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Bangla Keyboard 22.0 Free Download


Bangla Keypad is a user-friendly mobile application designed to enable effortless typing in the Bengali (Bangla) language on Android devices. It serves as an essential tool for anyone looking to communicate effectively in Bangla, whether it’s for personal, educational, or professional purposes.

Here are some key details and features of the Bangla Keypad app:

  • Language Support: Bangla Keypad provides comprehensive support for the Bengali language, allowing users to type in both standard and colloquial variations of Bangla.
  • Intuitive Interface: The app offers an intuitive and user-friendly keyboard layout, making it easy for both beginners and experienced users to start typing in Bangla without a steep learning curve.
  • Smart Predictions: Bangla Keypad comes equipped with smart prediction and auto-correction features, helping users to compose text accurately and quickly.
  • Rich Emojis and Stickers: Express yourself in Bangla with a wide range of emojis and stickers available within the app, adding a fun and personalized touch to your messages.
  • Theme Customization: Personalize your typing experience by choosing from a variety of themes and keyboard layouts to suit your preferences.
  • Offline Typing: Bangla Keypad offers offline typing support, ensuring that you can type in Bangla even when you don’t have an internet connection.
  • Easy Installation: The app can be easily downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store, making it accessible to a wide range of Android users.

Whether you’re a native Bangla speaker looking for a convenient way to type in your language or someone interested in exploring the beauty of the Bengali script, Bangla Keypad has you covered. It eliminates the hassle of switching between languages and provides a seamless typing experience in Bangla, helping you stay connected with your culture and language in the digital age.

Now that you know what Bangla Keypad is and some of its standout features, let’s dive deeper into how you can download and make the most of this invaluable tool in the following sections of this blog post.

Features of Bangla Keypad

Bangla Keypad boasts a rich set of features that make it the ultimate choice for typing in the Bengali (Bangla) language on your Android device. Whether you’re a seasoned Bangla speaker or just starting to explore this beautiful language, here’s what you can expect from this remarkable app:

Feature Description
1. User-Friendly Interface The app offers an intuitive keyboard layout designed for easy navigation, ensuring a smooth typing experience for users of all levels.
2. Multilingual Support In addition to Bangla, the app supports multiple languages, making it versatile for users who communicate in various languages.
3. Smart Predictions Bangla Keypad employs predictive text technology to suggest words and phrases, saving time and reducing typing errors.
4. Emoji & Stickers Express yourself with a wide range of Bengali emojis and stickers, adding fun and emotion to your messages.
5. Voice Typing Speak your thoughts, and the app will convert your spoken words into text in Bangla, ideal for hands-free typing.
6. Theme Customization Personalize your keyboard with various themes and layouts, allowing you to tailor it to your unique style.
7. Offline Typing No internet connection? No problem! Bangla Keypad supports offline typing, ensuring you can use it anytime, anywhere.
8. Accurate Corrections The app’s auto-correction feature helps fix typing mistakes on the fly, enhancing the accuracy of your Bangla text.

Bangla Keypad goes above and beyond in providing a seamless and enjoyable typing experience in Bangla. Whether you’re sending messages, composing emails, or creating social media posts, these features ensure that your communication is efficient and expressive.

Furthermore, the app’s commitment to preserving and promoting the Bengali language makes it an invaluable tool for Bangla speakers worldwide. It allows you to stay connected with your culture and heritage, even in a digital age where communication knows no bounds.

Now that you’re acquainted with the impressive features of Bangla Keypad, let’s explore how you can download and start using this application on your Android device in the next section.

How to Download Bangla Keypad

Downloading and installing Bangla Keypad on your Android device is a straightforward process. Follow these step-by-step instructions to get started with this essential tool for typing in Bengali (Bangla):

  1. Open Google Play Store: On your Android device, locate and open the Google Play Store app. This is where you’ll find and download Bangla Keypad.
  2. Search for “Bangla Keypad”: In the search bar at the top of the Google Play Store, type “Bangla Keypad” and hit the search icon. This will initiate a search for the app.
  3. Select the Bangla Keypad App: From the search results, you should see the Bangla Keypad app listed. Click on it to access its app page.
  4. Click “Install”: On the Bangla Keypad app page, you’ll see an “Install” button. Click on it to begin the download and installation process.
  5. Permissions: The app may require certain permissions to function properly, such as access to your device’s keyboard settings. Allow these permissions when prompted.
  6. Wait for Installation: The app will start downloading and installing automatically. Depending on your internet connection speed, this process may take a few moments.
  7. Open Bangla Keypad: Once the installation is complete, you’ll see an “Open” button. Click on it to launch the Bangla Keypad app.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully downloaded and installed Bangla Keypad on your Android device. You’re now ready to start typing in Bengali with ease.

