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When it comes to finding the top best presentation app on the Google Play Store, there are several standout options to consider. These apps, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Prezi, offer a range of powerful features for creating visually stunning slideshows, collaborating with others, accessing presentations on mobile devices, and delivering impactful presentations.

Whether you need professional designs, seamless collaboration, offline access, or advanced animation effects, these presentation apps provide the tools and capabilities to help you create compelling and engaging presentations with ease.

Table of Top Best Presentation App on Google Play Store:

No. Name URL
1 Microsoft PowerPoint Link
2 Google Slides Link
3 SoftMaker Presentations Link
4 Zoho Show Link
5 SlideShare Link
6 Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint Link
7 Prezi: Presentation Software Link
8 PPTX File Opener Link
9 OfficeSuite: Free Office + PDF Editor Link
10 Desygner: Free Graphic Design, Photos, Full Editor Link

1. Microsoft PowerPoint:

an image of Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a widely used presentation software developed by Microsoft. It is part of the Microsoft Office suite and provides users with powerful tools to create professional and visually appealing presentations.

Some key details about Microsoft PowerPoint:

1. Presentation Creation: PowerPoint allows users to create presentations consisting of multiple slides. Users can add text, images, charts, tables, and multimedia elements to their slides to convey information effectively.

2. Slide Design and Formatting: PowerPoint provides a range of design and formatting options to enhance the visual appeal of slides. Users can choose from various slide layouts, apply different fonts and color schemes, and utilize animation and transition effects to create engaging presentations. Additionally, PowerPoint offers alignment and arrangement tools for precise positioning of objects on slides.

3. Collaboration and Sharing: PowerPoint offers collaboration features that allow multiple users to work on the same presentation simultaneously. Users can leave comments, make edits, and track changes in real-time, facilitating seamless teamwork.

4. Rich Media Support: PowerPoint supports the integration of multimedia elements to enhance presentations. Users can insert audio and video files into slides, embed online content such as YouTube videos, and include interactive features like hyperlinks and buttons.

5. Presenter Tools: PowerPoint offers various presenter tools to assist during live presentations. These tools include presenter view, which displays the current slide, speaker notes, and a timer on the presenter’s screen while showing the slides to the audience. PowerPoint also supports the use of remote controls and audience response systems for interactive presentations.

2. Google Slides:

an image of Google Slides

Google Slides is a web-based presentation software developed by Google. It is part of the Google Workspace suite and offers users the ability to create, edit, and share presentations online.

Some key details about Google Slides:

1. Cloud-Based Collaboration: Google Slides operates on the cloud, allowing users to create and access their presentations from any device with an internet connection. Multiple users can collaborate on the same presentation simultaneously, making it convenient for team projects or remote collaboration.

2. Easy-to-Use Interface: Google Slides features a user-friendly interface with intuitive tools and a familiar layout. Users can create slides, add content, and customize the appearance with ease. The software offers a wide range of formatting options.

3. Seamless Integration: Google Slides seamlessly integrates with other Google Workspace apps, such as Google Docs and Google Sheets. Users can import content from these applications directly into their slides, ensuring efficient workflow and easy data integration.

4. Collaboration and Sharing: Collaboration is a key feature of Google Slides. Users can invite others to view, comment, or edit their presentations, controlling the level of access for each collaborator.

3. SoftMaker Presentations:

an image of SoftMaker Presentations

SoftMaker Presentations is a presentation software developed by SoftMaker, a software company known for its office productivity suite.

Some key details about SoftMaker Presentations:

1. Feature-rich Presentation Software: SoftMaker Presentations offers a wide range of features and tools for creating professional presentations. It provides a comprehensive set of formatting options, slide templates, and design elements to customize the appearance of slides.

2. Compatibility with PowerPoint: SoftMaker Presentations supports the Microsoft PowerPoint file format (.ppt/.pptx) and ensures seamless compatibility with PowerPoint presentations. Users can open, edit, and save presentations.

3. Extensive Slide Transition and Animation Effects: The software offers a variety of slide transition and animation effects to add visual appeal and engage the audience. Users can choose from a range of pre-built transition effects or customize the timing and style of animations. These features help create dynamic and interactive presentations.

SoftMaker Presentations offers a robust set of features and compatibility with PowerPoint, making it a viable option for creating professional presentations. Its user-friendly interface, extensive formatting options, and integration with the SoftMaker Office suite contribute to a comprehensive presentation experience.

4. Zoho Show:

an image of Zoho Show

Zoho Show is an online presentation software developed by Zoho Corporation, a leading provider of cloud-based productivity applications.

Some key details about Zoho Show:

1. Cloud-Based Collaboration: Zoho Show operates on the cloud, allowing users to create, edit, and access their presentations from anywhere with an internet connection. It supports real-time collaboration, enabling multiple users to work on the same presentation simultaneously.

2. Extensive Template Library: Zoho Show offers a vast library of professionally designed templates to kick-start the presentation creation process. Users can choose from a variety of pre-built templates that cater to different presentation styles and purposes, saving time and effort in designing from scratch.

