Top Best Google Play Store Games Without Ads

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If you’re tired of intrusive ads interrupting your gaming experience, there are several top-rated games available on the Google Play Store that offer seamless and enjoyable ad-free gameplay. These games provide engaging and immersive experiences without the annoyance of constant advertisements.

Whether you’re into puzzle games, action-packed adventures, strategy games, or relaxing simulations, the Google Play Store offers a diverse selection of ad-free games to cater to your preferences. Enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions and dive into the captivating worlds of these top games without any interruptions from ads.

Table of Top Best Google Play Store Games Without Ads:

Number Name URL
1 Empty Link
2 SGTPuzzles Link
4 Words Connect – Word Games Puzzle Link
5 Angry Birds Classic Link
6 Word Cross Link
7 Candy Crush Saga Link
8 Fruit Ninja® Link
9 Tetris® Link
10 Fishdom Link

1. Empty:an image of Empty

Empty is a relaxing puzzle game that values simplicity. The game is played by rotating rooms to clear levels with one-touch controls. There are over 20 beautifully hand-crafted levels, and an original soundtrack that can be purchased. The game is ad-free and paid content-free, and is supported by donations.

The game environment is minimalist and visually stunning. The rooms are all empty, except for a few objects that you need to rotate to solve the puzzles. The puzzles are challenging but not frustrating, and the game is a great way to relax and unwind.

 Some of the features of Empty.:

  • Unique puzzle mechanics: The game’s unique puzzle mechanics involve rotating rooms to clear levels. This is a simple concept, but it can be challenging to solve the puzzles, especially as the levels get more difficult.
  • Ad-free and paid content-free: The game is ad-free and paid content-free. This means that you can enjoy the game without having to worry about ads or in-app purchases.
  • Beautiful hand-crafted levels: The game features over 20 beautifully hand-crafted levels. Each level is unique and challenging, and the game environment is minimalist and visually stunning.
  • Original soundtrack: The game features an original soundtrack that can be purchased. The soundtrack is relaxing and atmospheric, and it really adds to the game experience.

2. SGTPuzzles:

an image of SGTPuzzles

SGTPuzzles” is a game that offers a collection of puzzle games developed by Simon Tatham.

1. Variety of Puzzle Games:SGTPuzzles” likely offers a diverse range of puzzle games in one app. This could include popular puzzle types such as Sudoku, Crossword, Minesweeper, Sliding Puzzles, Pattern Matching, Logic Puzzles, and more. Each game may have its own unique rules and challenges.

2. Challenging Gameplay: Puzzle games are known for their intellectually stimulating gameplay. “SGTPuzzles” may provide different difficulty levels to cater to players of various skill levels, from beginners to advanced players. The games may gradually increase in complexity, offering a progressively challenging experience.

3. Solo Play: Puzzle games are typically designed for solo play, allowing players to engage in brain-teasing challenges at their own pace. “SGTPuzzles” may provide a single-player mode where players can focus on solving puzzles independently and improve their problem-solving skills.

4. Customization Options:SGTPuzzles” may offer customization options that allow players to personalize their gaming experience. This could include selecting different themes, board sizes, difficulty levels, and other settings to suit individual preferences.


an image of ULTRAFLOW

ULTRAFLOW” is a game that offers a unique and minimalist puzzle-solving experience.

1. Minimalistic Design:ULTRAFLOW” is likely characterized by a clean and minimalistic visual style. The game may feature simple geometric shapes, smooth animations, and a sleek interface, focusing on the core gameplay experience without distractions.

2. Physics-based Puzzles: The game may revolve around physics-based puzzle challenges. Players may need to navigate objects or projectiles through various obstacles and environments, utilizing principles such as momentum, angles, and trajectories to solve the puzzles.

3. Intuitive Controls:ULTRAFLOW” is likely designed with intuitive controls, allowing players to interact with the puzzles effortlessly. This could involve swiping, tapping, or dragging actions to adjust the direction or force of movement, aiming for precise solutions.

4. Fluid and Responsive Gameplay:ULTRAFLOW” may provide a smooth and responsive gameplay experience. The puzzles may require precise timing and coordination, emphasizing fluid movements and quick thinking to achieve optimal solutions.

4. Words Connect – Word Games Puzzle:

an image of Words Connect - Word Games Puzzle


Words Connect – Word Games Puzzle” is a word puzzle game that offers an entertaining and challenging experience centered around word connections and vocabulary building.

1. Word Connections: The game likely presents players with a grid or board containing a set of letters. The objective is to connect these letters to form valid words by swiping or linking adjacent letters in various directions.

