Color Picker MOD APK 7.4.2 (Pro Unlocked)

Color Picker MOD APK 7.4.2 (Pro Unlocked)

September 23, 2023 APP

Additional Details

CategoryAPP Tools
Google PlayStore URL gmikhail.colorpicker
Current Version 7.4.2
Developer Mikhail Gribanov
Required Android Version 4.4
File Size 4.15 MB
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
Last Updated 2023/09/21


Introducing the Color Picker app with advanced features to identify colors from various sources.

Explore over 1000 entries from popular color palettes like RAL Classic, HTML, W3C, Material Design, and more.

Discover the universal palette containing all the famous colors for your convenience.

Resize and customize the color identification scope with options like circle, square, and dot.

Unlock the expert mode to access detailed color information, including temperature, spectrum location, and color models.

Enhance color accuracy by manually configuring focus mode, white balance, and camera settings.

Open images and identify/save colors from any part of the image. Support for standard image gestures and sharing.

Color Palette Database

The Color Picker MOD APK 742 Pro Unlocked app offers a comprehensive color palette database that’s a valuable resource for designers, artists, and anyone working with colors. With over 1000 entries, it covers a wide range of color palettes, making it easy for you to find the perfect shade for your projects. Here’s a detailed look at what this database has to offer:

1. RAL Classic Palette

The RAL Classic color palette is a widely recognized standard in the industry, especially in architecture and design. It includes a vast array of colors, each identified by a unique code for easy reference.

2. HTML Colors

Web designers and developers will appreciate the inclusion of HTML colors. These are the standard colors used in web design and development, making it convenient to match your digital projects’ color schemes.

3. W3C Color Palette

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) color palette is essential for ensuring color consistency and compatibility across web platforms. Accessing these colors is crucial for web design projects.

4. Material Design Colors

If you’re designing Android apps or following Google’s Material Design guidelines, this palette is indispensable. It contains the specific colors recommended for creating a cohesive and visually appealing user interface.

5. Universal Palette

The app provides a universal palette that includes all the most famous and commonly used colors. It’s a go-to option when you’re not sure which specific palette to choose from, ensuring that you always have access to the most popular colors.

6. HEX Value Search

Looking for a specific color by its HEX value or color name? The Color Picker app makes it easy to find exactly what you need. Simply enter the HEX code or name, and the app will quickly retrieve the matching color from its extensive database.

7. Import and Export

Need to transfer your color selections to other applications or share them with colleagues? You can import and export all your saved colors in CSV format, ensuring seamless integration with your design workflow.

8. Color Information

For each color in the database, you’ll find detailed information, including its name, HEX value, RGB, CMYK, HSV, and more. This wealth of information empowers you to make precise color choices for your projects.

With such a diverse and comprehensive color palette database at your fingertips, the Color Picker MOD APK 742 Pro Unlocked app is a must-have tool for anyone who works with colors. Whether you’re a graphic designer, interior decorator, or web developer, this app ensures that you can find and work with the perfect colors for your creative endeavors.

Universal Palette

The Universal Palette is a standout feature of the Color Picker MOD APK 742 Pro Unlocked app, catering to the needs of designers and artists by offering a versatile and extensive color selection. This palette is your go-to option when you require quick access to the most famous and commonly used colors, ensuring that you always have the right shade at your fingertips.

Here’s an in-depth look at the features and benefits of the Universal Palette:

1. All-in-One Color Solution

The Universal Palette combines colors from various popular color palettes, making it a comprehensive resource for color enthusiasts. It eliminates the need to switch between different palettes, providing a one-stop solution for all your color needs.

2. Streamlined Color Selection

With the Universal Palette, you can quickly browse and select colors without the hassle of navigating through multiple palettes. Its user-friendly interface ensures a smooth and efficient color selection process.

3. Versatile Application

Whether you’re designing a website, creating digital artwork, selecting paint colors for a room, or working on a graphic design project, the Universal Palette is adaptable to various design and creative endeavors.

