of any unexpected issues.

8. Can I count up days after an event has passed?

Yes, the app’s countdown widget has the ability to count up once an event has passed. This allows you to continue tracking the days that have elapsed since the event date, making it ideal for commemorating anniversaries and other special moments.

9. What devices are supported by the Countdown Widget?

The Countdown Widget is designed to be compatible with various devices and screen sizes. It offers widget sizes of 1×1, 2×1, 3×1, and 4×3, making it suitable for both phones and tablets.

10. How can I get in touch with support for the Countdown Days App?

If you have any questions or need assistance with the app, you can typically find support information within the app itself, often in the settings or help section. You can also visit the official website or contact the app’s developer for further assistance.

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