Top alternatives of Prezzi Benzina – Gas prices including Pros & Cons & Download

Prezzi Benzina – Gas Prices is an app designed to provide users with real-time information on gas prices. It allows users to quickly and easily compare prices at different gas stations and find the lowest prices in their area. The app also provides information on gas stations, including location, services offered, and contact information. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Pros Cons
Real-time information on gas prices Limited to gas prices only
Easy to compare prices at different gas stations Not available in all countries
Provides information on gas stations Limited to certain gas stations
Available for both iOS and Android devices No integration with other apps
Free to use Limited search options
User friendly interface No customer service
Quick and easy to use No coupons or discounts

Below is a list of similar or related apps of Prezzi Benzina – Gas prices

1. Clock

Logo of Clock

The Samsung Clock app is a convenient way to keep track of time on your Android device. It offers a range of features including alarms, world clocks, timers, stopwatches, and more. It is easy to customize and users can choose from a range of themes, wallpapers, and widgets to personalize their clock.

Below is the comparison between Clock and Prezzi Benzina – Gas prices

App Samsung Clock Android Fuel
Features Alarms, world clocks, timers, stopwatches, etc. Fuel tracker, fuel cost calculator, fuel price tool, etc.
Customization Themes, wallpapers, widgets Fuel type, fuel cost, data display
Price Free Free
Platform Android Android
Publisher Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Vernazza Software
Last Update April 17, 2020 April 9, 2020
Size Varies with device Varies with device
Usage Timekeeper Fuel tracker
Integrations None None
User Ratings 4.3/5 4.6/5

Download Clock from the below link

Total Downloads
Total Reviews
228K reviews

Download & Install

Support site:

2. Target

Logo of Target

The Target app helps you shop smarter and faster, with Scan & Go, Order Pickup, and more. With the Target app, you can: shop anywhere with an easy-to-navigate interface, find and add items to your cart with a scan of a barcode, check out securely with a payment method, and keep track of your orders and returns easily.

Below is the comparison between Target and Prezzi Benzina – Gas prices

Target App Android Fuel App
Easy-to-navigate interface Map-based interface
Scan & Go feature Fuel tracking feature
Secure payment methods Fuel cost calculator
Order & returns tracking Expense tracking
Barcode scanning Gas station locator
Cart adding Fuel logbook
Real-time order tracking Fuel economy calculator
Easy checkout Fuel cost editor
In-store pickup Fuel receipt scanner

Download Target from the below link

Total Downloads
Total Reviews
291K reviews

Download & Install

Support site:

3. Google

Logo of Google

Google Quick Search Box is an app by Google that provides an easy and fast way to search the web for anything you need. It allows for voice search and has a built-in Google Now that can give you personalized information about the weather, sports, news, entertainment, and more. It also provides shortcuts to popular websites and apps on your device.

Below is the comparison between Google and Prezzi Benzina – Gas prices

Feature Google Quick Search Box Android Fuel
Voice Search Yes No
Google Now Yes No
Personalized Info Yes No
Shortcuts to Popular Sites and Apps Yes No
Fuel Savings Calculator No Yes
Gas Price Comparison No Yes
Fuel Logging No Yes
Fuel Economy Monitoring No Yes
Fuel Price History No Yes
Fuel Station Locator No Yes

Download Google from the below link

Total Downloads
Total Reviews
26M reviews

Download & Install

4. Google Meet

Logo of Google Meet

Google Duo is a free video and audio calling app that provides a high-quality connection between two users. It is easy to use and secure, making it one of the most popular communication apps available. Duo also allows users to leave video messages if their contact is offline.

Below is the comparison between Google Meet and Prezzi Benzina – Gas prices

Google Duo Android Fuel
Free Video and Audio Calling Fuel monitoring and tracking
Easy to Use Display fuel price trends
Secure Fuel station search
Leave video messages Geolocation enabled
Group Calling Fuel tracking for multiple vehicles
Low-Light Mode Fuel cost calculator
Noise cancellation Fuel log export
HD Video Fuel consumption calculator
Cross-Platform Fuel station ratings
End-to-End Encryption Fuel station reviews

Download Google Meet from the below link

Google Meet
Total Downloads
Total Reviews
10.3M reviews

Download & Install

Support site:

5. YouTube Studio

Logo of YouTube Studio

The YouTube Creator app is a mobile tool for YouTube creators to help manage their channels. It allows users to access analytics, respond to comments, upload videos, and even get notifications when their channel is mentioned on YouTube. It also gives users access to a library of music and sound effects.

Below is the comparison between YouTube Studio and Prezzi Benzina – Gas prices

App YouTube Creator AndroidFuel
Purpose Managing YouTube channels Fuel tracking
Tools Analytics, comments, uploads, notifications Fuel log, mileage calculator, expense tracking
Features Music and sound effects library Customizable dashboard, graphical reports
Platforms Android, iOS Android
Pricing Free Free, in-app purchases

Download YouTube Studio from the below link

YouTube Studio
Total Downloads
Total Reviews
1.85M reviews

Download & Install

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