4. HEX Codes and Names

Each color in the Universal Palette is accompanied by its HEX code and name, making it easy for you to communicate your color choices with precision to collaborators and clients. This feature ensures consistency in your design projects.

5. Diverse Color Categories

The palette categorizes colors into various themes, such as basic colors, pastels, and gradients. This categorization simplifies the process of finding the perfect color for your specific design requirements.

6. Quick Access

When you’re unsure about which color palette to use, the Universal Palette comes to the rescue. It provides immediate access to popular and well-recognized colors, saving you valuable time in the design process.

7. Seamless Integration

The Universal Palette seamlessly integrates with the app’s other features, such as color identification from images and expert mode. This ensures that you can use the palette in conjunction with other advanced tools for precise color selection and analysis.

With its convenience, breadth of colors, and user-friendly features, the Universal Palette in the Color Picker MOD APK 742 Pro Unlocked app is an indispensable resource for professionals and hobbyists alike. Whether you’re a graphic designer, interior decorator, or digital artist, this palette simplifies color selection and enhances your creative workflow.

Adjustable Scope

The Adjustable Scope feature in the Color Picker MOD APK 742 Pro Unlocked app empowers users with precise control over the color identification process. Whether you’re a designer, artist, or simply someone interested in exploring colors, this feature enhances your experience by allowing you to customize and fine-tune the scope of color analysis. Here’s a comprehensive look at what the Adjustable Scope feature has to offer:

1. Scope Shapes

The Adjustable Scope feature offers three distinct shapes for color analysis: circle, square, and dot. Each shape serves a specific purpose and provides unique advantages when identifying colors:

  • Circle: When you choose the circle shape, the app calculates the average color exclusively from the pixels within the circle’s boundaries. This is ideal for isolating a specific color from an image or scene.
  • Square: The square shape allows for precise color analysis within a square frame. It’s useful for when you want to focus on a particular area of an image or scene and obtain an accurate color reading.
  • Dot: For pinpoint accuracy, the dot shape provides the color reading from a single pixel. This is particularly handy when you need to identify the exact color of a small detail in an image.

2. Resizable Scope

Not only can you choose from these scope shapes, but you can also resize them to fit your specific needs. This flexibility allows you to adapt the scope to the size of the object or area you’re analyzing, ensuring that you obtain the most accurate color reading possible.

3. Quick Swipe Adjustment

Adjusting the scope size is a breeze with the app’s swipe functionality. Simply swipe the screen to increase or decrease the size of the selected scope shape. This intuitive gesture-based control makes it effortless to fine-tune your color analysis on the fly.

4. Precision Color Identification

Whether you’re capturing colors from a photograph, artwork, or the world around you, the Adjustable Scope feature enables precision color identification. It ensures that you obtain the color information you need with ease and accuracy.

5. Enhanced Creative Control

For designers and artists, the ability to adjust the scope is invaluable. It allows you to extract specific color details from your references, making it easier to replicate and incorporate those colors into your projects.

With the Adjustable Scope feature, the Color Picker app gives users the tools they need to take control of their color identification process. Whether you’re working on a design project or simply curious about the colors in your surroundings, this feature enhances your experience and ensures that you can extract color information with precision.

Expert Mode

The Expert Mode in the Color Picker MOD APK 742 Pro Unlocked app is a powerful tool for professionals and enthusiasts who demand precision and in-depth color analysis. This mode unlocks a wealth of information about the colors you encounter, providing valuable insights and data that go beyond basic color identification. Here’s an in-depth look at the features and capabilities of Expert Mode:

1. Detailed Color Information

Expert Mode provides a comprehensive breakdown of color information, including:

  • Color Temperature (Kelvin degrees): This measurement tells you whether the color is warm or cool, crucial for tasks like photography or lighting design.
  • Optical Spectrum Location: Know where the color falls on the electromagnetic spectrum, giving you insights into its wavelength and properties.
  • Color Models: Expert Mode displays color values in multiple color models, such as RGB, CMYK, and HSV, providing you with a range of color representations for your needs.