2. Vocabulary Building:Words Connect” focuses on expanding players’ vocabulary and word recognition skills. Players are encouraged to discover and form words from the available letters, aiming to find as many words as possible within a given time limit or limited number of moves.

3. Difficulty Levels:Words Connect” might feature multiple difficulty levels to accommodate players of different skill levels and preferences. As players progress, they may encounter more complex letter arrangements and longer word possibilities, providing an increasing level of challenge.

4. Bonus and Power-Ups: The game may incorporate bonuses or power-ups that enhance the gameplay experience. These could include hints or suggestions to help players when they get stuck, word shuffle options to rearrange the letters, or score multipliers to boost their performance.

5. Angry Birds Classic:

an image of Angry Birds Classic

Angry Birds Classic” is a popular and widely recognized game that has gained immense popularity since its release.

Some information about the game:

1. Gameplay:Angry Birds Classic” is a physics-based puzzle game where players use a slingshot to launch a variety of birds with the goal of defeating a group of evil pigs. Each level presents different structures made of various materials, and players must strategically aim and launch the birds to destroy the pigs and their fortifications.

2. Unique Bird Abilities: The game features a variety of birds, each with its own unique ability. For example, some birds might explode on impact, while others can drop bombs or accelerate mid-flight. Understanding the characteristics and abilities of each bird is crucial for success in the game.

3. Challenging Levels:Angry Birds Classic” offers a wide range of levels with increasing difficulty. Players need to use their problem-solving skills and strategic thinking to find the best approach to defeat the pigs and earn the highest possible score.

6. Word Cross:

an image of Word Cross

Word Cross” is a word puzzle game that offers an enjoyable and challenging experience for players who love word games.

1. Crossword-style Gameplay:Word Cross” is likely based on a crossword-style format where players are presented with a grid of empty cells. The objective is to fill in the grid by forming words using the provided letters.

2. Multiple Difficulty Levels:Word Cross” may offer different difficulty levels, catering to players of various skill levels and preferences. The game might start with easier levels and gradually introduce more challenging puzzles with longer or more complex words.

3. Hint System: To assist players in challenging moments, “Word Cross” may include a hint system. This feature could provide hints or suggestions to help players find words they might have missed, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gameplay experience.

4. Bonus Words and Rewards: Some word puzzle games, including “Word Cross,” often feature bonus words that are not required to complete a level but offer additional rewards. Discovering these bonus words may unlock extra points or special power-ups that can help players progress faster or overcome difficult levels.

7. Candy Crush Saga:

an image of Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga” is a highly popular and addictive match-3 puzzle game that has gained widespread acclaim and a massive player base.

Some information about the game:

1. Match-3 Gameplay: In “Candy Crush Saga,” players are tasked with matching at least three candies of the same color in a row or column. By swapping adjacent candies, players create matches to clear them from the board and earn points.

2. Variety of Levels: The game offers a vast number of levels, each with its own unique layout, objectives, and challenges. As players progress through the game, they will encounter different obstacles, special candies, and level-specific goals to achieve.

3. Power-ups and Special Candies:Candy Crush Saga” features various power-ups and special candies that players can create by matching specific combinations. These special candies have unique effects and can be strategically used to clear larger groups of candies or complete challenging levels.

4. Social Features:Candy Crush Saga” integrates social elements, allowing players to connect with friends through platforms like Facebook. Players can compete with friends on leaderboards, send lives or gifts, and participate in in-game events or challenges together.

8. Fruit Ninja®:

an image of Fruit Ninja®

Fruit Ninja®” is a popular and exciting mobile game that combines action and fruit-slicing gameplay.

Some information about the game:

1. Gameplay: In “Fruit Ninja®,” players assume the role of a ninja and use their fingers to slice and dice various fruits that are thrown into the air. The objective is to slice as many fruits as possible while avoiding bombs and other obstacles.

2. Multiple Game Modes:Fruit Ninja®” offers various game modes to cater to different preferences and playstyles. These modes might include Classic Mode (slicing fruits while avoiding bombs), Zen Mode (a relaxed mode without bombs and with a focus on achieving high scores), and Arcade Mode (a time-limited mode with power-ups and special challenges).

3. Unlockable Content: As players progress and achieve high scores, they can unlock additional blades, backgrounds, and effects to customize their ninja experience. These unlockables add a sense of progression and personalization to the game.

9. Tetris®:

an image of Tetris®

Tetris®” is a classic and iconic puzzle game that has been enjoyed by millions of players worldwide.

