AmoledPix MOD APK 4.2 (Premium Unlocked)

AmoledPix MOD APK 4.2 (Premium Unlocked)

November 4, 2023 APP

Additional Details

CategoryAPP Personalization
Google PlayStore URL com.androholic.amoledpix
Current Version 4.2
Developer Androholic
Required Android Version 4.2
File Size 18.42 MB
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Last Updated 2023/03/09


AmoledPix is a mobile application designed to enhance your phone’s aesthetic appeal with stunning 4K black amoled wallpapers. The app offers a wide range of high-quality black wallpapers designed to showcase the capabilities of your phone, especially if you own a device with an AMOLED screen.

With AmoledPix, you can explore over 20,000 4K black wallpapers available in various categories, including Superheroes, Cars, Architecture, Dope, Girly, Gaming, Minimal, Black, and many more. The app is regularly updated with new wallpapers, ensuring that you always have access to the latest trends.

One of the standout features of AmoledPix is its extensive collection of true black wallpapers that are optimized for AMOLED screens. These wallpapers offer deep blacks that turn off screen pixels, thereby reducing battery consumption. The app’s black wallpapers also enhance the visual appeal of your phone’s display by making the colors pop.

Extensive Wallpaper Collection

AmoledPix boasts an impressive and diverse collection of black wallpapers that are sure to elevate your device’s visual experience. With over 20,000 4K black wallpapers to choose from, you’ll find the perfect backdrop for your smartphone’s screen. These wallpapers are curated into various categories, catering to different tastes and preferences. Here’s a closer look at what you can expect from this extensive collection:

Categories Galore

AmoledPix offers wallpapers in a wide range of categories, ensuring that there’s something for everyone:

  • Superheroes: Showcase your favorite superheroes on your screen.
  • Cars: Adorn your device with sleek and stylish car wallpapers.
  • Architecture: Enjoy breathtaking architectural designs as your backdrop.
  • Dope: Discover cool and trendy wallpapers that stand out.
  • Girly: Find wallpapers with a feminine touch and vibrant colors.
  • Gaming: Immerse yourself in the world of gaming with gaming-themed wallpapers.
  • Minimal: Simplify your screen with elegant and minimalistic designs.
  • Black: Explore classic black wallpapers that enhance your AMOLED screen.

AMOLED-Optimized Excellence

One of the standout features of AmoledPix is its collection of true black wallpapers meticulously optimized for AMOLED screens. These wallpapers offer the deepest blacks, effectively turning off the screen pixels that display black color. The result is not only stunning but also contributes to reduced battery consumption, making your phone more energy-efficient while looking visually appealing.

Regular Updates

AmoledPix doesn’t rest on its laurels. The app is regularly updated with new wallpapers, ensuring that you have access to the latest trends in the world of black wallpapers. This dedication to keeping the collection fresh means you can continuously refresh your device’s look and feel without any hassle.

Easy Browsing

Navigating through this extensive collection is a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly interface. The app’s sleek and modern design provides an enjoyable browsing experience, making it easy to find the perfect wallpaper to suit your mood or style.

Table: Top Categories

Category Number of Wallpapers
Superheroes 3,500+
Cars 4,200+
Minimal 2,800+
Gaming 2,000+
Black 6,500+

Table: A glimpse of the top categories and the number of wallpapers they offer.

Auto Wallpaper Changer

The Auto Wallpaper Changer is a standout feature of AmoledPix that simplifies the process of changing your device’s wallpaper. This convenient feature is designed to save you time and effort while ensuring that your phone’s display always looks fresh and exciting without any manual intervention. Here’s what you need to know about this handy tool:

Set It and Forget It

With the Auto Wallpaper Changer, you have the power to set a schedule for changing your wallpaper automatically. This means you can choose a specific time interval, whether it’s daily, weekly, or at any frequency that suits your preferences. Once set, you can forget about manually changing your wallpaper ever again. The Auto Wallpaper Changer takes care of it for you, ensuring your phone’s display stays visually appealing without any hassle.

Customization Options

AmoledPix’s Auto Wallpaper Changer offers various customization options to cater to your unique needs and style:

  • Interval: You can choose how often you want your wallpaper to change, whether it’s every day, week, or month.
  • Category Selection: Select specific categories or themes you want the changer to pick wallpapers from. This allows you to maintain a consistent visual theme.
  • Random Selection: If you enjoy surprises, you can let the changer select wallpapers randomly for an element of excitement.

Effortless Experience

One of the most significant advantages of the Auto Wallpaper Changer is the effortless experience it provides. Once you’ve configured your settings, the changer operates seamlessly in the background, ensuring that you always have a new and visually appealing wallpaper to greet you. This feature is particularly valuable for those who enjoy changing their wallpaper regularly to keep things fresh and exciting.

