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PaperColor is an innovative art and design app for both Android and iOS devices. It offers users an intuitive way to draw, sketch, and color with a variety of tools and features. With a wide selection of brushes, markers, and more, users can create artworks in a variety of styles and techniques. Plus, PaperColor also has a library of drawings and templates to help users get started quickly and easily.

Pros Cons
Intuitive and user-friendly interface Limited selection of templates and drawings
Wide range of drawing tools and features Free version has limited features
Available for both Android and iOS devices No ability to collaborate with other users
Easy to save artwork and share online No desktop version available
Variety of brush and marker types No option to print artwork
Can create art in a variety of styles and techniques No 3D art capabilities
Save artwork to multiple cloud services No tools for creating animation
Compatible with a variety of styluses No support for virtual reality

Below is a list of similar or related apps of PaperColor

1. Draw it

Logo of Draw it

Draw It is an innovative and fun puzzle game for Android devices. Players join the world of drawing and use their creativity and intelligence to solve puzzles. It features a unique drawing mechanic where players must draw lines to complete the puzzle. The game also features multiple levels, power-ups, and leaderboards.

Below is the comparison between Draw it and PaperColor

Draw It PaperOne
Unique drawing mechanic Storytelling game
Multiple levels 50 levels
Power-ups Power-ups and bonuses
Leaderboards Compete against friends
Android devices iOS and Android devices
Puzzle game Interactive story game
No in-app purchases In-app currency
No ads Ad-free
Free to play Free to play

Download Draw it from the below link

Draw it
Total Downloads
Total Reviews
720K reviews

Download & Install

2. Concepts: Sketch, Note, Draw

Logo of Concepts: Sketch, Note, Draw

Concepts is a creative platform for iPad and iPhone that lets you easily sketch, draw and paint to create amazing illustrations and artwork. Concepts combines a simple, flexible user interface with powerful tools that enable you to quickly explore ideas, create precise drawings and paintings, and share your work to the world.

Below is the comparison between Concepts: Sketch, Note, Draw and PaperColor

Concepts PaperOne
Platform Android
Type of App Creative Drawing App
User Interface Simple and Flexible
Tools Powerful to Explore Ideas
Features Sketch, Draw, Paint, Share
Compatible Devices iPad, iPhone, Android
Subscription No Subscription
Price Free
Rating 4.4/5
Reviews Over 10k reviews

Download Concepts: Sketch, Note, Draw from the below link

Concepts: Sketch, Note, Draw
Total Downloads
Total Reviews
14.4K reviews

Download & Install

Support site:

3. PaperColor

Logo of PaperColor

PaperOne is an app that brings the power of digital paper technology to the palm of your hand. It allows users to easily create, annotate, and share documents and notes with ease. With its simple, intuitive interface, users can quickly create and edit documents, annotate images, and share their work with friends and colleagues. PaperOne also offers a variety of tools to help you stay organized and productive, including a to-do list, an agenda, and a calendar.

Below is the comparison between PaperColor and PaperColor

App PaperOne PaperTwo
Features Create, annotate, and share documents and notes Create and share documents, create notes, organize tasks
Interface Simple, intuitive interface Intuitive layout and design
Organization Tools To-do list, agenda, calendar Task manager, notes, reminders
Collaboration Share documents and notes with friends and colleagues Collaborate on documents with colleagues in real-time
Compatibility iOS and Android iOS and Android
Price Free Free
Storage 2GB 1GB
Security 256 bit encryption 128 bit encryption
Integrations Dropbox, iCloud, Evernote Google Drive, Box, One Drive

Download PaperColor from the below link

Total Downloads
Total Reviews
201K reviews

Download & Install

Support site:

4. ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook

Logo of ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook

ArtFlow is an intuitive painting and drawing application, designed for the Android platform. It is an excellent choice for those who want to create digital art with a natural feel. It has a wide range of features, such as layered painting, professional brush engine, color palettes, and more. It also supports both landscape and portrait orientation and it is optimized for both phones and tablets.

Below is the comparison between ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook and PaperColor

Feature ArtFlow PaperOne
Layered Painting Yes No
Professional Brush Engine Yes No
Color Palettes Yes No
Landscape/Portrait Orientation Yes No
Optimized for Phones & Tablets Yes Yes
Vector Shapes No Yes
Photo Editing No Yes
Printing Support No Yes
Cloud Syncing No Yes
Realistic Brush Effects Yes No

Download ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook from the below link

ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook
Total Downloads
Total Reviews
33.4K reviews

Download & Install

5. Bamboo Paper

Logo of Bamboo Paper

Wacom Bamboo Paper Tab is a drawing and note-taking app that allows users to express their creativity on their Android tablet. With this app, users can draw freehand sketches, add text, and share their creations with others. It also features a unique Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch for a realistic and natural drawing experience.

Below is the comparison between Bamboo Paper and PaperColor

Wacom Bamboo Paper Tab Paper One
Draw freehand sketches & add text Create digital art with a variety of drawing tools
Realistic & natural drawing experience with Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch Create & edit documents with text, tables, and images
Share creations with others Collaborate with friends & colleagues in real time
Export photos as PDFs or images Share documents with others
Organize & manage notes with tags Organize & manage documents with labels & folders
Search notes quickly Search documents quickly
Sync across multiple devices Sync across multiple devices
Supports multiple languages Supports multiple languages
Offline support Offline support
In-app purchases In-app purchases

Download Bamboo Paper from the below link

Bamboo Paper
Total Downloads
Total Reviews
26.8K reviews

Download & Install

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