3. Visual Editing Tools: Zoho Show provides a range of visual editing tools to enhance the appearance and impact of presentations. Users can add text, images, shapes, charts, videos, and audio to their slides, and customize them with formatting options like font styles, colors, and effects.

Zoho Show provides a user-friendly and collaborative platform for creating and delivering impactful presentations. Its extensive template library, visual editing tools, cloud-based collaboration, and integration capabilities make it a versatile choice for individuals and businesses.

5. SlideShare:

an image of SlideShare

SlideShare is a popular online platform for sharing and discovering presentations, documents, and infographics. It allows users to upload, view, and share slide decks, making it a valuable resource for knowledge sharing and content dissemination.

Some key details about SlideShare:

1. Presentation Sharing: SlideShare enables users to upload their presentations in various formats, such as PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote, and OpenOffice. Once uploaded, presentations can be accessed by other users worldwide, making it a platform for sharing expertise, ideas, and information.

2. Discover and Explore: SlideShare provides a vast collection of presentations on a wide range of topics, making it a valuable resource for research, learning, and inspiration. Users can search for specific presentations or explore categories, trending topics.

3. Embedding and Sharing: SlideShare allows users to embed presentations on websites, blogs, or social media platforms, enhancing content accessibility and reach. This feature makes it convenient for professionals, educators, and businesses to share their presentations with a wider audience and engage viewers directly on their own platforms.

SlideShare serves as a valuable platform for sharing, discovering, and engaging with presentations and other visual content. Its extensive collection of presentations, embedding capabilities, social interaction features, and analytics make it a valuable resource for individuals.

6. Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint:

an image of Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Microsoft Office is a comprehensive suite of productivity applications that includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. These applications are widely used for word processing, spreadsheet management, and presentation creation, respectively.

Some key details about Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint:

1. Microsoft Word: Microsoft Word is a word processing software that allows users to create, edit, and format documents. It offers a wide range of features for text editing, including font styles, formatting options, headers and footers, page layouts, and advanced formatting tools.

2. Microsoft Excel: Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application used for data organization, analysis, and calculation. It provides a grid of cells where users can enter and manipulate numerical data, perform calculations, and create charts and graphs.

3. Microsoft PowerPoint: Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation software used for creating visually engaging slide-based presentations. It allows users to create slides with text, images, charts, tables, and multimedia elements. PowerPoint offers a wide range of design templates, themes, and slide transitions to enhance the visual appeal of presentations.

Users can add animations, speaker notes, and rehearse timings for effective delivery. PowerPoint is commonly used in business, education, and various other domains for presenting information and ideas.

Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint is a powerful suite of applications that provides essential tools for document creation, data analysis, and presentation design. Its user-friendly interface, extensive features, and integration capabilities make it the preferred choice for individuals.

7. Prezi: Presentation Software:an image of Prezi: Presentation Software

Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software that offers a unique and dynamic approach to creating and delivering presentations.

Some key details about Prezi:

1. Non-Linear Presentations: Prezi stands out from traditional slide-based presentation software by offering a non-linear canvas approach. Instead of linear slides, Prezi allows users to create presentations on a single virtual canvas where they can zoom in and out, pan across content, and create a fluid and visually engaging storytelling experience.

2. Visual Storytelling: Prezi emphasizes visual storytelling with its zoomable canvas. Users can arrange their content, including text, images, videos, and charts, in a spatial manner that enables them to zoom in for detailed information or zoom out for a broad overview. This feature enhances the visual impact and engagement of presentations.

3. Templates and Customization: Prezi provides a variety of professionally designed templates to help users get started quickly. Users can also customize their presentations by choosing from different themes, layouts, and styles. Prezi offers a wide range of formatting options to make presentations visually appealing and aligned with the desired branding or design.

4. Collaboration and Sharing: Prezi allows real-time collaboration, enabling multiple users to work on the same presentation simultaneously. Users can invite others to view, comment, or edit the presentation, making it convenient for team collaborations or remote work.

Prezi offers a unique and visually captivating approach to presentations, enabling users to create engaging and memorable experiences for their audiences. Its non-linear canvas, visual storytelling capabilities.

8. PPTX File Opener:

an image of PPTX File Opener

PPTX File Opener is an application designed to open and view PowerPoint presentations in the PPTX file format.

Some key details about PPTX File Opener:

1. PPTX File Compatibility: PPTX File Opener specifically focuses on supporting PPTX files, which are the default file format used by Microsoft PowerPoint from the 2007 version onwards. It allows users to open and view presentations created in the PPTX format without the need for the full PowerPoint software.

2. Basic Viewing and Navigation: PPTX File Opener provides basic viewing and navigation capabilities for PowerPoint presentations. Users can open PPTX files and navigate through slides to review the content. The application allows zooming in and out, scrolling, and moving between slides to explore the presentation.