Before you begin using the app, we recommend exploring its settings and customization options to tailor it to your preferences. You can choose from different themes, adjust keyboard layouts, and enable or disable features like smart predictions and voice typing to create your ideal typing experience.

With Bangla Keypad at your fingertips, you’ll be able to communicate, connect, and express yourself in Bengali more effectively than ever before. Whether you’re sending messages to loved ones or using Bangla for professional purposes, this app will prove to be an indispensable tool in your daily life.

In the next sections of this blog post, we’ll delve into how to use Bangla Keypad effectively and explore the numerous benefits of typing in the Bengali language.

Using Bangla Keypad

Now that you’ve successfully downloaded and installed Bangla Keypad on your Android device, let’s explore how to use this powerful tool for typing in the Bengali (Bangla) language effectively. Below, you’ll find step-by-step guidance and tips to make the most of Bangla Keypad:

  1. Activate Bangla Keypad: To start typing in Bangla, you’ll need to activate the Bangla Keypad keyboard on your device. You can do this by going to your device’s settings, selecting “Language & Input,” and then choosing Bangla Keypad as your default keyboard.
  2. Select Bangla Keyboard: Once you’ve activated Bangla Keypad, you can easily switch between keyboards by tapping the keyboard icon in your device’s notification bar. Select the Bangla Keypad keyboard to start typing in Bangla.
  3. Type in Bangla: Using Bangla Keypad is intuitive. Simply tap the keys on the keyboard to input Bengali characters. The app’s smart predictions will suggest words as you type, making it faster and more convenient to compose messages, emails, or social media posts.
  4. Voice Typing: Bangla Keypad also offers voice typing functionality. Tap the microphone icon on the keyboard, speak in Bangla, and the app will transcribe your speech into text. This feature is particularly useful for hands-free typing.
  5. Emojis and Stickers: Express yourself creatively with Bengali emojis and stickers available within the app. Simply tap the emoji icon on the keyboard to access a wide range of emoticons and stickers to add to your messages.
  6. Customization: Customize your Bangla Keypad experience by choosing from different themes and layouts. You can also adjust settings like auto-correction and vibration feedback to match your preferences.

Whether you’re composing messages to friends and family, sending important emails, or updating your social media status, Bangla Keypad ensures a seamless and efficient typing experience in Bangla. Its user-friendly interface and smart features enable you to communicate effectively and express yourself in your preferred language.

Don’t hesitate to explore the app’s settings to fine-tune your typing experience further. You can adjust keyboard height, enable or disable specific features, and even change the language settings if you need to switch between multiple languages.

In the next section of this blog post, we’ll address common questions and concerns about Bangla Keypad in the FAQ section, providing answers to help you make the most of this valuable tool.


Here are answers to some common questions and concerns that users often have about Bangla Keypad:

Question Answer
1. Is Bangla Keypad Free to Download? Yes, Bangla Keypad is available for free on the Google Play Store. You can download and use it without any cost.
2. Does Bangla Keypad Require an Internet Connection? No, Bangla Keypad supports offline typing. You can use it without an internet connection once it’s installed on your device.
3. Can I Use Bangla Keypad for Multiple Languages? Yes, Bangla Keypad supports multiple languages. You can switch between languages in the settings to type in your preferred language.
4. How Do I Enable Voice Typing in Bangla Keypad? To use voice typing, tap the microphone icon on the keyboard and start speaking in Bangla. The app will convert your speech into text.
5. Are There Additional Themes Available for Customization? Yes, Bangla Keypad offers a variety of themes and keyboard layouts for customization. You can choose from different styles to personalize your typing experience.
6. How Do I Disable Auto-Correction? To disable auto-correction, go to the keyboard settings, find the auto-correction option, and toggle it off. This allows you to type without the app suggesting corrections.