Table: Customization Options

Option Description
Interval Choose the frequency of wallpaper changes, such as daily, weekly, or monthly.
Category Selection Select specific categories for the changer to pick wallpapers from.
Random Selection Allow the changer to select wallpapers randomly for a surprise element.

Table: Customization options available with the Auto Wallpaper Changer.

The Auto Wallpaper Changer in AmoledPix is a time-saving and enjoyable feature that ensures your device’s display remains visually appealing and up-to-date without any manual effort on your part. It’s a must-try for those who love personalizing their devices.

Quick Sections

AmoledPix provides users with convenient “Quick Sections” that streamline the process of discovering and changing wallpapers. These sections offer an organized and efficient way to navigate through the extensive collection of wallpapers available in the app. Let’s dive into the details of these quick sections:

1. Random Section

The Random Section in AmoledPix is the perfect choice for those who love surprises and enjoy a diverse range of wallpapers. Each time you visit this section, you’ll be presented with a new selection of wallpapers. Whether you’re looking for fresh inspiration or just want a bit of variety in your wallpaper choices, the Random Section has you covered. It’s an excellent way to discover hidden gems and keep your device’s display interesting.

2. Trending Section

For users who prefer popular and highly-rated wallpapers, the Trending Section is a go-to destination. This section showcases the most popular wallpapers of all time, as rated and favored by the AmoledPix community. These wallpapers have garnered the most attention and appreciation, making them an excellent choice for those who want to stay in line with the latest trends and the community’s preferences. Trending wallpapers are a great way to ensure your device’s screen stays stylish and up-to-date.

3. User-Friendly Navigation

Both the Random and Trending Sections are designed with user-friendliness in mind. Navigating through these sections is easy, and the app’s intuitive interface ensures you can quickly find wallpapers that match your preferences. The combination of an extensive collection and these quick sections makes the entire wallpaper selection process a breeze.

Table: Quick Sections at a Glance

Section Key Features
Random Section Offers a new selection of wallpapers every time you visit. Ideal for those who love variety.
Trending Section Showcases the most popular wallpapers as rated by the community. Perfect for staying on-trend.

Table: An overview of the Quick Sections and their key features.

AmoledPix’s Quick Sections are designed to enhance your experience in discovering and selecting wallpapers. Whether you’re in the mood for variety or want to stay updated with the latest trends, these sections simplify the process and ensure you always have a fresh and exciting wallpaper on your device’s display.

Premium Subscription

AmoledPix offers a Premium Subscription that provides additional benefits and access to exclusive content. While most of the wallpapers available in the app are free to download and enjoy, the Premium Subscription unlocks a world of possibilities for those looking for an enhanced experience. Here’s what you need to know about the Premium Subscription:

Access to Premium Wallpapers

Subscribing to the Premium plan grants you access to a selection of premium wallpapers that are not available to free users. These wallpapers are often of the highest quality, featuring stunning visuals and unique designs. By subscribing, you can elevate your device’s aesthetic appeal with wallpapers that stand out from the crowd. These premium wallpapers are carefully curated to meet the demands of the most discerning users.

Ad-Free Experience

One of the primary advantages of the Premium Subscription is the elimination of ads. While free users may encounter advertisements while browsing and downloading wallpapers, premium subscribers enjoy an entirely ad-free experience. This not only enhances the overall user experience but also ensures a distraction-free environment while navigating through the app.

Table: Premium Subscription Benefits

Benefit Description
Access to Premium Wallpapers Unlock a selection of exclusive, high-quality wallpapers not available to free users.
Ad-Free Experience Enjoy an uninterrupted, ad-free browsing and downloading experience.

Table: A summary of the benefits of the Premium Subscription.

How to Subscribe

Subscribing to the Premium plan is a straightforward process. You can do so directly within the AmoledPix app. Simply navigate to the Premium Subscription section and follow the on-screen instructions to choose a subscription plan that suits your needs. Once subscribed, you’ll immediately gain access to the premium wallpapers and enjoy an ad-free experience.

Enhancing Your Experience

The Premium Subscription in AmoledPix is a fantastic way to enhance your wallpaper experience. With exclusive access to premium wallpapers and the removal of advertisements, you can transform your device’s visual aesthetics and enjoy a more immersive and distraction-free browsing experience. If you’re a wallpaper enthusiast, the Premium Subscription is well worth considering.

User-Friendly Interface

The user-friendly interface of AmoledPix is designed to enhance your browsing experience and make it easy for you to navigate through the extensive collection of wallpapers. The app’s sleek and modern design ensures that you have a seamless and enjoyable experience while searching for the perfect wallpaper. Here’s a closer look at what makes the interface of AmoledPix user-friendly:

Intuitive Navigation

The AmoledPix interface is built with intuitive navigation in mind. From the moment you open the app, you’ll find it easy to explore the vast collection of wallpapers. The main screen presents categories and sections in a visually appealing and organized manner, allowing you to quickly find wallpapers that match your style and preferences.

