Top alternatives of Love Stickers : WAStickersApp including Pros & Cons & Download

Love Stickers: WAStickersApp is a fun and easy way to share stickers with friends and family. The app includes a wide variety of stickers for any occasion, so users can find the perfect way to express their feelings. With Love Stickers, users can simply choose a sticker from the list, write a message, and send it to their loved ones. The app also includes a search feature that allows users to quickly find the right sticker for the occasion.

Pros Cons
Wide selection of stickers to choose from Requires an active internet connection to use
Search feature makes it easy to find the right sticker No way to save favorites
Simple and easy to use interface No way to create custom stickers
Send stickers directly to contacts Cannot add stickers to existing messages
Stickers are free to use No way to delete sent stickers

Below is a list of similar or related apps of Love Stickers : WAStickersApp

1. Sketchbook

Logo of Sketchbook

SketchBook by Autodesk is a professional-grade painting and drawing application designed for creative professionals. It features an easy-to-use interface, a customizable workspace, and a variety of tools for creating digital artwork of any kind.

Below is the comparison between Sketchbook and Love Stickers : WAStickersApp

Features SketchBook Romantic Love Stickers
Interface Easy to use Simple and intuitive
Workspace Customizable Multiple canvas sizes
Tools Variety of professional-grade tools Collection of romantic stickers and emojis
Artwork Digital artwork Graphic design elements
Price Free with in-app purchases Free with no in-app purchases

Download Sketchbook from the below link

Total Downloads
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624K reviews

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2. SHEIN-Shopping Online

Logo of SHEIN-Shopping Online

ZZKko is an animated sticker app that is perfect for expressing your feelings to loved ones. It has a wide variety of stickers with different expressions to choose from and they can be used for any occasion. The app also has a feature where you can customize stickers with your own text and images.

Below is the comparison between SHEIN-Shopping Online and Love Stickers : WAStickersApp

App ZZKko Romantic Love Stickers
Description Animated sticker app perfect for expressing your feelings to loved ones Collection of romantic stickers for Whatsapp, Facebook, and more
Customization Yes, can customize with own text and images No
Variety of stickers Wide variety Romantic stickers only
Compatibility Android Android and iOS
Price Free Free

Download SHEIN-Shopping Online from the below link

SHEIN-Shopping Online
Total Downloads
Total Reviews
6.04M reviews

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3. ibis Paint X

Logo of ibis Paint X

IbisPaint X is an all-in-one art creation and editing app designed for professional and recreational artists alike. The app offers features such as layers, layer groups, layer masks, a variety of brushes, tools for creating line art, and more. It also has a variety of filters, special effects, and animation options for creating beautiful digital artworks.

Below is the comparison between ibis Paint X and Love Stickers : WAStickersApp

App IbisPaint X Romantic Love Stickers
Usage Professional and Recreational Art Creation and Editing Sending Love Stickers
Features Layers, Layer Groups, Layer Masks, Brushes, Line Art Tools, Filters, Special Effects, Animation Love Stickers
Price Free, Subscription Available Free
Platform Android Android
User Interface Intuitive Intuitive
Customization Highly Customizable Highly Customizable
Support Email, Chat, Forum Email, Chat
File Sharing Yes No
Social Media Integration Yes No
Cloud Storage Yes No

Download ibis Paint X from the below link

ibis Paint X
Total Downloads
Total Reviews
2.33M reviews

Download & Install

4. Snapchat

Logo of Snapchat

Snapchat is a popular photo-sharing app that allows users to take photos, record videos, add text and drawings, and send them to their friends. The app also offers a range of filters, stickers, and lenses to make your photos and videos more fun and creative. Users can also use Snapchat to interact with friends in real-time and share their stories with the world.

Below is the comparison between Snapchat and Love Stickers : WAStickersApp

App Snapchat Romantic Love Stickers
Photos/Videos Users can take photos and videos and add text and drawings. Users can use stickers to decorate photos and videos.
Filters/Lenses Users can apply filters and lenses to photos and videos. No filters or lenses.
Real-time Interaction Yes, users can interact with friends in real-time. No real-time interaction.
Stories Yes, users can share their stories with the world. No stories.
Location Sharing Yes, users can share their location with friends. No location sharing.
Group Chats Yes, users can create group chats. No group chats.
Voice/Video Call Yes, users can make voice and video calls. No voice/video calls.
Game Modes Yes, users can play various game modes. No game modes.
Subscription Yes, users can subscribe to get access to exclusive content. No subscription.

Download Snapchat from the below link

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32.8M reviews

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5. Google Meet

Logo of Google Meet

Google Duo is a high-quality video calling app that connects you with friends and family. It’s simple, reliable, and works across Android and iOS phones and tablets, smart devices, and on the web. It offers end-to-end encryption for privacy. You can make group calls with up to 12 people and also use fun effects and filters while on a video call.

Below is the comparison between Google Meet and Love Stickers : WAStickersApp

Google Duo Romantic Love Stickers
Video Calling App Sticker App
Group Calls up to 12 people Send Love Stickers
End-to-End Encryption Romantic Theme
Works across Android and iOS Send Romantic Animations
Available on Smart Devices and Web Share with Friends and Family
Fun Effects and Filters Personalize Sticker Packs

Download Google Meet from the below link

Google Meet
Total Downloads
Total Reviews
10.2M reviews

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