Some information about the game:

1. Gameplay: In “Tetris®,” players are presented with a well or playing field where different-shaped blocks, known as Tetriminos, descend from the top. The objective is to manipulate and rotate these falling Tetriminos to create complete horizontal lines without any gaps.

2. Block Placement and Line Clearing: Players can move the falling Tetriminos horizontally and rotate them to fit into the available spaces. When a horizontal line is completely filled with blocks, it clears from the playing field, and the player earns points. The game continues as new Tetriminos keep descending at an increasing speed.

3. Increasing Difficulty: As the game progresses, the Tetriminos fall at a faster pace, making it more challenging to fit them into the desired positions. The speed and complexity of the gameplay steadily increase, testing players’ reflexes, spatial awareness, and strategic thinking.

4. Endless Mode and Levels:Tetris®” typically offers an endless mode where players aim to achieve the highest possible score by clearing as many lines as they can before the well becomes too filled with blocks. Some versions of the game also feature specific levels or challenges with predefined objectives.

5. Score and Scoring Systems:Tetris®” assigns points for clearing lines, with additional points awarded for clearing multiple lines simultaneously. Some versions of the game may include combo systems that reward consecutive line clears and reward players with bonus points.

10. Fishdom:

an image of Fishdom

Fishdom” is a popular match-3 puzzle game with a unique aquarium theme.

Some information about the game:

1. Gameplay: In “Fishdom,” players solve match-3 puzzles by swapping and matching colorful pieces on a grid. The objective is to create matches of three or more identical pieces to clear them from the board and earn points.

2. Aquarium Customization: One of the distinguishing features of “Fishdom” is the ability to design and customize your virtual aquarium. As you progress through the game and complete levels, you earn coins and gems that can be used to purchase and place various decorations, fish, plants, and other items to create a personalized underwater environment.

3. Level Progression:Fishdom” offers a progressive gameplay structure, presenting players with a series of challenging levels to complete. Each level may have specific objectives to achieve, such as collecting certain types of pieces or clearing obstacles like boxes or chains. Successful completion of levels unlocks new items for aquarium customization.

4. Social Features:Fishdom” incorporates social elements that allow players to connect with friends or compete against them. Players can visit and interact with each other’s aquariums, send and receive gifts, and participate in special events or challenges.


Question 1: Are there any popular games on the Google Play Store that are completely ad-free?
Ans: While it’s challenging to find games that are completely ad-free, some premium games on the Google Play Store may offer an ad-free experience. These games typically require a one-time purchase to unlock all features and remove ads.

Question 2: What are some highly rated games on the Google Play Store that do not include any advertisements?
Ans: Some highly rated ad-free games on the Google Play Store include “Minecraft,” “Monument Valley,” “Stardew Valley,” “Reigns,” “Terraria,” “Plague Inc.,” “Baldur’s Gate,” “Alto’s Odyssey,” and “The Room” series.

Question 3: Can you recommend some top games for Android devices that offer a premium, ad-free experience?
Ans: Sure! Some top games for Android devices that offer a premium, ad-free experience include “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas,” “Final Fantasy IX,” “Call of Duty: Mobile,” “The Elder Scrolls: Blades,” “ROME: Total War,” “Genshin Impact,” “GRID Autosport,” “Oddmar,” “Human: Fall Flat,” and “Brawl Stars.”

Question 4: Are there any free games on the Google Play Store that don’t display ads during gameplay?
Ans: While most free games on the Google Play Store include ads, some offer an option to remove ads through in-app purchases. Examples include “Asphalt 9: Legends,” “Crossy Road,” “Hill Climb Racing 2,” “Jetpack Joyride,” “Shadow Fight 3,” “PUBG Mobile,” and “Pokémon GO.”

Question 5: Where can I find a curated list of the best ad-free games on the Google Play Store?
Ans: You can find curated lists of the best ad-free games on the Google Play Store by searching for “ad-free games” or “premium games” on reputable gaming websites, app review platforms, or Android gaming communities. These lists often highlight popular games that offer an ad-free experience and provide detailed information and reviews to help you make an informed choice.


In conclusion, the top best games on the Google Play Store without ads offer an enjoyable and uninterrupted gaming experience. These games have gained popularity for their engaging gameplay, stunning graphics, and immersive worlds, all without the annoyance of intrusive advertisements.

Whether it’s puzzle games like “Empty” and “SGTPuzzles,” addictive classics like “Tetris®” and “Candy Crush Saga,” or unique titles like “ULTRAFLOW” and “Fishdom,” these ad-free games provide hours of entertainment without any interruptions, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the gameplay and enjoy a seamless gaming experience.

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