2. Color Matching Percentage

One of the standout features of Expert Mode is the color matching percentage. This tells you how closely the identified color matches the most similar color in the selected color palette. It’s particularly valuable when you require precise color accuracy in your projects.

3. Customizable Options

Expert Mode puts you in control by allowing you to customize the displayed information. You can enable or disable specific data points based on your preferences or project requirements. This streamlines the interface, showing only the information that matters to you.

4. Advanced Analysis

For professionals in fields like photography, printing, or graphic design, Expert Mode offers the tools necessary for advanced color analysis. Whether you need to calibrate colors, match specific color profiles, or ensure color consistency, this mode provides the insights and data to achieve your goals.

5. Ideal for Color Enthusiasts

If you’re a color enthusiast or hobbyist who loves to explore the intricacies of color, Expert Mode satisfies your curiosity by providing detailed color data that enhances your understanding of the visual world around you.

In summary, the Expert Mode in the Color Picker app is a feature-rich tool that elevates your color analysis capabilities to a professional level. With its detailed color information, customizable options, and color matching percentage, it’s an indispensable asset for anyone who demands precision and in-depth insights when working with colors.

Manual Settings

The Manual Settings feature in the Color Picker MOD APK 742 Pro Unlocked app gives users precise control over the color identification process. This functionality is particularly valuable for photographers, designers, and individuals who need to capture colors accurately in various scenarios. Here’s an in-depth exploration of the Manual Settings feature and how it enhances your color identification capabilities:

1. White Balance Adjustment

White balance plays a crucial role in color accuracy, especially in photography and image editing. With Manual Settings, you can fine-tune the white balance to match the lighting conditions you’re working in. Whether it’s incandescent, daylight, or fluorescent lighting, you have the flexibility to ensure your colors are true to life.

2. Focus Mode Control

Sharp focus is essential when identifying colors from images or scenes. The Manual Settings feature allows you to manually adjust the focus to achieve the desired level of clarity. Whether you’re capturing colors up close or from a distance, this control ensures accurate results.

3. Other Camera Settings

For photographers and camera enthusiasts, Manual Settings provides access to a range of additional camera settings. You can adjust parameters like exposure, shutter speed, and ISO to achieve the perfect shot. This level of customization is invaluable when you need to capture colors in challenging lighting or environmental conditions.

4. Enhanced Color Accuracy

By fine-tuning white balance, focus, and other camera settings, Manual Settings significantly improve color accuracy. You can trust that the colors you identify or capture with this feature are as true to reality as possible, ensuring your creative work meets the highest standards of precision.

5. Ideal for Designers and Photographers

Designers and photographers often require pinpoint color accuracy in their work. Manual Settings is a boon for these professionals, allowing them to adapt the app to their specific needs and achieve exceptional color representation in their projects.

6. User-Friendly Interface

Despite its advanced capabilities, Manual Settings maintains a user-friendly interface. You don’t need to be a photography or design expert to take advantage of this feature. The app guides you through the adjustments, making it accessible to all users.

In conclusion, the Manual Settings feature in the Color Picker app empowers users with the tools needed to achieve precise color identification and capture. Whether you’re a photographer, designer, or anyone passionate about colors, this feature enhances your ability to work with accuracy and confidence in various environments and lighting conditions.

Image Analysis

The Image Analysis feature in the Color Picker MOD APK 742 Pro Unlocked app revolutionizes color identification by allowing users to extract and work with colors from images effortlessly. This versatile tool caters to a wide range of applications, from graphic design to interior decorating. Here’s an in-depth exploration of the Image Analysis feature and its benefits:

1. Open and Identify Colors

With Image Analysis, you can easily open any image from your device’s gallery and identify colors from any part of the image. Whether you’re inspired by a photograph, artwork, or nature, you can quickly extract and use the colors that catch your eye.

