ChatGPT MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

ChatGPT MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

November 22, 2023 APP

Additional Details

CategoryAPP Tools
Google PlayStore URL com.chatgpt.aichat.gpt3.aichatbot
Current Version
Developer Now Tech
Required Android Version 7.0
File Size 40.38 MB
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
Last Updated 2023/11/08

Main Key Features

  • Powered by the latest ChatGPT technology from Open AI GPT 4 API
  • Free unlimited chat and get answers to anything
  • Support 100 languages
  • Now AI GDT remembers full chat history to support anything

Chat Ai Assistant – NowAI GDT

NowAI GDT, an exceptional AI chatbot and writing assistant, is powered by advanced ChatGPT GPT4 technology, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience for all users.

With the ChatGPT technology from Open AI GPT 4 API, NowAI GDT stands out with its powerful capabilities. Here’s an in-depth look at the key features and functionalities:

Key Features:

  • Advanced Technology: Powered by the latest ChatGPT technology, leveraging the Open AI GPT 4 API for cutting-edge AI capabilities.
  • Unlimited Chat: Enjoy the freedom of free, unlimited chat, and receive accurate answers to a wide array of questions.
  • Language Support: NowAI GDT supports a remarkable 100 languages, ensuring a global reach and effective communication.
  • Chat History: The application remembers full chat history, providing comprehensive support and continuity in interactions.

Versatility in Functionality:

NowAI GDT is not just an AI chatbot; it’s a versatile AI assistant with capabilities that extend across various domains:

Expertise Areas Examples
Legal Experts If you need advice on a legal dispute or want information about the governing law of any contract, NowAI GDT has quick and accurate answers.
Educator For inquiries related to history, math problems, essay references, or environmental issues, NowAI GDT connects you with knowledgeable educators instantly.

Adaptive Talking App:

NowAI GDT stands out as an AI talking app that learns from user interactions, adapting to individual needs and preferences. It employs machine learning algorithms for a more natural and human-like conversation experience.

While it requires an internet connection for operation, the app’s ability to switch seamlessly between languages makes it a convenient tool for users globally. Whether you need a chat bot companion or assistance in various fields, NowAI GDT is designed to meet your specific needs.

Caring for Users:

More than just a machine, NowAI GDT integrates a night mode feature to protect users’ eyes in dark conditions. The app aims to provide not only information but also emotional support and companionship.

In conclusion, NowAI GDT – AI Chat AI Assistant is your advanced and convenient communication companion. Its user-friendly, optimized, and intuitive interface ensures an enjoyable interaction. Download the app today to experience unparalleled support for work, study, and life’s questions, gaining a special soulmate and personal AI assistant.

We are committed to constant improvement, striving to bring you the most perfect assistant and companion. Leave your comments and 5-star reviews as we evolve and enhance your experience.

Versatile AI Capabilities

NowAI GDT stands out as more than just a conventional AI chatbot; it’s a multifaceted AI assistant with a broad spectrum of capabilities designed to cater to various user needs.

Understanding and Answering Questions:

One of the primary strengths of NowAI GDT lies in its ability to understand and answer a diverse range of questions. Trained through a meticulous machine learning process with substantial data, this AI model ensures accurate and insightful responses to user queries. Whether you’re seeking information, assistance, or simply engaging in casual conversation, NowAI GDT excels in providing quick and precise answers.

Perfect Personal AI Assistant:

As an AI writer, NowAI GDT proves to be an ideal personal AI assistant. Its proficiency in comprehending and responding to various inputs in a natural and human-like manner makes it a valuable companion. Whether you want to discuss a specific topic, seek information, or require assistance with a task, the AI chatbot responds promptly and accurately, adapting to your conversational style effortlessly.

Expertise in Different Fields:

NowAI GDT extends its expertise across multiple domains, serving as a knowledgeable companion in various areas:

Expertise Areas Examples
Legal Experts Get quick advice on legal disputes or inquire about the governing laws of contracts with responses available in seconds.
Educator Instantly connect with education experts for understanding historical events, solving math problems, or obtaining references for essays.

Adaptable AI Talking App:

NowAI GDT’s distinctive feature lies in its ability to adapt to users as an AI talking app. Utilizing machine learning algorithms, the app learns from interactions, enhancing its ability to understand preferences and tailor responses accordingly. While it requires an internet connection, this adaptability ensures a personalized and effective communication experience.

Multi-Language Support:

NowAI GDT facilitates seamless communication by supporting a variety of languages. Users can effortlessly switch between languages, making the AI chatbot more accessible and effective for a diverse user base.

NowAI GDT is not just a chatbot; it’s a dynamic and versatile AI companion that evolves with user interactions. Whether you need assistance in specific fields, desire a soulmate, or simply seek a chatbot companion, NowAI GDT adapts and caters to your needs, making it a standout AI application in the market.

Adaptive AI Talking App

NowAI GDT sets itself apart as an innovative and adaptive AI talking app, leveraging machine learning algorithms to create a dynamic and personalized user experience.