Effortless Wallpaper Browsing

Browsing for wallpapers in AmoledPix is effortless. You can scroll through the categories, view individual wallpapers, and make selections with ease. The app’s user-friendly layout ensures that you can smoothly navigate through thousands of wallpapers without any hiccups. Each wallpaper is showcased in a visually appealing manner, making it easy to preview and choose your next backdrop.

Sleek and Modern Design

The sleek and modern design of AmoledPix adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the app. It aligns with the app’s purpose of enhancing your device’s visual experience. The design ensures that you enjoy not only the wallpapers but also the process of selecting them. The user-friendly design complements the wallpapers, making the entire experience a visual delight.

Table: User-Friendly Features

Feature Description
Intuitive Navigation Easily find categories and sections for quick access to wallpapers.
Effortless Browsing Scroll, view, and select wallpapers with ease, thanks to the app’s layout.
Sleek Design The modern design enhances the overall visual appeal of the app.

Table: An overview of the user-friendly features of AmoledPix’s interface.

Enjoyable Browsing Experience

AmoledPix ensures that the process of selecting and changing wallpapers is not just a practical task but an enjoyable experience. The user-friendly interface complements the app’s extensive wallpaper collection, making it a pleasure to browse and personalize your device’s display.

Whether you’re a seasoned wallpaper enthusiast or a casual user looking to enhance your device’s aesthetics, the user-friendly interface of AmoledPix guarantees a hassle-free and visually satisfying experience.


1. How do I download wallpapers in AmoledPix?

To download wallpapers in AmoledPix, follow these steps:

  1. Open the app and browse through the available categories or sections.
  2. Find a wallpaper you like and click on it to view it in full screen.
  3. Tap the “Download” button, and the wallpaper will be saved to your device’s gallery.

2. Is AmoledPix compatible with my device?

AmoledPix is compatible with most mobile devices, including popular brands like Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Redmi, Oppo, and Vivo, among others. The app is designed to work seamlessly on a wide range of smartphones and tablets.

3. Do I need a Premium Subscription to use AmoledPix?

No, you don’t need a Premium Subscription to use AmoledPix. The app offers a vast collection of free wallpapers that you can download and enjoy without any subscription. However, the Premium Subscription provides additional benefits, such as access to premium wallpapers and an ad-free experience.

4. How can I cancel my Premium Subscription?

If you wish to cancel your Premium Subscription, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your device’s app store (e.g., Google Play Store or Apple App Store).
  2. Find your AmoledPix subscription in your account settings.
  3. Cancel the subscription by following the provided instructions.

5. Are the wallpapers in AmoledPix free to use for any purpose?

All wallpapers available on AmoledPix are licensed under Creative Commons, and the credit for these images goes to their respective owners. These images are intended for aesthetic purposes. While you can use them as wallpapers for personal use, they are not officially endorsed by their respective owners for any other purpose. We do not intend to infringe upon any copyrights and will promptly remove any images, logos, or names upon request.

6. How often are new wallpapers added to AmoledPix?

AmoledPix is regularly updated with new wallpapers to keep the collection fresh and up-to-date. New wallpapers are added to the app at regular intervals, ensuring that you have access to the latest trends and visual inspirations.


In conclusion, AmoledPix is not just another wallpaper app; it’s a gateway to elevating your device’s visual experience. With a vast collection of over 20,000 4K black wallpapers, AmoledPix caters to various tastes and preferences, offering something for everyone.

One of the app’s standout features is its focus on AMOLED-optimized true black wallpapers. These wallpapers not only make your device look stunning but also contribute to reduced battery consumption by turning off screen pixels displaying black colors. It’s a win-win for both aesthetics and functionality.

The Auto Wallpaper Changer simplifies the process of keeping your device’s display fresh and exciting. Set it to your desired schedule, choose from different customization options, and enjoy a hassle-free wallpaper-changing experience.

The Quick Sections, including the Random and Trending sections, provide an organized way to explore wallpapers, making it easy to find something that suits your mood or style. Whether you prefer surprises or trending wallpapers, AmoledPix has you covered.

While most wallpapers are available for free, the Premium Subscription unlocks exclusive content and an ad-free experience. This subscription is a great choice for those who want the best of what AmoledPix has to offer.

AmoledPix offers a user-friendly interface that ensures an enjoyable browsing experience. Its sleek and modern design complements the wallpapers, making the entire process not just practical but visually satisfying.

So, whether you’re a wallpaper enthusiast or someone looking to enhance your device’s aesthetics, AmoledPix has something to offer. With regularly updated content and a commitment to providing quality wallpapers, it’s the perfect choice for those who want to stand out in the world of mobile customization.

Enhance your device’s visual appeal and download AmoledPix today to explore a world of stunning black wallpapers that bring your screen to life.

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