2. Save Desired Colors

Once you’ve identified colors from an image, the app allows you to save them for future reference or use in your projects. This feature is invaluable for designers who want to build a color palette based on their visual inspiration.

3. Share Image and Colors

The app integrates seamlessly with your device’s sharing options. You can share the image you’re working on through the Share system dialog, making it easy to collaborate with others or post your creative work on social media platforms.

4. Gesture Support

Image Analysis supports all standard gestures for working with images. This means you can zoom in, zoom out, pan, and navigate through the image comfortably, ensuring that you can pinpoint the exact colors you want to identify.

5. Edit Saved Colors

For added convenience, the app allows you to edit the saved colors. You can adjust and fine-tune the colors you’ve extracted to fit your project’s requirements perfectly.

6. Import/Export Color Data

In addition to saving colors, you have the option to import and export all color data in CSV format. This facilitates smooth integration with other design software or sharing color palettes with colleagues.

7. Creative Inspiration

Image Analysis serves as a boundless source of creative inspiration. Whether you’re a graphic designer seeking color ideas or an interior decorator looking for the perfect paint shades, this feature enables you to explore and incorporate colors from the world around you.

The Image Analysis feature in the Color Picker app empowers users to explore and harness the colors found in images, unleashing their creativity and making it easier than ever to work with visually inspired color palettes. Whether you’re a professional designer or a creative hobbyist, this feature enhances your ability to identify, save, and work with colors from the images that inspire you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How do I resize the color identification scope?The Adjustable Scope feature allows you to resize the scope easily. Simply swipe the screen to increase or decrease the size of the selected scope shape.
  2. What information is available in Expert Mode?Expert Mode provides detailed color information, including color temperature (Kelvin degrees), optical spectrum location, color values in various models (RGB, CMYK, HSV), and a color matching percentage with the most similar color in the selected palette.
  3. Can I edit saved colors?Yes, you can edit the colors you’ve saved using the Image Analysis feature. This allows you to fine-tune the colors to match your project’s requirements.
  4. How can I search for colors by HEX value or color name?The app provides a search feature that allows you to find colors by entering a HEX value or color name. Simply use the search function through the Share system dialog.
  5. What is the disclaimer regarding color accuracy?The disclaimer states that samples of colors can significantly differ from the originals due to color rendition. All colors provided are for informational purposes only and should not be used wherever a high level of color accuracy is required.


The Color Picker MOD APK 742 Pro Unlocked app is a powerful and versatile tool that empowers users to explore, identify, and work with colors in a multitude of creative and professional ways. Whether you’re a designer, photographer, artist, or someone with a passion for colors, this app offers a range of features that elevate your color-related tasks to new heights of precision and convenience.

From its extensive Color Palette Database, which includes popular palettes like RAL Classic, HTML, W3C, Material Design, and a Universal Palette, to its Adjustable Scope feature, which allows you to customize the color identification process, this app puts a world of colors at your fingertips.

For those seeking in-depth color analysis, the Expert Mode provides detailed color information, including temperature, spectrum location, and color models, while the Manual Settings feature offers control over white balance, focus, and camera settings for precise color capture.

The Image Analysis feature opens up creative possibilities by enabling you to extract and save colors from images, making it a valuable resource for designers and artists. And with the ability to edit and share colors, it seamlessly integrates into your workflow.

As you explore the world of colors with this app, remember to keep in mind the disclaimer regarding color accuracy. While the app provides a wealth of information and tools, colors may vary from the originals due to color rendition, so exercise discretion in critical color-matching situations.

In summary, the Color Picker app is your all-in-one solution for everything color-related. It simplifies color identification, enhances accuracy, and fuels your creativity. Download it today and embark on a colorful journey that will transform the way you work with and appreciate the vibrant world of colors.

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