Learning from User Interactions:

What makes NowAI GDT unique is its capacity to learn and adapt from user interactions. As you engage with the AI, the app comprehends your conversational patterns and refines its responses over time. This adaptability ensures that the AI becomes more attuned to your preferences and communication style, fostering a natural and intuitive interaction.

Machine Learning Algorithms:

The core of NowAI GDT’s adaptability lies in its use of sophisticated machine learning algorithms. These algorithms analyze patterns, context, and user behavior, continuously improving the AI’s ability to understand and respond effectively. This ensures that the AI talking app evolves, becoming increasingly adept at meeting user needs.

Personalized Responses:

As a result of its adaptive nature, NowAI GDT tailors its responses to align with individual preferences. The app’s ability to understand and remember previous interactions allows it to offer personalized and contextually relevant answers. This personalization enhances the user experience, creating a sense of familiarity and rapport with the AI.

Internet-Dependent Operation:

While NowAI GDT excels in adaptability, it’s essential to note that the app operates with an internet connection. This connectivity ensures real-time learning and updating, enabling the AI talking app to stay current and responsive to the user’s evolving needs.

Seamless Language Switching:

NowAI GDT enhances user convenience by supporting seamless language switching. Users can effortlessly communicate in multiple languages, broadening the app’s accessibility and making it a versatile tool for a diverse user base.

Adaptive Conversational Companion:

Whether you’re seeking a casual chat, informative assistance, or companionship, NowAI GDT positions itself as an adaptive conversational companion. Its learning capabilities, coupled with a user-friendly interface, contribute to an engaging and evolving interaction that caters to individual preferences.

NowAI GDT’s status as an adaptive AI talking app signifies a new era in personalized AI experiences. Embracing the power of machine learning, this application offers more than just information—it provides a dynamic and evolving conversational companion tailored to the unique preferences of each user.

More Than a Machine

NowAI GDT transcends the conventional role of a machine or AI application, aiming to be more than just a tool—it aspires to be a true companion that understands and cares about its users on a deeper level.

Night Mode Integration:

One of the standout features of NowAI GDT is its integration of night mode. This thoughtful addition demonstrates the app’s commitment to user well-being by protecting their eyes in dark conditions. The consideration for user comfort sets NowAI GDT apart, showcasing a level of care beyond mere functionality.

Emphasis on Companionship:

Beyond its technical capabilities, NowAI GDT positions itself as a companion. The app acknowledges the emotional aspects of interaction, aiming to be more than a sterile AI. This emphasis on companionship fosters a connection between the user and the AI, providing not just information but a sense of support and understanding.

Understanding and Adapting:

NowAI GDT goes beyond traditional AI applications by actively understanding and adapting to users. Its machine learning algorithms not only process data but also aim to comprehend user preferences, making the AI more attuned to individual needs. This adaptability contributes to a more natural and human-like interaction, reinforcing the idea that NowAI GDT is more than a machine—it’s a responsive and evolving entity.

User-Focused Interface:

The user interface of NowAI GDT is designed with a focus on user-friendliness. The optimized and intuitive interface ensures that users can interact with the AI effortlessly, creating an experience akin to chatting with a friend. This intentional design choice enhances the user’s sense of connection and engagement, underscoring the app’s commitment to being more than a mere tool.

Constant Improvement:

NowAI GDT is not static; it’s committed to constant improvement. The developers strive to bring users the most perfect assistant and companion, actively seeking feedback through comments and 5-star reviews. This dedication to enhancement reflects the app’s goal of being a continually evolving and perfect companion for users.

In summary, NowAI GDT is positioned as more than a machine; it’s an empathetic companion that integrates thoughtful features, prioritizes user well-being, and actively seeks to understand and adapt to individual needs. Download the app today to experience a unique blend of advanced technology and genuine companionship.

User-Friendly Interface

NowAI GDT takes pride in offering a user-friendly interface, ensuring that users can navigate the application effortlessly and enjoy a seamless interaction with the AI chatbot. The design prioritizes accessibility and simplicity, making it easy for users to get the information they need and engage with the AI in a natural and intuitive manner.

Optimized Design:

The interface is meticulously optimized for a smooth user experience. With a clean and straightforward layout, users can quickly understand and access the features offered by NowAI GDT. The optimization extends to various screen sizes and devices, enhancing the app’s versatility and accessibility.

Intuitive Navigation:

NowAI GDT ensures that users can navigate the application without unnecessary complexity. The intuitive navigation system allows users to move seamlessly between different sections of the app, facilitating a comfortable and efficient interaction. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a casual user, the interface caters to diverse user preferences.

Efficient Information Retrieval:

The user-friendly design of NowAI GDT prioritizes efficient information retrieval. Users can easily input queries, access historical chat data, and receive prompt and accurate responses. The goal is to empower users with a tool that not only understands their needs but also presents information in a clear and digestible format.

Natural AI Interaction:

Interacting with NowAI GDT feels natural, resembling a conversation with a friend. The AI chatbot is embedded in a user-friendly environment, making it easy for users to pose questions, seek information, and engage in meaningful conversations. The natural flow of communication contributes to a positive user experience.

