Top alternatives of Stickman: draw animation maker including Pros & Cons & Download

Stickman: Draw Animation Maker is a fun and easy to use animation maker app, designed to help users express their creative ideas through animations. With this tool, users can create stunning animations with intuitive controls and a variety of textures and tools. It allows users to create characters, add motion, record sound, and share their creations with their friends and family. Whether you’re an animator, an artist, or just a creative individual, Stickman: Draw Animation Maker is a great tool for you.

Pros Cons
Easy to use interface Limited number of textures
Intuitive controls No support for complex animation
Variety of textures and tools No support for 3D animations
Record sound and share creations No support for custom backgrounds
Create characters and add motion Limited ability to customize animations
Expressive and creative Inability to use multiple layers
Free to use No support for video export

Below is a list of similar or related apps of Stickman: draw animation maker

1. Concepts: Sketch, Note, Draw

Logo of Concepts: Sketch, Note, Draw

Concepts is an innovative drawing and sketching app that lets you quickly capture and develop ideas. It is designed to make idea capture easy and efficient by making the sketching process simple and intuitive. With Concepts, you can quickly capture your ideas, sketch out diagrams, make diagrams, and draw illustrations in a single app.

Below is the comparison between Concepts: Sketch, Note, Draw and Stickman: draw animation maker

Concepts Stickman Draw Animation
Capture and develop ideas Create animations and create stickman
Sketch out diagrams and draw illustrations Animate your stickman characters
Create diagrams Choose from various backgrounds and stickman poses
Intuitive sketching process Save and share your animations
Quickly capture ideas Add music, sound effects, and voice-overs
Efficient idea capture Change the speed of your animations
Simple and intuitive Choose from various drawing tools
Integrate with other apps
Create GIFs and share on social media

Download Concepts: Sketch, Note, Draw from the below link

Concepts: Sketch, Note, Draw
Total Downloads
Total Reviews
14.4K reviews

Download & Install

Support site:

2. FlipaClip: Create 2D Animation

Logo of FlipaClip: Create 2D Animation

FlipaClip is a creative animation app that allows users to create their own animations, draw cartoons, and make art. It has a wide range of tools, such as layers, brushes, frames, and more, to help users create animations quickly and easily. It also offers a variety of tutorials to help users learn the basics of animation, and even allows users to share their animations with their friends.

Below is the comparison between FlipaClip: Create 2D Animation and Stickman: draw animation maker

App FlipaClip Stickman Draw Animation
Platform Android and iOS Android
Features Layers, brushes, frames, tutorials, sharing Animated action effects, drawing tools, sound effects
Price Free with in-app purchases $2.99
User Reviews 4.3/5 4.4/5
Graphics High High
Animation Smooth Smooth
Customization High High
Multiplayer No No
Ads Yes No

Download FlipaClip: Create 2D Animation from the below link

FlipaClip: Create 2D Animation
Total Downloads
Total Reviews
609K reviews

Download & Install

3. Infinite Painter

Logo of Infinite Painter

Painter is an art app that enables users to create paintings and drawings on their Android device. It includes a wide variety of tools, such as effects, filters, layers, and more. It also has a wide selection of brushes, pencils, and other drawing tools.

Below is the comparison between Infinite Painter and Stickman: draw animation maker

Painter Stickman Draw Animation
Wide variety of tools Animation tools
Wide selection of brushes, pencils, and other drawing tools Wide selection of animation options
Create paintings and drawings Create animated drawings
Effects, filters, layers, and more Coloring tools
Android app Android and iOS app
Share artwork on social media Share animated drawings on social media
Save artwork Save animated drawings
Undo/redo options Undo/redo/playback options
Downloadable art packs Downloadable animation packs
Upload artwork to online galleries Upload animated drawings to online galleries

Download Infinite Painter from the below link

Infinite Painter
Total Downloads
Total Reviews
132K reviews

Download & Install

4. ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook

Logo of ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook

ArtFlow is a painting and drawing app for Android devices. It features a wide array of customizable brushes, layers, colors, textures, and professional art tools, making it an ideal tool for creating digital art on the go. It also offers drawing tutorials, online art contests, and the ability to share your art with other users.

Below is the comparison between ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook and Stickman: draw animation maker

App ArtFlow StickMan Draw Animation
App Type Painting/Drawing Animation
Features Brushes, layers, colors, textures, professional art tools Create characters, draw frames, animate
Tutorials Yes No
Online Contests Yes No
Share Art Yes No
Price Free $1.99
Platform Android Android
User Reviews 4.5 stars 4.4 stars
Size 41MB 7.3MB
Rating Teen Everyone

Download ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook from the below link

ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook
Total Downloads
Total Reviews
33.4K reviews

Download & Install

5. Clip Studio Paint

Logo of Clip Studio Paint

CLIP STUDIO PAINT is a professional painting and drawing software for PCs and mobile devices. It offers a variety of painting and drawing tools, including layers, brushes, textures and more, to help artists create amazing digital artworks. It also offers a wide range of features and functions, such as exporting files to various formats, automatic saving, and more.

Below is the comparison between Clip Studio Paint and Stickman: draw animation maker

App CLIP STUDIO PAINT Stickman Draw Animation
Category Painting and Drawing Animation
Tools Layers, Brushes, Textures Drawing, Animating, Colouring
Features Exporting, Automatic Saving Timeline, Frame-by-Frame Editing
Platforms PCs and Mobile Devices iOS and Android
Price $4.99/month Free

Download Clip Studio Paint from the below link

Clip Studio Paint
Total Downloads
Total Reviews
13.8K reviews

Download & Install

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