If you have any more questions or encounter issues while using Bangla Keypad, don’t hesitate to reach out to the app’s support team or consult the app’s help section for additional guidance. Bangla Keypad is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to a wide range of users, ensuring a smooth experience for typing in Bangla.

Now that you have answers to some of the frequently asked questions, you’re well-equipped to make the most of this app. In the concluding section of this blog post, we’ll summarize the key benefits of typing in Bangla and encourage you to start using Bangla Keypad to enhance your communication in the Bengali language.

Benefits of Typing in Bangla

Typing in the Bengali (Bangla) language offers a wide range of benefits, both personal and professional. Here are some of the key advantages of using Bangla Keypad to type in Bangla:

  • Preserve and Promote Culture: Typing in Bangla allows you to connect with your cultural roots and heritage. It’s a way to preserve the rich linguistic and literary traditions of the Bengali language.
  • Effective Communication: When you communicate in Bangla, you can convey your thoughts and emotions more accurately and effectively. This is especially important for personal and heartfelt messages.
  • Language Learning: If you’re learning Bengali, typing in Bangla is an excellent way to practice and improve your language skills. It reinforces your understanding of the script and vocabulary.
  • Professional Use: In a professional context, being able to type in Bangla can be a valuable skill. It allows you to draft emails, reports, and documents in the language preferred by your audience or clients.
  • Expand Your Audience: If you create content online, typing in Bangla can help you reach a broader audience. It opens up opportunities to connect with Bengali-speaking communities worldwide.
  • Cultural Exchange: Typing in Bangla facilitates cultural exchange and understanding. You can engage with Bengali speakers, share experiences, and build connections with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Embrace Multilingualism: In today’s globalized world, multilingualism is an asset. Typing in Bangla alongside other languages showcases your versatility and adaptability in a multicultural society.
  • Personal Expression: Bangla Keypad’s features, such as emojis and stickers, allow you to express your personality and emotions in a fun and creative way while typing in Bangla.

Overall, typing in Bangla with the help of Bangla Keypad enriches your language skills, strengthens cultural connections, and enhances your ability to communicate effectively. It’s a versatile tool that caters to both personal and professional needs, making it an invaluable addition to your digital toolbox.

Now that you understand the numerous benefits of typing in Bangla, we encourage you to embrace this opportunity and start using Bangla Keypad today. Experience the joy of seamless Bangla typing and unlock a world of linguistic possibilities.


Congratulations on exploring the world of Bangla Keypad and discovering the incredible possibilities it offers for typing in the Bengali (Bangla) language. In this blog post, we’ve covered everything you need to know about Bangla Keypad, from its features and downloading process to how to use it effectively and the numerous benefits it brings.

Typing in Bangla is not just about communication; it’s about preserving culture, embracing diversity, and connecting with others on a deeper level. Whether you’re a native Bangla speaker looking to stay connected with your roots or someone eager to explore a new language, Bangla Keypad provides the tools you need to do so with ease.

From its user-friendly interface to smart predictions, voice typing, and customization options, Bangla Keypad ensures that typing in Bangla is a smooth and enjoyable experience. Its offline typing support means you can use it anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection.

Furthermore, the app’s ability to support multiple languages and offer a range of themes and layouts allows you to adapt it to your unique preferences. Whether you’re sending heartfelt messages to loved ones, drafting professional documents, or engaging with a global audience online, Bangla Keypad is your trusted companion for effective communication in Bangla.

So, don’t hesitate. Take the next step and start using Bangla Keypad today. Embrace the benefits of typing in Bangla, from preserving your cultural heritage to expanding your linguistic horizons. Your journey to seamless Bangla typing begins now, and we’re excited to be a part of it.

Thank you for visiting, your source for the latest apps and alternatives. We hope this blog post has been informative and inspiring, and we look forward to helping you discover more exciting tools and resources in the future.

Start typing in Bangla with confidence and make your messages, emails, and social media posts come alive with the beauty of the Bengali language. Download Bangla Keypad, and let your words flow effortlessly in Bangla!

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