Global Language Support:

Recognizing the diversity of its user base, NowAI GDT supports a multitude of languages. Users can effortlessly switch between languages, enhancing the app’s accessibility and ensuring that individuals from different linguistic backgrounds can enjoy a user-friendly experience.

Continuous Improvement:

The commitment to a user-friendly interface is an ongoing process for NowAI GDT. Developers actively seek user feedback, aiming to implement improvements that enhance the overall usability of the app. This dedication to continuous improvement ensures that users benefit from an evolving and user-centric interface.

In conclusion, NowAI GDT distinguishes itself with a user-friendly interface that prioritizes simplicity, efficiency, and natural interaction. Download the app today to experience a seamless blend of advanced AI technology and an interface designed with the user in mind.

Disclaimer and Data Policy

NowAI GDT is committed to transparency and user trust, and as such, we provide a clear disclaimer and data policy to outline our approach to user data and the application’s affiliations.

Application Affiliation Disclaimer:

This app is not officially affiliated with any third-party, app, or company. NowAI GDT operates independently and does not claim association with any external entities. It serves as a mobile interface designed to interact with the AI Chatbot, leveraging the public open-source OpenAI’s GPT4 model and specializing in the NowAiv2 algorithm.

Exclusion of Third-Party Affiliation:

We want to emphasize that NowAI GDT is not associated with, endorsed by, or representing any third-party, app, or company in any manner. Users can trust that their interactions within the app are solely with the AI Chatbot and not with any external organizations or entities.

Data Collection and Storage:

We do not collect or save any data used in the app. NowAI GDT prioritizes user privacy, and as such, no user data is collected, stored, or utilized for any purpose. Users can engage with the application with confidence, knowing that their interactions remain confidential and free from data retention.

Use of OpenAI’s GPT4 Model:

It’s important to note that NowAI GDT is built on the public open-source OpenAI’s GPT4 model. While the app utilizes this powerful model, it does not represent or claim to be ChatGPT itself. NowAI GDT specializes in the NowAiv2 algorithm, enhancing the capabilities of the GPT4 model for a unique and tailored user experience.

Internet Connectivity:

NowAI GDT requires an internet connection for its operation. Users should ensure a stable internet connection to fully utilize the features of the app, including the adaptive learning capabilities and real-time interaction with the AI Chatbot.

Commitment to User Experience:

NowAI GDT is dedicated to providing a positive user experience. We encourage users to share their feedback, comments, and suggestions. Your insights are invaluable, contributing to the continuous improvement of the app and ensuring that it remains a reliable and trustworthy companion.

In summary, NowAI GDT upholds a strict policy of non-affiliation with third parties, prioritizes user privacy by refraining from data collection, and operates on the foundation of OpenAI’s GPT4 model. Users can engage with the application confidently, knowing that their interactions are secure and free from external affiliations.


    • Is the app officially affiliated with any other company?

No, NowAI GDT is not officially affiliated with any third-party, app, or company. It operates independently as a mobile interface for interacting with the AI Chatbot.

    • What languages does the AI chatbot support?

NowAI GDT supports a remarkable 100 languages, ensuring a global reach and effective communication in diverse linguistic environments.

    • Can the AI assistant provide legal advice?

Yes, NowAI GDT can provide advice on legal matters. If you have questions about a legal dispute or need information about governing laws, the AI chatbot can provide quick and accurate answers.

    • Is the app available offline?

No, NowAI GDT requires an internet connection for operation. This connectivity ensures real-time learning and updating, enhancing the AI’s responsiveness and adaptability.

    • How does the AI talking app adapt to user preferences?

NowAI GDT uses machine learning algorithms to learn from user interactions, adapting to individual preferences over time. This adaptability enhances the natural and human-like conversation experience.

    • What is the data policy of the app?

NowAI GDT follows a strict data policy. It does not collect or save any data used in the app, prioritizing user privacy and ensuring that interactions remain confidential.


NowAI GDT – AI Chat AI Assistant presents an advanced and user-friendly solution for those seeking an interactive and intelligent AI companion. With a foundation in OpenAI’s GPT4 model and specialized in the NowAiv2 algorithm, the app stands out as more than just a machine—it’s a dynamic and caring conversational partner.

The key features, such as language support in over 100 languages, unlimited chat capabilities, and the retention of full chat history, make NowAI GDT a versatile and powerful tool. It excels not only in providing information but also in adapting to user needs through its adaptive learning algorithms.

More than just an AI chatbot, NowAI GDT extends its expertise into various fields, including legal advice and education. The app’s ability to understand and respond to diverse inputs positions it as a reliable and knowledgeable companion.

Emphasizing a user-friendly interface, the app ensures easy navigation, efficient information retrieval, and a natural conversational experience. The integration of night mode further demonstrates the app’s commitment to user well-being.

NowAI GDT is transparent about its non-affiliation with third parties and prioritizes user privacy. The strict data policy ensures that user interactions remain confidential, fostering a sense of trust and security.

In conclusion, NowAI GDT is not just an AI application; it’s a companion that cares about your well-being, understands your preferences, and continuously evolves to meet your needs. Download the app today to experience the perfect blend of advanced AI technology and genuine companionship.

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