3. File Management: PPTX File Opener typically includes basic file management features to help users organize and access their PPTX files. It may provide options to browse folders, search for specific presentations, and manage files by opening, saving, renaming, and deleting them.

4. Presentation Playback: PPTX File Opener usually supports presentation playback functionality, allowing users to experience the slides as they would in a slideshow. It may provide features such as automatic slide transitions, animations, and speaker notes display to simulate the presentation experience.

5. Limited Editing Capabilities: While PPTX File Opener primarily focuses on viewing presentations, it may offer some basic editing capabilities. Users might be able to make simple changes, such as modifying text or formatting, adding annotations, or rearranging slides.

9. OfficeSuite: Free Office + PDF Editor:

an image of OfficeSuite: Free Office + PDF Editor

OfficeSuite is a mobile application that offers a comprehensive suite of office productivity tools, including document editing, spreadsheet management, presentation creation, and PDF editing.

Some key details about OfficeSuite: Free Office + PDF Editor:

1. Document Editing: OfficeSuite allows users to create, view, edit, and format documents in various file formats, such as Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX), PDF, RTF, TXT, and more. It provides a range of editing tools, including text formatting options, paragraph styling, tables, and images.

2. Spreadsheet Management: With OfficeSuite, users can work on spreadsheets on the go. The application supports popular spreadsheet formats like Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX) and provides essential features for managing data, creating formulas, formatting cells, and performing calculations.

3. Presentation Creation: OfficeSuite includes a presentation module that allows users to create and edit slideshows. Users can import and edit Microsoft PowerPoint files, add and format text, insert images and shapes, apply slide transitions, and deliver engaging presentations directly from their mobile devices.

4. PDF Editing: OfficeSuite offers PDF editing capabilities, allowing users to modify existing PDF documents. Users can annotate, highlight, and add comments to PDF files, fill out forms, and even create new PDFs from scratch.

OfficeSuite: Free Office + PDF Editor provides a comprehensive and user-friendly office productivity solution for mobile devices. With its extensive editing capabilities, PDF editing features, cloud integration, and collaboration options.

10. Desygner: Free Graphic Design, Photos, Full Editor:

an image of Desygner: Free Graphic Design, Photos, Full Editor:

Desygner is a free graphic design platform that provides users with a range of tools and features to create professional-looking designs.

Some key details about Desygner:

1. Graphic Design: Desygner offers a full-fledged graphic design platform with a user-friendly interface. Users can create designs for various purposes, including social media posts, banners, flyers, business cards, presentations, and more.

2. Photos and Image Editing: Desygner integrates with a vast library of free-to-use images and illustrations. Users can browse through the collection and select images to incorporate into their designs.

3. Full Editor and Customization: Desygner provides a comprehensive design editor that enables users to customize every aspect of their designs. Users have control over elements like text, colors, fonts, shapes, and layout.

4. Templates and Presets: Desygner offers a wide range of professionally designed templates for various design categories. These templates provide a starting point and inspiration for users, allowing them to customize and adapt the designs to their specific needs.

5. Collaboration and Sharing: Desygner supports collaboration features, enabling users to work on designs together with team members or clients. Users can share designs for review, feedback, and editing, streamlining the collaborative design process.

Additionally, Desygner allows designs to be shared directly to social media platforms or downloaded in various file formats for offline use.


Question 1: What is the best presentation app for creating visually appealing slideshows?
Ans: PowerPoint, Prezi, and Google Slides are highly recommended for creating visually appealing and engaging slideshows. These apps offer a wide range of design templates, themes, and multimedia features to enhance the visual impact of presentations.

Question 2: Which presentation app provides the most convenient collaboration features for team projects?
A: Google Slides is known for its seamless collaboration features. It allows multiple users to work on the same presentation simultaneously, providing real-time editing, commenting, and revision history. This makes it ideal for team projects and remote collaborations.

Question 3: Can I create and edit presentations on my mobile device?
Ans: Yes, many presentation apps on the Google Play Store offer mobile-friendly versions. Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Prezi have dedicated mobile apps that allow users to create, edit, and deliver presentations directly from their mobile devices.

 Question 4: Are there any presentation apps that support offline access to presentations?
Ans: Yes, some presentation apps offer offline access to presentations. Microsoft PowerPoint and Prezi, for example, provide offline modes that allow users to access and present their slideshows even without an internet connection. This is convenient for situations where internet access may be limited.

Question 5: Which presentation app offers advanced animation and transition effects?
Ans: PowerPoint is renowned for its extensive collection of animation and transition effects. It provides a wide range of options to add dynamic and visually captivating effects to slides, enabling presenters to create engaging and interactive presentations.


In conclusion, the Google Play Store offers a variety of top-rated presentation apps that cater to different user preferences and needs. Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Prezi stand out as popular choices, providing powerful tools for creating visually appealing slideshows, collaborating with teams, accessing presentations on mobile devices, and incorporating advanced animation and transition effects.

With these feature-rich apps, users can confidently create and deliver impressive presentations, whether for personal, educational, or professional purposes.

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